Monday, February 28, 2011

I'd Look Pissed Too.

I don't think I could ever get enough set pics. That said, here's another. This time we get a closer look at Mr. Broodward.

Freezing my ass off in snow? I'd be pissed too.

Psst...that ring is kinda big, no?

Broodward is so hawt though.
Maybe if the camera guy threw some iced cold Gatorade over his head he'd look even sexier? Hmmm....

I wonder if Rob is back in Vancouver yet? We saw KStew arrive. I'm pretty sure we'd know if Rob was there. I believe the above pic is from earlier in the week, pre-LA romp with the Mrs.

Ashley Greene arrived safely, as did some of the wolfpack.

Guess who else is officially there too?????!!!!!


Oh hai Gil, where's the chair?

I'll let you click on the above linky if you missed the original PILF comment from ES ;)

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet. Hope there's more to come in the way of pictures this week!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nice Shirt KStew

Here's Kirsten arriving back in Vancouver this afternoon. Gaah, her skin always looks so flawless!

Here are some other pics of her leaving LAX earlier in the day. Notice her thumb brace is gone. Wonder if security made her take it off since it contains metal? Hmmm. Gotta love Bitch-Face-Stew

Maybe she was just tired, and possibly annoyed by all the paps as usual. Who wouldn't be? Speaking of tired, rumor has it that Robsten was partying it up at the Chateau Marmont Fri night at a pre-Oscar party. It's nice that Vancouver isn't a long flight from least they can fly back and forth with some ease.

Notice her shirt? Hmm looks like a "mens" shirt....Where have I seen that before???

Whasssssup Yo. Robdizzle in the house!

Ok maybe it's not that shirt...but hey, you know it's his ;)

Ok back to watching the Oscars. I'm not wanting to miss a blink....hello, if there is a chance in hell that there will be some sort of Twilight "thing." I'm glued to the TV. Glued I tell ya.

*Pic Source


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching Up With Breaking Dawn!

Admittedly, I just love that the Twilight cast is back in Vancouver. I'm sure they don't love it, seeing as there seems to be an abundance of paps...but I can't help but squeeee a bit.

One of my bloggy friends, who I have had the pleasure of sharing a hotel room with [which basically means she's seen me in my undies] lives in Vancouver. Mandy from Mandy's Mind ALWAYS manages to score great set pics. You should definitely check out her site, as she's always updating....especially when filming is going on practically in her backyard.

With her blessing, I'm re-posing a few of her recent photos. THE HOUSES OF TWILIGHT!

The Swan household...looks PERFECT, as always :)

The Black's House. Look, it's Jake's rabbit!

AND WAIT FOR IT.............


The Cottage?!? SQUEEEEE! Mandy, you rock for getting this. AMAZING. Cannot wait to see more, because I am a huge spoiler h00r!

Ahhhhmazing, just like Jaspa's Ahhhhhmy :) Wondering what else the cast is up to? Well.... Kellan has been pumping some SERIOUS iron! And Ashley Greene was out shopping last night at KITSON in LA. ES & I were just there shopping on Sunday!!! Mackenzie Foy was also out shopping in Vancouver with her Mom.

Feel overwhelmed yet? No? I can overwhelm you with some new HAWT Rob photos. Apparently they are from his new VF photo shoot via Anna Leibovitz!



Wasn't it fun catching up? I enjoyed it. Remember, TWIRED is not VIRGIN-FRIENDLY.....

I'm a huge, gaping-wide SPOILER H00R!

P.S. Make me a new twitter backgroud?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Contest, Kind Of.

So I guess this is kind of a contest, but not really. But it kind of is.....Ok, what I'm trying to say is, that this isn't a contest where you'll win anything per se.... other than recognition on Twired. That's cool, right? Anyhoo......

I need a new twitter background!

@AmyJoon was kind enough to make my first one, because she knew just how much I adored KStew. Thanks Amy! I have had it for almost a year!

