Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Racing Bella To The Alter!

It was just like Edward's proposal to Bella in Eclipse...

...except we were at the beach, and I don't have a nasty scar that looks similar to a pearl necklace ;)....and my ring is much prettier...just sayin'.

....and I hate to break it to you, but we have already had sex. Oh, and I wasn't trying to rip off his shirt pre-proposal.... nor was I wearing plaid.

....and we were at the beach at sunset, not sitting on a gold bed...and we didn't embrace like this, people were whistleing though.

...and we didn't stand in a meadow later in the day...we went to my parents to celebrate.

But otherwise, it was just like this!

I kid.



We are seriously thinking about October, so I guess I'm beating Bella (as far as when she gets married on screen)

Btw, does this make me a total fail...when does Bella get married? A month before her Birthday right? August 13th???
Anyhoo, here is a pic I took right before. I call it pre-proposal sky. The quality isn't great, as it's from my blackberry.

Um..and I don't know why these words won't get any smaller. Gaah, Blogger sometimes I hate you.

Ocean Beach, CA 12-18-10

PS Thank you for all the Congrats! I love you all more than you know!



  1. SO happy for you! I'm glad you got a beautiful ring and just as glad that you don't have a pearl necklace/anal bead scar. That thing looks worse and worse as the movies go on.

    CONGRATS again! You must keep us updated on all the planning :)

  2. It may not be as perfect as the movies, but that moment in time is yours forever. Congrats again, and be very thankful that you didn't have S. Meyer designing your ring :-)


    Watch for the bridal shows & register!

    I saw your ring on Twitter and it is beautiful! What an exciting time for you! :)

    Jaymes - IKR? It's like that scar is festering! LOL

  5. How awesome!!! Best Wishes to you and your Husband-2-be. May you have a life full of love and happiness together! (I LOVE Weddings!!!!)

  6. Many congrats on the engagement. I like how you tied that it in to Twilight, super cute. :)

  7. Congrats again Jen!

    I say you win, since we won't get to see B&E's wedding until November. And yeah, your ring is way prettier!

  8. Congratulations Jen!! I wish a lifetime of happiness for you & your hubby to be. :D

  9. For this, I had to get off my lazy blogger ass *coughreadingtoomuchffcough* and come and comment. What a great post. You know I am so damn happy for you. Selfishly, I wish it was going to be closer to the BD premiere so I could go to the wedding and the premiere. I guess what you're saying is it's not all about me, huh? LOL!!


  10. Thanks everyone..and I'm slightly he MOVIE I'm beating her to the alter, in real life months, she beat me...

  11. squeeee!! can we help plan the wedding? :)

    so happy for you girl.

    the movie is all that counts. you win!!

  12. Congrats again Jen!!!!!

    Must have been fate to have a proposal just. like. Bella. :)

  13. Your altar is better since it isn't fictional :)

    I am very happy for you and I wish you a lifetime of happiness. I look forward to hearing about your plans (I love weddings and seeing what people do for their own - just a little insight into Dangrdafne). Enjoy this time.

  14. Congratulations!!!!!!
    Pearl necklace....teehee...

  15. I couldn't be happier for you, girlie!! You'll have to let us know all the details so all of us Twitards can pull a "Wedding Crashers".... hheheh I keed, I keed.

    Love you, girlie, SOOO excited!!

  16. Still laughing about pearl necklance/anal beads...

    Seriously though, CONGRATULATIONS! (again!)

    p.s. Posting at work, eh? Clearly someone didn't have enough to do today!

  17. Sincerest Congratulations Jen! Amazing picture! Thank you for sharing! Don't you just stare and stare at your ring? And then stare some more?

    Your finacee is actually better than Edward because he talked to Twad first!

  18. Jen, I'm SO happy for you two!! You're a very wonderful and special person and deserve a lifetime of happiness :) I hope he knows how lucky he is!

  19. I got what you were saying about beating Bella! Double wedding! ;)

  20. Wait! Wait! Wait!

    October? How is this going to fit with the TWITARDED 2011 schedule?

    Are you planning to have your bachelorette party in Fooorrrkkkss?

    Or maybe your reception upstairs in the Twilight Lounge?

    Congrats again!

  21. from a fellow Twi-hard/San Diego chick,
    Congratulations! How romantic!!! Love the photo of the OB pier too!!!!

  22. OMG girl...congrats!!! So happy for you!!! xoxo :)

  23. JEEEENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awh congrats gorgeous!!!! :)

    I'm with @Charla on crashing your wedding!

    I'm so very happy for you two! LOVE YOU BB!!!!!!

  24. Congratulations! He's finally making an honest woman out of if that were possible.

    LUVS YA!

  25. HOLY SHIT. How the fuck did I miss this??? Please tell me I didn't!

    OMG, Jen. CONGRATULATIONS. That is really great and I am so happy for you! Your fee-yan-say is a very lucky man. And tell him I'll kick his ass if he doesn't treat you right. ;)

  26. Congratulations, Jen!! I'm so happy for you and DG. So, is there any way you can book 100 Monkeys for your wedding band? I'll keep them entertained while you exchange your vows. I'm a great Monkey sitter.

  27. I know I'm L2P but congrats!!!!!!!!!! Wooo!!! Honeymoon in Forks? Hahaha


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