Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 1st Day of Sept!

One of my new co-workers sent me this card & I just had to share. She's read Twilight, but not one of those that is obsessed...like us.


Hey Rob, what do you think of this card?

Can't you all you all just hear that melodic laugh of his? Swoon. If you missed it, head over to Robsessed & check out their Robert Pattinson smile post. It will melt your heart, and your panties.



Monday, August 30, 2010

I Want To Jump On His RathBONE.

Here's a new outtake vid of the Triox photo shoot with Mr. MOS.

It's shorter than the other one I previously posted...but hawt damn does he look sexy as hell.

Good Gawd.

And here's a pic from that Triox magazine photo shoot...supposedly.

"Hey there darlin'."
I can't help but always notice how BIG his boots are ;)

And because there is no such thing as too much Jackson, check out this video of him singing our (ES & myself) favorite song, JUNKIE. The video is from their Spencer Bell Legacy concert in Detroit on 8/28.

He's sex on stage.

You've been warned.



I Love Tipsy Rob & BD Pre-Production!

Look who was spotted leaving Soho House in W. Hollywood, supposedly on his way to Jimmy Fallon's Emmy awards after party.... The Precious himself, all scruffy & smug ;)

I love his tipsy face.

I spy Tom Stu.

*For a funny gif of Rob giving Tom Stu a Bella-esque piggy back & vids from last night, go HERE.
*For tons more pic of Rob from last night, go HERE.

In other exciting news, Mandy's Mind posted that the pre-production of BD has begun in Louisiana! Although Mandy now resides in Vancouver, she used to live there & has quite a few friends still in the area. One of them was able to get this picture of the construction site, as well as confirm that Bill Condon has been spotted around town. SQUEEEE! I recommend following her as she gave some killer set reports from the Vancouver filming sites of New Moon & Eclipse!

Hmmm, wonder what that stands for? lol.

P.S. Are you going to FOOOOOOOORKS with the Twitards? If so, get you ass on over HERE for Dazzled by Twilight Tour details.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Because I like It. Ok?!

Part of me feels guilty for just posting a bunch of random stuff, simply because I like it. However in the interest of being self-centered, I'm gonna go for it ;)

*It may or may not be because I'm SUPER tired.

Finger-hair Porn.

This makes me tingle.

Newly released outtakes of Kristen Stewart from the EW shoot. I think she's stunning.

I like to think that this is her...
"You'll never guess what Rob & I did ALL night long" face.

Love it.

And I might have posted this picture the other day, but it killz me. Does me in.

Someone wanna volunteer to make me a Blackberry Bold wallpaper with this pic?
*cough, TC, cough*

I'd be forever grateful. Just sayin'.

This pic makes me think that Fifty is chasing me around the kitchen with his twitchy palm.


(fan fiction reference for those of you out of the loop...I was once out of the MOTU loop...those were the sad days.)

"Did you just roll your eyes at me Ms. Jen?"

"Bend over."

And this lil' number was tweeted by Robmusement yesterday. I was having a super crazy morning at work and it helped calm me down significantly...

...among other things.

F*ckhawt lip porn.

And back to KStew for a second, here she is signing autographs in Argentina. She was also spotted at the airport there with a fan. You can see the rest of the pics here.

I missed the Stew.

And I can't end a post without mentioning TT's epic adventure at a Paramore concert.
Go here to read part 1.
and part 2.

Now who wants a brand spankin' new Robsten vid?!
*waves at Lisa*


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jackson Rathbone's... GIRLFRIEND?!! :(

So I finished up some studying on Friday night and decided to do a little bloggy-catchup and a little Jackson, Rob and PFach stalkarazzi... twired style.

I came across something on a Jackson fan site I wasn't happy about... at all. At first I thought it was a joke... I mean, the source wasn't one of you follower h00rs, so how accurate could it be? But there's just no way this photo could have been manipulated... well I suppose it's POSSIBLE but if it is a manip, it was done so impeccably. Sigh... even if it is real, it could just be a friend or a one-time thing, right? ...

... sigh...

Tell me it's not so!? I guess if nothing else, she looks kind of like me, so it's flattering... and maybe I'd have a chance after all.

...double sigh...

OK ladies, deep breath.

I mean it! Take a couple of deep breaths, prepare yourselves.

MJR + ES= :pq:

Hey! That IS me! The stalkarazzi must have caught us at the V Room a few weeks ago. BAHAHAHA.

