Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?

So we're short staffed again here at the Concierge Desk & although I normally work mornings based on seniority, I'm stuck working the afternoon/evening shifts. Someone pass me some cheese to go with my whine ;) Truthfully it's not as horrible as you'd's only 1-9pm...


So this evening it's pretty quiet at my desk. Summer days are really busy, but by the afternoon all of the guests are out and about enjoying the city....and who can really blame them? Here I stand, googling random things, thinking about Forks when a guest walks up to ask about non-touristy local restaurants. I venture to guess the guy is in his early 40's, pretty descent looking, and I mentally note the lack of a wedding ring. He compliments me on my local knowledge and asks where I'm from. I tell him I'm from here and he smiles and asks if I have a Sister, and if she's older or younger (weird.) I tell him I have a younger Sister and he proceeds to ask me if she's as cute as I am. Ok...sort of cheesy, but I smile and say "You know, she's sorta beautiful." I kid. I just said "She's pretty good-looking..." After a bit more small talk, he thanks me and is on his merry way.

About 30 min later he returns. I had a gut feeling he was about to hit on me...and instantly my defenses went up. Why? I have no idea. I think because I'm PMS-ing and feel fat & irritable. Anyways, he starts out by asking me what I like to do in my spare time. That my friends, is when I had a brain fart. Ok, maybe not a brain fart, but all I could think of was Twilight. Seriously girls....I could not think of a single thing besides either "reading Twilight," "watching Twilight movies," "writing my Twilight-related blog," "lusting after RPattz," "my up & coming trip to Forks" and "hanging out online w/ my Twilight bloggy besties"...finally I got a hold of my Twi-brain and blurted out "Um..... my BOYFRIEND & I own a condo together, and um I like to write, read and roller-blade." I must have sounded like a complete moron.

I remember when I first started dating my s/o, I always announced that I had a boyfriend in any conversation involving the male sex, but in recent years I don't feel it's a necessity...I'm not harming anyone, and if the conversation takes a turn I can always throw it in there. But for someone reason I felt compelled to blurt it out with this dude, mainly because he intimidated me.

This all got me thinking...WTF would I do if I had to date again?! Twilight has sneaked it's way into every orifice of my body. I would have to somehow re-program my brain. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating...but it's something to think about should I ever (gawd forbid) find myself having to date again. Thankfully my s/o is used to me yammering on about Twilight.

3 nights down, 3 more to go.



  1. I'm never at a loss of things to say about any topic at all what so ever but I have had that happen before where my brain goes directly to Twilight, blogging, ff and only Twi related things, gah its frustrating.

    Some guys think they are smooth... a couple weeks ago a guy hit on me at Walmart. Yea literally at Walmart! I kid you not this is how it started...

    He picks up ladies shaving cream holds it up "Hey would this be considered a citrus fruit?" I look at it... its mango "Uh no it's not... this" I pick up tangerine shaving cream "This is a citrus fruit"

    WTF seriously dude... first of all you pick up LADIES shaving cream then you look like an idiot for not knowing what a citrus fruit is. Not happening!

    Being single sucks! LOL.

  2. It could have been worse. You could have told him you enjoy cliff diving and super fast piggy back rides.

  3. The worst part (hmmm, one of the worst parts) is that I am single, and every guy I check out is 100% compared to the Precious, at all times. Don't get me started on the fanfic 'wards...

    Love the brain diagram!

  4. Yup, I've got Twi on the brain too. And by Twi I mean RPattz! It's good thing I'm married cause I have a feeling that if I were single I'd stay that way. How can anyone compare to Edward Cullen or the Precious? They can't! It's true: Edward ruined it for mortal men!

    That twilight brain, cracks me up every time cause IT'S SO TRUE!!!

    @Mox LMFAO!!!!!

  5. Hang in there Jen! Your marathon week will be over before you know it. Why in the world would that guy ask out of the blue like that if you had a sister? That is just so odd.

  6. @Mox- PMSL!!! Good one.

    @Sue- Yah it was bizarre. It's as if it was his intro into telling me he found me attractive. Couldn't he thought of a less creepy way than asking if I had a Sister? Ick.

  7. This was the best post!
    I'm so glad I'm married. I sometimes wonder though if I neglect him so I read a lil fanfic *coughs* and then we are 'okay' again, giggles.
    And I even caught him *gasps* watching Twilight when it was on Showtime, w/o prompting!!
    I gotta keeper here.
    Of course he said he was checking out Bella's truck, yeah right.
    I do find it difficult though to function on a daily basis w/o Twilight, coming online is like confirmation that I'm still normal..right?
    And trying to talk to friends who don't know about my TwiObsession can prove difficult when I have something to add and its Twi-related. They are just missing out :)
    Thanks for the awesome post!!

  8. Twilight Brain diagram totally nailed it!

    I think he asked if you had a sister because you obviously were working and unavailable to go to dinner with him!

  9. bahahahha...

    Oh my I am in the middle of reading Twilight again... it's the only thing I can read quickly whilst waiting for mom to finish a book I got for MY bday... ;) Loving it, it had been a long time.

    @mmMoxie-I LOVE that... cliff diving and super fast piggies! She totally should have said that.



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