Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Hot Families to Hot Men!

Look who spent part of their Holiday in the most "magical place on earth" ...
COUGH* Robs crotch* COUGH ...




Aww look it's the Facinelli Fam!
How freakin' adorable are they?!

Papa Facinelli is in FULL ON PAPA CULLEN mode!

And look who else I found...

Mr. Rathbone at a recent concert.

Holly hell, he's rockin' the Jaspah' look...

IF Jas looks like this in BD, I'm ALL OVER IT!


Those dimples kill me.

Guess who else I found...

I saw this lovely morsel early this morning, only to also find it in my inbox courtesy of Ms. Lisa :)

Oh. My. Gawd.

I'm going to go recover now....too much hotness!


  1. Oh.My.Gawd. indeed. Thanks for the Rob-hotness, J!

  2. Wowsers. that's a lotta hawtness in one post!

    I NEED for 100 Monkeys to be playing somewhere convenient when I come to the US. Jen, haven't you got some kinda hotline to JBone these days? Can you hook it up?


  3. Mmm I posted those pics of JRath on Tumblr earlier and I got SO excited because this means noooo ugly wig for BD!

    I also came across some pics today that made me realize that me and Jackson have more than 1 article of clothing/accessory that are the EXACT same... Kinda creepy but in an awesome "we are dressed the same so we might as well get naked" sort of way.. I might have to blog about it. I'm afraid one day we'll meet and we will be wearing the same thing. How embarrassing. I'd make him take off his clothes since I'm older and that would mean I probably bought the clothes first. SUCH a good plan. :)

  4. DAMN! Those boys are smokin' HOT! I don't like giving kudos to Cougar Cathi often, but she cast the Cullen men correctly, that's fo sho!!!

  5. Cute pics of PFach and his family!

    Those Jackson pics are to die for. Jaymes, I did see you tweeting them and tweeted you back. *THUD*

    And, yes, Rob is rockin' the white t and biceps in that picture. *DED*

    Miss you, Jen!



  6. Peter, Jenny and the kids are just a gorgeous family. I love that they seem so regular. I just love them.

    Jackson is just too cute for words and Rob looks pretty darn good in that picture.

  7. Well, shit fire and save the matches. Thanks so much for this.
    PFach, Jackson and the Precious on one page...I'll need a moment to recover as well.

  8. Thanks, Jen. These are SO nice!!! I think I could just sit and look at pictures of the Cullen men all day. Is there a job like that and where do I apply? Hee hee, I keep trying to type this and then I get distrated by the gif of Rob taking his shirt off over and over on the left side of the screen and forget what I was saying :)

  9. Wow, Jacksper is lookin mighty fine!! :) Thanks for sharing!


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