Monday, August 16, 2010

Simple Expression.

*Cannot promise they're in perfect chronological order.

A little something to scroll to...

Her lips on his could tell him better than all her stumbling words. ~Margaret Mitchell

You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. ~Dr. Seuss

Love me and the world is mine. ~David Reed.

The simple lack of her is more to me than others' presence. ~Edward Thomas

The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men it is said have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough. ~George Moore

That is all.

*Pics from all over, last 3 from here.



  1. i think i'm going to cry.. that's just beautiful.
    (ugh- the sound of 1000 hearts breaking around the world) no comment from the peanut gallery (yes, that means you Lisa!)

  2. LOVED the quotes to go along w/ the pics! I really do think Rob feels the world is his, not because of how famous, not because of his money, but because Kristen loves him. And that alone is his world now.

  3. Love this post hun xoxo Such pretty quotes too!


  4. Omg you are making me cry. Seriously tearing up and it's only 819am. Not a good start to the day. Thank you for a beautiful post. I love the quotes and may actually borrow a couple for my 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Thank you again.

  5. Those pictures really were beautiful and tell such a romantic story, and I love the quotes. Please, can I trade places with KStew? I promise not to flip anyone off and always wear flattering clothes. Also, what's up with TomStu constantly lurking in the background looking kinda creepy?

  6. @Twilove1 - Lol, I noticed TomStu also. If you look closely, there's a balloon thought bubble by his head saying GET A ROOM!!

    Some of those pics go so far back, there's no denying it anymore. I'm off to get a shoehorn to pry my head out of the sand...

  7. @Zina- LMAO!!!

    @Sue- Thanks :)

    @TC- Didn't mean to make you cry, but it is ridiculously obvious isn't it?

    In the words of Ted Casablanca:

    Robsten worshipers, celebrate!
    Robsten non-believers, SUCK IT!

  8. Loves it! I'm happy for them, really hope they get to go somewhere by themselves for a bit now :)

  9. Awe, I love this. It's like a celebration of their love. It's beautiful and so poignant in B&W...just draws out the emotions in the pictures.



  10. Oh your beautiful post of the worlds most beautiful and down to earth couple just made me teary eyed. It has obvious for a longtime that they were in love with each other. I just wish them so much happiness and peace.

  11. Love the post Jen. I love the look on Rob's face when he is with Kristen. Love love love the quotes you used. You romantic you.

  12. just another Robsten inspired day on Twired, right? *grins*

    What is that 7th picture down from? This could be the first time I've seen it.


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