Don't get me wrong, I adore KStew even more now, but if possible, I'd like to incorporate more Robsten/Bellward. I'd like a mix of both if possible. I really like Black & White. Hint hint.

So, with all that said, if you're willing to mess around with a possible background idea, because my computer can't do fancy for shit, I'd really love to see what you've got. I'll post the possible options and choose my fave.

Here are some of my favorite Robsten/Bellward pics:

*cough, MORE HINTS, cough*

I'd love to see your ideas! Email me?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Robsten Arrives In Vancouver & ASkars Loves Sundresses.

According to Robert Pattinson Life and other sources, Robsten arrived in Vancouver yesterday. Damnit, why couldn't I have stayed in LA yesterday evening to just "hang out" at LAX. No, I wouldn't be some crazy ass stalker fan if I spotted them, I'd just stand to the side quietly shitting my pants. Definitely a time when Depends would come in handy ;)

His old school MTV Varsity jacket is killin' me.
PS Totally LOVING his hair.

These type of pics always make me feel for Kristen.
She's obviously anticipating the crazy fans & aggressive paps.

On an entirely different subject...NOTE: If you're not an ASkars fan, you can skip along.

Last night I had a dream about Alexander Skarsgard...again. BUT this time, I didn't get shafted. Hmm speaking of shafts......Oh right, my dream. Anyways the dream was much more involved than just the ASkars part, but that's the part that counts, right?

ASkars as Mr. Eric Northman.

Sorry, got distracted. Basically in the dream I was trying to hook up with him, AGAIN. Anyhoo, in the dream we were at some kind of country club/hotel in the woods that apparently his father owned. I knew where he was staying and I just showed up to his room. He seemed a little annoyed and put off. So I left slightly embarrassed. Later, I get a note from his saying that I need to meet him at a the tennis court after lunch...but at this point it's already 4pm so I hightail it back to my place to change and shower.


Of course I'm internally cursing at myself for waking up and praying to gawd I can fall asleep and back into the dream.... GUESS WHAT?! IT WORKED! For the first time in my entire life, I actually fell back asleep and into the amazing dream I was having....

Back into the dream: When I go to the tennis court he's not there, so I go in search of him. While searching I read his note again and realize I hadn't read the second half, which is where he told me to make sure and wear a sundress. Of course I race back to my room again and fly through my Sister's closet because she owns a ton of dresses and I own one. I run back to Alex's room and find him in a dark hallway sitting in a chair with a girl on his lap. Of course she's some European looking model with a sun dress on. I internally tell myself to suck it up and turn on the charm. I saunter over towards him and sit on his free knee. He looks a little taken aback & slightly pleased. He then encourages to me to kiss the girl, but I'm totally NOT interested in her, all I want is him. Minutes later, another model looking chick comes over and starts kissing the girl sitting next to me. They walk off together leaving me with Mr. Gorgeous. I get up and turn around so that I'm straddling him face on. We start to kiss, slowly at first, and then more aggressively. I slow him down, and bite his lower lip. He seems to like it, so I do it more. Then I feel his erection pressing against my underwear, because of course I'm wearing a sundress. We continue making out until I'm satisfied, which doesn't take more than another 30 seconds ;)

In appreciation of Mr. Skarsgard....and with hopes I'll dream about him a third time...

I have it bad.


More Monkey Business!

Instead of doing a LONG detailed post, I'm going to suggest you check in with the lovely girls over at Borderline Phenomenal. It's more fun reading about someones first 100 Monkeys adventure! Even thought this was our 7th show... it's just as much fun if not more fun, every single time. Do you really want me to explain how hawt Jackson is again? Oh you do...? HE'S SO FREAKIN' HAWT. Seriously, you have no idea unless you have seen him live. AND, the Monkeys rock. They truly do.

