Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jackson, you (and your rathbone) rock my socks off.

Studying? Unpacking? What? Writing about Jackson sounds like a much better way to spend the rest of my evening.

On Friday afternoon, with Robward On A Stick in the passenger window and 100 Monkeys’ Grape in the CD player, we headed north. After checking into our hotel we had a lovely sushi dinner with a ‘dirty vodka martini’ (it had lime juice in it…wtf?) that I swapped out for a ‘mojito’ (imagine a rita on the rocks with mint…wtf?) Sarah, those peeps did not know how to make a drink to save their lives! -J Sista and I trekked up a few big hills giggling and singing as we made our way towards The Viper Room. We arrived flushed and made our way to the bar. Jentini appeared behind me bubbling about finding ‘our friends’. Uh oh, I thought… I figured she meant one of three people: The infamous Mom Jeans, the vamps who will otherwise remain nameless, or maybe she had identified our ‘bogus’ commenter. To my delight she meant the Lovely English and the fabulous Maryland, two girls we met at the end of our first 100 Monkeys show… the night before the New Moon premiere. Yippee! It was fun to share the experience with these amazing girls.

English, Maryland, Sar, & Jen (Psst.. that may be Lars behind me)

Before the show started we realized there were a couple of big, tall, foreign men lurking around. I would like to tell you one of them was named Lars and the other was named Jan… But I can’t… so I will. Lars was tall and burly with long dark hair and bushy brows, Jan was a bit less conspicuous. I kept getting pushed by Lars while the opening band, Silent Noise was playing… I am only 5’1”… back the fuck off. In the interim I heard Lars mention my boobs to Jan and someone else, Sven, maybe. I immediately turned my body away but not before I saw a camera aimed at me. Jentini started yelling at him (before she marched off to find the bouncer) and so did E and even some other girls around me… Mr V Room Bouncer had a ‘chat’ with Lars … so some avail. I decided they were paparazzi and hadn’t seen any real boobs in Hollywood in awhile.

As I stood pouting a bit, worried my mood was now unalterably glum, 100 Monkeys emerged (Jackson with his shiner), opened with Wings On Fire and got us all pumped up so we all but forgot about Jan and Lars. This was the most fun we’ve had at a show-difficult to beat the Grape Release show but… it did. Jentini and I danced and squealed alongside E and M. Jerad told a couple of jokes about Jackson (though none that alluded to how he received his shiner). Have I mentioned these guys are FUNNY? They are bloody fantastic at getting a crowd pumped.
The Jackson LOOK that gets me every time.

Jackson? How much beer have you had? Having a Jacksper moment-
Blurring the lines a little and going in for a little nibble of J Rad?
Pfft... can't say I blame him.

Jackson looked at me… and not the short sort of occasional looks I’ve had at other shows-he LOOKED at me, so much that I had to fight not to look away. Yah right Sar, YEAH right! Right? Well... I think I mentioned hallucinations as a symptom of jacksonitis, non? I would have chalked this up to textbook jacksonitis hallucinations... except the Lovely E saw the whole thing and exclaimed ‘OH MY GOD’ at the same time I looked away from him! No, I don’t care if he was really just staring intently at the big zit on my forehead.

We got a double encore again and waited, hoping, they’d come out after… Time was ticking and I was in full-force denial. I was sure they were waiting for the bar to clear enough so Jackson wouldn’t get mauled by the padded-room jacksonitis sufferers. English, Maryland and Jen decided we should go, so I reluctantly followed. Once outside, I spotted Jerad talking to some people with… his… shirt…OFF. Oh holy hell, Jerad Anderson, shirtless. Why would a married man put us through such torture? He was showing off his new tattoo. I grinned at him and said hi (family friend connections? Yes thanks!) and asked if he’d take a photo with us- ‘absolutely… but let me put my shirt back on’ ...darn. Jerad is ridiculously sweet. Just as we thanked Jerad and began to turn away, we see the Lovely E leaning into a van…

...Holy Hell, Mr MOS (Mouth Of Sex) himself is behind the now-open window. I quickly caught wind of the Lovely E laying her english accent on thick, “…I’ve come all the way from London” to which he replied “I’ve come all the way from Texas, Darlin’ ”-I was scrambling to get my thoughts together, this was really happening! We snapped photos of E and M with Jackson and then I asked him if we could have a (another, as Jen then piped in) photo with him as well. Jackson nodded and grinned saying, “I’m going to get in soo much trouble for this” (we think because they had to rush off,
Jackson was trying to stay away so as not to start a huge frenzy), but, still grinning, leaned out
the car, and wrapped his arms around us. He pulled us in so close that after the photos I turned to him to chat for a sec and a slight jacksonitis haze washed over me as I stared into his eyes, dazzled-we were all up in each others' personal spaces... the day dreams were approaching, flickering so close to the surface... I snapped myself out of it and had a short (but less jacksonitisy than the last encounter) conversation with him. Yay there was some recognition! Of course then I leaned in and pressed my lips gently but firmly against… just kidding, gosh. Leave that for the padded room jacksonitisers.
As always, Jackson was gracious and just beautiful. And the 100 Monkeys lived up to their fabulous reputation yet again.

