Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Boxing Day, Why Not?!

I may be totally late to the party on this one....and I have no clue where this is from or if it's legit. ALL I do know is that Rob looooooks smokin' hawt. There is something about a man in white T....with arms like that. Not too muscular, but just muscular enough.


On another note, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. I sure did! I had to make myself puke last night though because as I crawled onto the aero bed at my parents, the room was spinning. Nothing like a little finger down the throat to solve that problem ;)

Maybe drinking a shit ton of wine and then deciding to pour eggnog in my Dissarono might not have been the most well thought out plan. *gag*

Oddly enough I wasn't hungover in the normal sense this headache. BUT I did feel slightly nauseous. Not to worry, I'm sucking down a large and rather spicy Bloody Mary as we speak....and about to watch the Chargers game with my Dad and s/o...errrr fiance'...gahhh I hate that word.

Love you all!



  1. Doh! Hangovers suck! That pic, however, does not. Hubba hubba!

  2. How was the eggnog and disaronno? I know mixing milk drinks make me nauseous...but I'm!
    Sorry you had to make yourself puke. Been's miserable.
    Happy boxing day!

  3. Merry Christmas. Happy Boxing Day.

  4. Oh boy Dissarono and eggnog does not sound good *blech*

    Happy Boxing Day.. er well for another 35 minutes or so anyway :)

  5. Happy Boxing Day! OMFG, that Rob pic... *sigh*
    Thanks J :)

  6. "Fiancee" is a beautiful word! Use it! Out loud!

    You didn't use the ringed finger did you? Hope you had a merry Christmas.

  7. Hi Jen, glad you had a great Christmas & glad you posted that pic! Sweet Baby Jesus...our boy is fine! :) xo


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