Elusive S Rathone, out.

Friday, August 27, 2010

SD Zoo at Twilight.

Twilight: the time of day immediately following sunset. Oh, and a "little" franchise that we're all a bit obsessed with.

*Google "Twilight." You will find pages of info about the books & movie...not the real definition...gotta love that.

During the Summer months here in San Diego, we have what's simply called "Nighttime Zoo." Basically the Zoo just stays open till 9pm, rather than closing at 5pm. I had never been to the Zoo at night, so my close friend JB suggested we go. She has a gold membership, which allows her & a guest for free. Pretty sweet.

Now I'm sure most of you can relate when I say that Twilight tends to jump out at me wherever I go. However I will admit that it was JB who enthusiastically pointed out that we were in fact there at "twilight." Sometimes I tend to overlook obvious ;)

I thought I'd share a few of my Twilight-Zoo related pics:

Let's pretend she's young...then we can call her a LAMB.
The petting zoo had just closed :(

Lion! Too bad my crackberry zoom made it blurry. He was gorgeous.

Rosie? (WFE)
Where's Robowski?

Oh there he is. Mmm, nothing like a working man.

Well endowed Spider Monkey?

Elusive White Bear? (for you Osa Bella ff readers)
Ok, ok it's a polar bear...but let's just pretend.

And simply because I'd had a Stella & then a Corona.....

Ok that's not the the reason. I saw this statue before seeing the real thing. I ran over to it squeeling to JB "OMG, a lion...like Lion & Lamb! I just have to get a picture!"

No, no one else was around. Just sayin'.

Yes JJ, I'm wearing a sun dress. Shocker.
My legs will be mistaken for a Vamp in Forks. Just sayin'.

Hope you enjoyed my Twilight Zoo adventure. I'm back to work on Sat morning :( Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh Robward, You're Such A Sweetheart.

Look what ES gave me! It's funny how Twilight-things never fail to ridiculously excite me. At first I thought they were "Sweet-tarts," which I don't like, then I realized they were conversation hearts. Not a whole lot better...but better. Who really cares, I'm going to savor the box.

Oh Edward, your face makes everything better.

However, you think the peeps that manufactured these would have been a bit more careful while placing the lettering. I mean, you couldn't at least get the words in the center of the heart? Is it THAT difficult?! Oh ok, I guess it's probably a fancy machine that's in charge, but shit...GET IT RIGHT.

This one said, "My beautiful Jen, I'll see you in Forks."

I swear.

Here they attempted to get it centered...ish.

Sure the printing mis-hap didn't stop me from trying a few. To be honest, they were just kind of eh....Were they icy? Hardly. Ever so slightly cool tasting, sure. Then dg (aka my s/o) recommended another use for them.


My neighbors will have no doubt who did this.

And, I'm sure they wont even be surprised.

In other news, the "Rob Gawds" decided to drop a f*ckhawt bomb on us today...tons of outtakes from Another Man magazine as well as some beanie Rob shots from 2008. Here are a few of my faves:

Oh Fifty...I mean Rob ;)


1. I want to stick my finger in that hole...the one in his shirt.

2. Looking at the far right hand side of this pic turns my mind to smut. PURE SMUT.

Beanie-gate 2008!

"Oh Catherine, you're such a h00r."

"Hot damn that boy is handsome.....stop picturing him naked...keep it professional."

*You can find tons more outtakes over at Robsessed.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

he he he...

"Uh.......Be careful."







"Always am."

Obvious Observations: Yup, that's me...channeling our dear Chief Swan. Some theater company sent our Concierge desk a bunch of staches as a promotional thing...There was another pic of myself that I'd tweeted it to ES earlier in the day. Sadly, my normal Twi-brain didn't even think of Chief Swan. It was ES who tweeted me back "Charlie?" LOL.



Monday, August 23, 2010

Letter to Forks.

Dear Towns People of Forks,

I felt overwhelmingly compelled to issue a friendly warning of sorts:

As you may or may not know, a rather boisterous group of Twitards will be descending upon your humble town come Sept 30th, 2010. Quite a few of us will be shacking up at the ever so lovely Forks Motel. Please know that we are all very excited to step foot on the Motherland, and that this pilgrimage is a passionate one filled with good intentions.

While we plan to be very respectful of Forks, understand that our enthusiasm may lead to debauchery... of sorts...No, I wont be peeing in the Hoh forrest after one too many Rainier beers...that would be like peeing on Jesus. But you may or may not spot me peeing in an alley. Do you have alleys in Forks?