Oh and were you on twitter last night? Now there are rumors swirling that ROB might have been there watching a bit of the show. Not sure how true that is, considering the tons of claims that Robsten was at a Sherman Oaks grocery store around midnight. 100 Monkeys didn't go on until after midnight. Anyhoo, there was a guy who for half a second I thought looked a bit like Rob...ball cap and all. BUT, who knows. I also found out that Kristen was getting coffee at some cafe near where ES & I had brunch. DAMNIT. So close, yet so far away.

Here are some more pics!

I will upload more soon! I'm relying on ES, as her camera took all the pics. She's working today but I'm sure she'll have some for us tonight :)

Happy Presidents Day! Hope everyone is enjoying a lazy day off like me!

PS I don't know any details, but friends of @Uber_Vamp are claiming she has passed away. This is a sad day in Twi-land. Her comments always made me smile. RIP.

***On another note. If you want to use my pics, please be polite & ask. I'm NOT talking about my bloggy besties, I know you girls would always give credit. I'm talking about RANDOM twitter followers. Clearly I am too lazy to tag them this time around.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Teaser Pics

We survived 100 Monkeys Concert # 7(?)....though we did hit a crazy HALE [heh!] storm on the 101 North.

Luckily it let up a bit and we made it to our hotel to check in and had plenty of time to get Jacksonfide. We were not only excited to see Jackson, as per usual, we were also excited to see @LuvsMeSumEdward again as well as @Jaymes805, @amandamelby, @Twifixx & @ZAnyMouse.

@LuvsMeSumEdward, @Jaymes805, @amandamelby & me!

buzzy face

FORGIVE ME, but these pics were all taken on my crackberry. I totally forgot to charge my camera. Boo.

Oh hey there Mr. MOS!

Jackson of course looked hawt and was in full on Jasper hair mode. Someone gave him a hair band so he put his bangs back. Amen, because they were hiding his pretty pretty face.

Anyhoo, we had a blast ofcourse, but I definitely think I like the vibe of the Viper Room better than the Roxy. I'll get into that later. We plan on posting more pics, esp since ES got some kick ass ones! Stay stuned!

PS I hear Robsten was in the Valley while we were in WeHo. DAMNIT!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed...Sort Of.

Kristen at LAX! um......where's Rob???? Click here to see the pics. Note the splint on her wrist...wonder if she broke it re-inacting some sort of hand job in the cottage? Hmm....I kid. No offense Kristen, I love you more than you know.

Look who else was arriving at LAX...the LOVELY Ash Greene Click here.

Sorry for the "links." Somehow it makes me feel better, morally speaking. Anyways, I have had a tough work week, give me a break... ?

I'll give you a break......

You didn't think I'd leave you high, dry & picture free, did you?! No way, we're pretty sweet here at Twired. HOT old/new outtake of Rob. YUM.

Speaking of YUM..... @Jaymes805 from Borderline Phenomenal won the 100 Monkeys Meet & Greet for tomorrow night at the Roxy! Soo jealz! But, she totally desereves it. ES & I have spoke to them, & taken pictures with them multiple times. She has never even been to a show... & is about to shit her pants. I can't think of a more deserving person! Congrat sweetie!

I can't wait to see them (100 Monkeys) tomorrow night! And to see all the other Twitards! I have a teeny tiny bit of a cold, let's hope I don't sneeze on Jax ;)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Atrocious.

I saw this article on Breaking Dawn Movie News & had to share....

Apparently there is an annual Toy Fair somewhere, and theTonner Doll Co. (who's previously created Twilight dolls) is super excited to unveil the Jasper Hale doll.

Their description of the atrocity, I as follows:

"The love of ALICE CULLEN’s life, JASPER HALE, joins the ranks of Tonner® Character Figures! The newest member of the CULLEN family comes dressed in a deep blue dress shirt with dark wash jeans and faux leather belt. Molded shoes and CULLEN bracelet also included."

Wait for it....


Sure, I could spend some time comparing him to Ronald Mc Donald or maybe a red-headed version of Edward Scissorhands, but I'm just too lazy.

What do YOU think?


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy V Day!

