Sunday, December 5, 2010


Well hello there! How was everyone's Eclipse weekend?

Mine was pretty sweet & VERY relaxing. I didn't go to any midnight releases or parties. Aside from David Slade signing in Burbank, there weren't any others near me. I would imagine it's simply because all of the actors that do those signings, are currently in Louisiana. Boo. Ah well, it's for a good cause...a little thing called Breaking Dawn ;)

Saturday morning I hopped out of bed and drove down to my local Target. I didn't get there until about 10am, however there were plenty of copies I'd suspected.

Here are a few pics from my Eclipse Saturday:

They had a regularly packaged 2 disc or a fancy packaged 2 disc.
I opted for fancy, ES opted for regular. Eventually I want regular too!

My "fancy" copy came with some Eclipse photos...
I gave Jacob to my Mom ;)

Here I am all ready to head over to my parents...
Of course I had to sport my Eclipse Edward shirt.

Mini E (aka Small Town Edward) came along to my parents!
He's now used to our wine shenanigans.

It was really cool seeing all of ES's DVD's together.
STE thought it was pretty sweet too!

ES & I watched the movie with my Mom & Dad. We drank, ate and overall had a great time. I almost PMSL when ES proclaimed that Billy Black was a PILF.

Parapalegic I'd like to fuck.

We're going to hell for laughing at that one.

Of course she was joking. Right ES? Right?

A few minutes later my Mom says..."If Billy is a PILF, then Riley is a NILF!"

LMAO, gotta love my Mom!

On an entirely different note....look what I got in the mail this week from one of my twitter besties @edwardsisobel! She sent it all the way from Australia!

True Blood Season 3!!!
And, a VERY sweet letter with most gorgeous pic of ASkars aka Eric Northman.

Awhile back we'd been talking about how much she was loving True Blood just as much as I had. She ended up having with-drawls after she'd finished season 2 and a friend came to the rescue and gave her a copy of S3! After expressing how insanely jealous I was, she said she'd do her best to copy it and send it my way. Do you realize it's not even available for rent here in the US!!?? Gaaaah!

I can only watch it on my lap top because it's in avi format...don't ask me what that means. All I know is that I had to frantically download some program that could have potentially risked my entire Rob porn collection, to be able to view the burned copy. Needless to say it worked, and I'm now enjoying the latter half of S3...where I'd left off....Rob porn still intact.

Thank you again @edwardisobel!

If I could give you a night with him, I would.
But then I'd like him back... ;)

Hope everyone had a blast this weekend!



  1. LOL I want to meet your mom and sister!! LOL

    I'm glad you had a great weekend BB! Mwah! <3

  2. Aww shucks ma'am it was my pleasure :-) By the way, it was you who got me into True Blood by posting the above picture of Askars! I LOVE ERIC...after Rob and Jackson of course! Gah I'm glad the downloaded program didn't delete your Rob p0rn collection! My laptop has died and a substantial amount of mine was on there - I'm hoping its just the power cord...because to contemplate the alternative is just too damn depressing!

    I got my copy of Eclipse on the way home from work on Friday and watched it with my teenage boys and their was hilarious with their commentary. Lucky no one even hinted to me that Bella should be with Jake - unlike your DAD!!!! Naughty Daddytwired! Hope he has recanted that statement!

  3. PILF?!? Oh that is just too good...PMSL!!! :)

  4. I went to Walmart & got the 2 disc version with the Destination Forks dvd. I watched Eclipse with my hubs Saturday night. I haven't watched the extras or the Forks dvd yet. A couple of my favey scenes: the leg-hitch (hot) & the proposal (aww...)

  5. Whoa, your Mom's cool for having created a new category to the list of who we like to fuck, NILF! That means KStew/Bella will be a NILF to in BD. BTW, I did the same thing with the Jacob pics, gave it to my nieces.

  6. Hmmm, I agree with your Mum re the NILF...

    As for ASkars, you know how I feel about him. That very pic is currently framed in my desk drawer at work. It was a Secret Santa pressie last year, and he was on my desk, until I got an attack of the guilts when I was talking to a patient one day on the phone (long story). I just bring him out for oggling every now and again. Team Eric FTMTW.

  7. PILF, NILF... your family is fucking awesome!!!!

  8. Riley is soooo a NILF... Billy being a PILF hmm maybe not so much lol.

    Your talking up of TB made me want to watch it. It's next on my Netflix queue, I'm right in the middle of a TV series but once I finish that I'm sure I will have found my new obsession.

  9. PILF - OMG.. we're all going to hell in a handbasket.

    NILF- your mom rocks!!!

  10. We bought the same version. I gave all the cards to my stepdaughter and made her day. It was hard, I must say!!

    Watched twice, second time with my husband -- he still won't admit to liking any of it -- the bastard!! He said Billy Burke was a horrible actor. I told him he needed to leave LOL!! Really, of all the wolf pack he could have picked and he said BB was bad? Unbelievable.

    I just loved it so much and BTW -- totally jealous on the True Blood Season 3! You are a lucky bitch!!! Enjoy!

  11. It is so great that your family is in to this as much as you are. Lucky lady :)

  12. Does your mom want my Jacob cards to have, too?
    It WAS a good weekend! I want a Rob movie released once a month.

  13. I must be slow today. What is a NILF. Of course I know what the ILF stands for. But N - Nerd, Natureboy, Newborn?

  14. HOW did I not comment on this earlier?!?! I could barely read the rest of the post (which is ok since I'm not a TB fan....yet) because my eyes were spilling over with tears from laughing so much. That Elusive S cracks me up. PILF = awesome. I miss you lovelies!

  15. @Jaymes805... GAHHHH Now I remember... man I had MYSELF in tears! Glad I could make you cry... in a good way! :) Wanna cry again? You might have tripped in front of the precious...

    PS NILF?? Totally don't remember that one...


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