"We're peein' on the Swan House ya'll!"

Oh, & should you hear a "little" girl talking about pooping in RPattz trailer, that would be JJ...she's cute, so give her a break. Plus, she helped birth the idea of this shiznit trip and deserves some respect. I can't promise her bloggy cohort LKW wont yammer on incessantly about sucking off RPattz , but give her a break too, she's "special." Oh, and if you hear a lady up at the crack of dawn waking up all of Twitardia & your hood', that would be STY, she's got a penchants for awaking the dead (aka JJ).

We can't promise you wont hear roars of laughter emanating from the Forks Motel at all hours of the night, nor can we promise that our boobs & vag's will stay covered should we see a pic of Edward. Oh, and has anyone warned you about our livers? Yup, us girls can drinky drink. So please be a dear & pass this on to the local liquor store. You might want to have them stock up on some boxed wine, Amaretto, Grey Goose, Stella & Rainier beer. Yup, we like our boozy.


Looking forward to Sept 30th!


Twired Jen

PS I trumped my last post about an hour after I'd posted...miss it? GO HERE.

Funny Faces.

He he...thought this was funny.

via Twifans.

In other KStew news...here she is at an airport in Argentina posing with a fan, & apparent airport employee....err Hispanic Edward Cullen/Pugsley Adams?

Truthfully I'm surprised he asked for a pic. As a hotel employee, it's looked down upon to ask for a pic with a celeb. Even when the Eagles football team stayed with us last year, we had warnings sent out that we were not to ask for pics or autographs. Oh well, good for him. I'd be stoked to have my pic taken with Kirsten.

Word on the street (via airport employee tweets) KStew is supposed to be in Argentina filming for OTR until 8/28. Wonder if Rob is going home to London? Hmmm.... I miss you Rob.

That is all.



Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?

So we're short staffed again here at the Concierge Desk & although I normally work mornings based on seniority, I'm stuck working the afternoon/evening shifts. Someone pass me some cheese to go with my whine ;) Truthfully it's not as horrible as you'd think...it's only 1-9pm...


So this evening it's pretty quiet at my desk. Summer days are really busy, but by the afternoon all of the guests are out and about enjoying the city....and who can really blame them? Here I stand, googling random things, thinking about Forks when a guest walks up to ask about non-touristy local restaurants. I venture to guess the guy is in his early 40's, pretty descent looking, and I mentally note the lack of a wedding ring. He compliments me on my local knowledge and asks where I'm from. I tell him I'm from here and he smiles and asks if I have a Sister, and if she's older or younger (weird.) I tell him I have a younger Sister and he proceeds to ask me if she's as cute as I am. Ok...sort of cheesy, but I smile and say "You know, she's sorta beautiful." I kid. I just said "She's pretty good-looking..." After a bit more small talk, he thanks me and is on his merry way.

About 30 min later he returns. I had a gut feeling he was about to hit on me...and instantly my defenses went up. Why? I have no idea. I think because I'm PMS-ing and feel fat & irritable. Anyways, he starts out by asking me what I like to do in my spare time. That my friends, is when I had a brain fart. Ok, maybe not a brain fart, but all I could think of was Twilight. Seriously girls....I could not think of a single thing besides either "reading Twilight," "watching Twilight movies," "writing my Twilight-related blog," "lusting after RPattz," "my up & coming trip to Forks" and "hanging out online w/ my Twilight bloggy besties"...finally I got a hold of my Twi-brain and blurted out "Um..... my BOYFRIEND & I own a condo together, and um I like to write, read and roller-blade." I must have sounded like a complete moron.

I remember when I first started dating my s/o, I always announced that I had a boyfriend in any conversation involving the male sex, but in recent years I don't feel it's a necessity...I'm not harming anyone, and if the conversation takes a turn I can always throw it in there. But for someone reason I felt compelled to blurt it out with this dude, mainly because he intimidated me.

This all got me thinking...WTF would I do if I had to date again?! Twilight has sneaked it's way into every orifice of my body. I would have to somehow re-program my brain. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating...but it's something to think about should I ever (gawd forbid) find myself having to date again. Thankfully my s/o is used to me yammering on about Twilight.

3 nights down, 3 more to go.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned...

