Sunday, January 29, 2012

KStew & HBG in Paris

Twired has officially broken it's own record of not posting... in over 2 weeks. I should be ashamed of myself. But truth be told, there hasn't been much Twilighty news & why just post to post, right?  I used to do that, but then you risk boring content.

That said, guess who just landed in Paris?!   KSTEW! With HBG of course.

(L) HBG ... aka ... HOT BODY GUARD

I speak from experience when I say that he is really super hot in person.  When I attended the LA BD Convention, he stood about 30 ft in front of me for a good 30 minutes. I like to think we caught eyes, but I could have been hallucinating. 

Back to Kristen, I love this one because she's totally smirking. Maybe because she knows she's going to get a dose of sparkly peen some soon.  I hear Rob is in London, & that's just a hop, skip & a jump from Paris ;)  I wonder if she's there to do promotions for Snow White?


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Changing topics, what are everyones plans for the release of BD on DVD?  It comes out in 2 weeks!  I think Elusive_S & I will do the usual mini-party of our own. Can't wait!


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  1. 17foreverlisa has officially broken her own record of not commenting ;)

    Love HGB! You do know that I roomed/camped with the girls who named him that and started a Team HBG FB page, right? They were such a blast.



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