Hello lovely ladies. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day. Whether your single, dating, married or still hoping RPattz will land in your bed, I hope you just enjoy the day. If you're alone, pour a drink, take a bubble bath and just celebrate YOU. It wouldn't hurt to hang that extra Rob poster up in the know, for company and all ;)


Love & Kisses,


Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Just Makes Me Smile.

Blogger is being a f*cknut and wont let me post the vid I want to post. So I am going to have to share the link. CLICK HERE. It's a new Robsten fan vid, so if you're not interested, move along. For those me when I say it's AMAZING. The Vanity Fair photo shoot is one of my all times faves & this vid features quite a descent amount of footage I hadn't seen.

Moving on...I never posted the following pic. Not quite sure why, but I just saw it again here, and realized there might be some of you out there that haven't even seen it yet.

It truly takes my breath away.

All I can say is, THANK YOU BILL CONDON. If this is just a sneak peek of what's to come throughout the two movies, then AMEN brother, AMEN.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday To You....


TLaut, Taycob, Tay...whatever you may call him...

is 19 today!

Trust me when I say that if I was 15, I'd be all over his sh*t. In fact, the boys ass kinda makes me moist. And that scene in Eclipse where he's leaning up against the car all laid back and oooozing sex? Yeah, I'm *cough pervert cough* into it.

Team Jacob? Hell no.

Team Taylor...hell no.

But, I do appreciate the fact that he's a "fine young man" ....
[who I'd let stick his peepy in my vag should I ever get the opportunity...there, I said it]

Since I'm in an appreciating mood, let's appreciated this fine young semen..I mean specimen:

*This is gay, but whatev'* I was lazy and stole it from here.

My s/o wears pants like these, but his stomach doesn't quite look like this.

"Hey there Bella..."

Always gotta represent *LISA* w/ the blk & wht.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

You So Ugly Girl!

They sometimes start with this. It's great for pumping up the if we need any pumping...

I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FEBRUARY 19th! It will be our 7th show! *I count based on outfits I's the only way I can remember! Jackson sometimes repeats outfits, so I can't count his ;)

1. LA Viper Room -jeans & black top
2. LA Viper Room -leggings & purple top
3. San Diego Soma -leggings & green top
4. LA Viper Room -skinny jeans, boots & black top
5. San Diego HOB -jeans & black top(?)
6. LA Viper Room -jeans & white leopard print tank with black wrappy thing.
7. LA Roxy-???

That is all.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jackson Is Way Gooder Than Justin Bieber!

Often on busy days I barely have time to sneak a glance at my blog email. But when I do take a look, it's sooo hard to stop at just one one...mainly because their is a whole thread of witty shit.

You chicks KILL ME.

Today was a perfect example of this...I was trying to finish up some stuff at work when @Jaymes805 emails a few of us about a quick convo she had with a co worker. In a nutshell, she told her co worker how excited she was to go to her concert. The girl jokingly said "Justin Bieber?" and of course followed up with "JK. That Vampire guy?"

The following is the email thread (well, most of it):

Me: LMAO! That 'Vampire Guy' is sure hot as hell on stage. TRUST.

Jaynes805: Please pick my jaw up off the floor when I start drooling. Crap, I'm gonna need to wear a diaper. I sure hope I'm drunk by the time they go on stage or I might actually have a heart attack. Jackson is my Bieber. (I want a shirt that says that.) Jk. I'll be cool.

Me: LOL! Or it could stay "Screw Bieber Fever, I Want Some Jackson Action!" PS I am copywriting that RIGHT NOW. AND, I'm going to post about it. Just sayin'. YES, I will give you credit for saying Jackson is my Bieber.
Sarah and I always try to have a couple drinks before...and end up pretty buzzed once the night is through. BUT you don't want to be DRUNK when they go on....cause what if you puke!?!? Then you might end up in the bathroom missing out!