And now for...
Our wedding photos
I kid, I kid...
... ... ... Kids? What? ;)

Elusive S (Mrs Rathbone, if you will) out!


Pinches Tacos & Chateau Marmont

While Sista' Sarah & I were in LA Fri night to see 100 Monkeys...yet again...we also kept our eyes wide open for Mr. Sparkly himself. Yah, I know...I'm about 99.9% sure he's not back in LA yet either. =( However, you never know when Sir Pattinson may pop around the corner. Preferably in my direction. In my quest to be near God...I mean Rob...I wanted to take a trip down memory lane. Ok, not my memory, but know, the fated escape from the Chateau Marmont, where he'd supposedly spent the evening rendezvousing with Kristen (do I even need to put her last name???) Anyhoo, I'd (shamefully) seen a place on The Hills called Pinches Tacos, and because of my bizarre Hills fascination, I wanted to check it out. Low and behold, I come to find out (thx to google maps) that it's across the street from the...CHATEAU MARMONT! Now I'm not a Chateau Marmont virgin...I have driven past it many times. However, it never had quite the same impact prior to my knowledge of Robert Pattinson having supposedly slept & boozed there.

(If I ever make it inside one day, I wonder if they'd let me take a piece of the carpet as a souvenir?)

On Saturday, Sista' was totally up for some Mexican food considering it was noon and we hadn't eaten since our 3am pizza binge ala' Pink Dot (they'll deliver, wings, condoms, booze, dental floss, a banana...) It's pretty sweet. Anyhoo, we got to Pinches and ordered our "healthy/veggie friendly" food from the counter and took a seat outside.

While sitting there, thoroughly enjoying our food, we had a prime view of the Chateau Marmont's valet stand. I couldn't help but wonder out loud to Sista' what I'd do if all of a sudden Sir Sparkly himself pulled up...magically, out of thin air...

Who am I kidding, I know what I'd do. I'd choke on my chicken quesadilla...that or faint. OR... maybe some weird seizurey combo of the two. But then I thought, that might not be such a bad thing. Maybe Rob would run across the street at vampire speed and do the hymlic maneuver, or even better... mouth to mouth. OR maybe some lusty combo of the two. Hey...I'm game.

Then I came back to reality and realized he's probably not in town. It's not like the poor guy can sneak in and out of LAX unnoticed. Well..most of the time. In the meantime, I think I'm going to start a fund....a "Drinks at the Chateau Marmont Fund"...Next time, I'll be prepared.

"I may not be where you want me, but I'm here Jen, I'm here. xo"


Saturday, January 30, 2010

And the answer is...

YES...we got to meet JRath (albeit very briefly) AGAIN!!! (and, it almost didn't happen!) Sista' Sarah, aka "elusive S", will divulge a few more details soon. For now, I'll leave ya with a couple pics.

Too bad all 3 of us couldn't look at the same camera.
Twired Jen (left) Twired Sarah (right)

Yup that's JRath, hanging out of the Monkey-Van before heading off to Vegas. He's truly a Southern gentleman. And for inquiring minds, he didn't smell...despite the sweat. As for the hat...ummm...not sure bout' that one. He put it on towards the end of the show...Kind of reminded me of something you'd wear to the horse races. Oh well, JRath could make a plastic bag look stylish...

*100 Monkeys @ The Viper Room in West Hollywood on 1/29th

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This gave me chills...Robsten POV vid.

Back off you "Nonstens" & "I don't give a Crapstens" ...This vid gave me major goosebumps. It's so adorkabe! And just look at the way they gaze at each other?!? Makes me feel all choked up for Christ's sake. What will I ever do if they break off their un-admitted romance? I don't even want to think of it. I curse the thought.

I think a chick named Honeybear made this vid. Her info is on the youtube page if you click on it. Very creative!

PS this will be my last post probably until Sunday... because... Friday afternoon we are heading up to LA to see 100 Monkeys! Sarah and I will be sure to re-cap on Sunday. Till then...We heart you all!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You go girl!

While at Sundance 2010, Kristen Stewart was recently asked by a ballsy reporter if she was "Team Edward in RL?" In true KStew style, she shook her head as if to say "I can't believe you went there..." and walked away. YOU GO GIRL! We all know that I am a huge ROBSTEN fan, and I totally give a, I think this is just PERFECT. She doesn't owe anybody anything. Sure she's famous, but if she chooses to keep mum on the subject, that's her prerogative (yes it's really spelled that Anyhoo, I have the utmost respect for her because of it.