I feel like Bella in Myg's amazing FF "Osa Bella." I will try not to spoil it for you, but just picture being late 20's to early 30's and lusting after a wickedly hot 17 yr old student. Wouldn't you feel like a dirrrrty old broad?! Yup, that's how I felt when I saw this pic. In fact, merely glancing at it makes me feel as if I have sinned.


Soooooo hawt! He had to have been 18 when this was taken. Had to. I personally think Rob is going to be one of those men who's look is timeless... Meaning he was f*ckhawt at 18, he's f*ckhawt now and he'll be f*ckhawt at 50. Wait a minute...does f*ckhawt even do The Precious justice? I don't think so. He's beautiful, sexy, cute, ravishing, alluring, gorgeous....I could go on forever, but I might need to break out the thesaurus.

Back to Osa Bella, if you haven't read it....READ IT. Myg's writing-style is captivating & seemingly flawless. I'm only on chapter 23 and have been reading it on ff.net. You can also head over to Twitarded...those lovely h00rs post updated chapters as they cum ;)


Friday, August 20, 2010

I Wanna Give Jackson A Sponge Bath. 2 For The Price of 1.

Clearly I'm on a roll, seeing as my last post was entitled, "I Wanna Sit On Robs Face." Anyways, if you don't have Jacksonitis, you'll have it after watching this vid. The boy just oooozes sex. Watching this vid inspires me to give Jackson a sponge bath...I wouldn't wash away all the dirtiness though ;) ....Just sayin'.

BTS of Jackson Rathbone's Trouix Magazine shoot....


( 2 Jackson posts for the price of 1!)

"Hot Teen Idol Bad Boy Sneer Face"

Jen e-mailed me a new picture of Jackson last night. My first thoughts were, "Boo that's Jackson's cocky-I-know-I'm-hot-teen-idol-bad-boy-sneer face!"... but then I thought of this being 2 inches from my face and well... I'd have a heart attack.

"I knew you'd come around, Elusive S, you love all things Rathbone."
nom nom nom.

PS The picture grew on me :)

Elusive S

, I agree with you. He looks like a cocky lil' shit in the pic & it kinda turns me on. Alot.

Before I bid you adieu, here's a fan vid of Ashley Greene from a Road Dogs softball game on 8/19 (apparently the Jonas Bros have their own charity softball team?!) Ash was there to support her rumored boyfriend Joe Jonas (gag). Anyhoo, she does a quick little dance to "Party in the USA," and I think it's super cute.

The first 8 seconds are a bit loud and shaky, then it mellows out.

Can't wait to see what they have in store of "Alive & Jasper" in BD. Love those two.

XOXO J & Elusive S

I Wanna Sit On Rob's Face.

A girl actually made this chair. I'm thinking she could make some serious dough if she were to try and sell these. To read more about her and the making of the chair, go here.

Pretty sweet.

Would you buy one?

PS Happy Friday to all my ladies out there. It's my Monday and I work 6 days in a row, all night shifts. We're short staffed again. Blah. I'll live vicariously through all of you this weekend.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hate To See You Go...

....but love to watch you leave.

FIFTY anyone???
Way back in July 09

Oh Rob...those jeans combined with that black long sleeved shirt have me in pieces...Not to mention your rear looks just delightful.....geeez....I think I'm in love. Again.

P.S. I miss your old hair. WFE hair is great & all, but I miss the medium-length.

A bit too long.

A bit too short.

Oops how did this get in here?!

Just right.

What do you think? Do you miss Robs longer "sex-hair," or do you long for the infamous buzz cut? Maybe the WFE hair-style makes your panties wet...? His WFE hair is cute, but a bit too military for me. Just sayin'.

P.S.S Quite a bit of drama is circulating due to Robsten's love-nest being revealed by the paps/fans etc...You all know I give a HUGE Crapsten (huge!), however, this Blondie can only handle so much Robsten related info at one time.

I leave you with the words of Ted Casablanca...

"Robsten worshipers, celebrate! Non-believers, SUCK IT!"


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going To Forks? Wanna Go To Forks?

Then CLICK HERE & get yourself some gear!!!

***Any proceeds :) from the sales of these items goes directly into my NEW COMPUTER fund. Frankly, I'm about to throw mine out the window. Granted it's old and decrepit and should probably be sent to a convalescent home, but I need it...in fact, I can't be with out it. I'm sure I'd have to sell a buttload of stuff to even make a dent in my fund, but hey it's worth a shot right?!