Jaymes805: Haha yesss!!! I might have to steal Amanda's comp tonight to read that post. I would read it from my phone but I'm guessing there will be a Jackson picture on it somewhere and I will need to see it in full force.

LuvsMeSumEdward: Lmao! Jamie- I volunteer to smack you around if you start getting too out of control when he gets on stage ;) are you gonna wear the birthday sash or the "screw Justin Bieber" shirt ;) I'm so effing excited!!!!!

Me: Wait it should be "Screw Bieber Fever I want some action from Jackson!"

Jaymes805: "Screw Bieber Fever, I've got Jacksonitis" :)

Me: Oh snap..points for that one!!! And u used a Twired word! I might need a sign or a t shirt!

Jaymes805: Haha sweet! I'm gonna play the aloof fan who's like "whaaaat? Who's 100 Monkeys. You guys sound pretty cool I guess" then go all batshit crazy behind the scenes and be wearin my "Team Rathbone" tank top because yes, I DID get one for my birthday :) FYI Jess, that whole dialogue was said in my head in a Barney Stinson voice for some reason.

LuvsMeSumEdward: "screw Bieber Fever, I've got Jacksonitis" We've got a winner! Someone must do something with this! Jamie...lmfao! I totally read it that way! It's gonna be Legend...wait for it...

17foreverlisa: You wordy h00rs! LOL! I've been working on a project and find this long thread. I will see Rob. I will meet Jackson. I wil die happy :)

17foreverlisa: I will not habe a tiepo.

Jaymes805: Your type gooder than I do. Damn iPhone! (gooder is my new fav word because it sounds so refined)

Me: Jackson is way gooder than Justin Bieber

Jaymes805: Hahahaha true story! He sings more better too. :p

Me: "Baaaby, Baaaaaby, Baaaaaby..Ohhhhh"......I think JAction can top that shit ;)

Jaymes805: Haha getting the biebs stuck in my head before bed?!? Bring on the nightmares! :)

"Yes laaadies, I am way gooder."



***Jacksonis was coined by TWIRED & "Screw Bieber Fever, I've Got Jacksonitis" was coined by Jaymes805....just sayin'.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kristen & Kellan?

Hmm thought that might get your attention :)

It's outtake day here at Twired!

[aka Jen has writers block]

Here are some new/old pics of KStew from her ELLE magazine last year, and KLutz from Black Book Magazine in 2009.

Hot Mama!

"Come hither....Rob."

Yah, I'd look like this if I was shackin' up with the Precious.

Woah, gotta love Kellan in blk & wht.

He has great lips.

*Pics found here.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

ASkars Ditched Me On A Shuttle.

tweeted me this picture yesterday in the midst of my dress shopping...I glanced at it with good intentions to go back later. I just now googled it in hopes of getting a better look. What I got was a shock to my lady bits. "Ho-ly hell," I gasped as my s/o looked down at my screen. "Looks like me..." he said casually...I could barely muster a nod.

Ok let's get to the pics....I cannot believe I have never seen these before! Thank you @VampiresWeLove, I might have missed these if it wasn't for your sweet tweet.

His arms = Sex.

Looks like he's thinking naughty thoughts.
Great minds think alike ;)

That chin...those lips. Ungh...

In addition to these lovely pics, I must share that I had a dream about ASkars about 2 nights ago. Basically I was at this place where I used to take gymnastics, but it looked like a mall & a school put together....there was some kind of party or get together happening. Long story short, I got the courage up to ask him if he wanted to go watch a movie with me...He hesitated, then said yah...It was weird because I 'think' he was a celeb in my dream, because I knew who he was immediately, but no one else was bothering him...As the party or whatever it was started to wind down, I went to find him, and he was getting into some kind of shuttle. I started to ask him if he was still up going back to his place to see a movie and he just said he "had stuff to do..."

ASkars blew me off! LOL You know how dreams are though?? RANDOM.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone, I'm not into it this year. lol

P.S. LKW just posted a heart stopping Rob vid over at Twitarded. Check it out!