Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh Robward, You're Such A Sweetheart.

Look what ES gave me! It's funny how Twilight-things never fail to ridiculously excite me. At first I thought they were "Sweet-tarts," which I don't like, then I realized they were conversation hearts. Not a whole lot better...but better. Who really cares, I'm going to savor the box.

Oh Edward, your face makes everything better.

However, you think the peeps that manufactured these would have been a bit more careful while placing the lettering. I mean, you couldn't at least get the words in the center of the heart? Is it THAT difficult?! Oh ok, I guess it's probably a fancy machine that's in charge, but shit...GET IT RIGHT.

This one said, "My beautiful Jen, I'll see you in Forks."

I swear.

Here they attempted to get it centered...ish.

Sure the printing mis-hap didn't stop me from trying a few. To be honest, they were just kind of eh....Were they icy? Hardly. Ever so slightly cool tasting, sure. Then dg (aka my s/o) recommended another use for them.


My neighbors will have no doubt who did this.

And, I'm sure they wont even be surprised.

In other news, the "Rob Gawds" decided to drop a f*ckhawt bomb on us today...tons of outtakes from Another Man magazine as well as some beanie Rob shots from 2008. Here are a few of my faves:

Oh Fifty...I mean Rob ;)


1. I want to stick my finger in that hole...the one in his shirt.

2. Looking at the far right hand side of this pic turns my mind to smut. PURE SMUT.

Beanie-gate 2008!

"Oh Catherine, you're such a h00r."

"Hot damn that boy is handsome.....stop picturing him naked...keep it professional."

*You can find tons more outtakes over at Robsessed.



  1. I will never get over how any of those pics can be considered outtakes, they are all great!!!

    Those conversation hearts... ugh they taste so gross. Maybe I was thinking they would taste like Robward??? The Taycob one's are not much better *shudder*.

    But the boxes are worth purchasing the candies :)

  2. I've never opened any of my Sweethearts, Jen, but very sweet of ES to give them to you and dg's suggestion to use them as sidewalk chalk was just too cute.

    I said the same thing about the Another Man many of them reminded me of Fifty. *sigh*

    And I have that entire interview with Rob in the beanie (you know how I feel about the beanie!) with Catherine Hardwicke on my iPod Touch. It was hosted by Apple. Rob is adorkable in it. These two little girls come up on stage to meet him and he doesn't know what to do. LOL!

  3. @Lisa- I wasn't going to open them, but then I had 3 Corona Lights and something came over me. Gaaah! Oh well, the box is still in perfect form ;) Emailed u. Not that you don't know, with that blinky red light the crackberry so graciously provides.

    @Kassie- I agree!

  4. I am DROOLING over those pics. RC+S!

    We don't have Sweethearts here, but I can totally see that chalk was a good use for those ones! Nice pavement art...

    Have an awesome weekend x

  5. Damn those outtakes are fucking HOT! It's amazing I'm getting anything accomplished the past few days.

    Those sweethearts are disgusting, but really, I just wanted to box!

    And I love your sidewalk art and pretty toes :)

  6. Glad I haven't opened any of my boxes then to eat the candy - doesn't sound good :) I really just wanted the boxes too :) And really... if the candy can be used as chalk, that is not a good thing at all LOL

  7. The outtakes are simply gorgeous. Especially that first one.

  8. Sweet candy Edward, those new pictures are sweet eye candy Rob!!


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