I think her response shows how mature she is...especially for 19. Sure she's twitchy & stuttery...but that's just her...I think some of it stems from the fact that she's so intelligent, and has a lot to say...but knows there is a lot riding on WHAT she says. Call me crazy, but that's my opinion.

I'm just sayin'...

For those of you that follow our blog, we heart you...BIG TIME! Without the blog-pimping help of Twitarded, LatchkeyWife, MaliciousMandy, Twibite, & 17ForeverLisa, we'd be lost in a sea of loneliness.

You all know that our blog is "our-blog", not the thoughts and/or feelings of anyone else. Most recently, someone (claiming to know 100 Monkeys...hey, could be true) commented on our post called "Twired Sista's Rules for 100 Monkeys Concerts." Apparently they weren't happy with what we had to say *Gasp!* I'm sure many of you are thinking "Why waste time responding?" Well my friends, because I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut, that's why. It's an issue I have had for as far back as I can remember.

What I'd like to say is this...The post was/is meant to be a joke/sarcastic...whatev'... It clearly states at the bottom of our post that: *None of our rules & or guidelines are endorsed by the 100 Monkeys.* We adore & have the utmost respect for 100 Monkeys. If we didn't, we wouldn't try our gosh-darndest, lack of funds and all, to see them every time they're in LA or San Diego. Simply put, we love to blog about our crazy experiences. We also like to think that the guys have a sense of humor. You can clearly see it in the video we posted. Just sayin'. Anyhoo, we are positive that they appreciate each and everyone of their fans, whether the fan is wearing "Mom-Jeans" or not.



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Twired Sista's Rules...

...for attending a 100 Monkeys Concert.

WARNING: If you're easily offended, move on. This is not the post for you.

Moving Forward...Should you ever get the AWESOME opportunity to see these guys live, we have come up with a few simple rules (guidelines if you will) that might assist, and/or prevent you from looking like an utter douche-bag.

1. We don't care if you're a Mom. We also don't care if you wear jeans. But PLEASE, we beg you, don't come to a show sportin' your Mom-Jeans. No one wants to see your gunt.

"Mom-Jeans" demonstrated by the lovely ladies of SNL"

2. Whether you're 21 or 39...especially if you're's probably not a good idea to get all tore-up & belligerent, then proceed to cry and bitch to the bouncer about how much you need to be allowed back into The Viper Room after the show. Jackson may be doing a Monkey Shot at the bar, but he certainly doesn't want you, your crying, or your Mom-Jeans.

"It's okay Jasper, Mom-Jeans wont hurt you...
on second thought..."

3. If you happen to be said "Mom-Jeans" person, you might not want to show your face again at another 100 Monkeys show, let alone the same venue, and worse...sportin' your Mom-Jeans...The Twired Sista's might see you & get the overwhelming urge to joke with the cool bouncer about how ridiculously belligerent you got at the last show. And even worse, the bouncer might remember.

You might have to squint, but I think it says "No Mom-Jeans Allowed."
tee hee hee

3. Don't ever ask for pictures while the guys are onstage. Asking the 100 Monkeys for a picture in between their set, because YOU have to leave the show early for a flight, is just plain tacky. If the guys say no (which they should) but invite you on stage for "Wings on Fire" BETTER KNOW THE WORDS, or at the very least, have some rhythm. ...Otherwise the Monkeys, and everyone else get to see you make an ass of yourself.

Oh, and a video of you looking like an ass, might just find it's sneaky way to someones blog. Luckily, the Twired Sista's are too nice to do anything like that. Nah, who are we kidding?
(skip to 1.35)

4. Prior to a 100 Monkeys Concert, you might consider showering. We really don't want a whiff of your stanky V, let alone your greasy hair ruining our 100 Monkeys-high.

2 awesome inventions...use em'!

5. We don't expect you to wear your prom dress to a 100 Monkeys concert, but do you really have to wear your ripped & faded skinny black jeans, converse, and a hoodie? No one wants to see a crowded room filled with KStew wannabes!

"What's up w/these biotches copying my look?"

6. Last, but certainly not least, HAVE FUN! Twired Sista's always do.

We hope our rules/guidelines were helpful, or at the very least, entertaining. And yes, "Mom-Jeans" does exist.

*None of our rules and or guidelines are endorsed by the 100 Monkeys.

Nearly 8000 videos you've seen and 2000 you haven't :)

Jen posted some of her fave videos... so here are some of mine :) Good ole youtube!

(keep in mind, this is only OK because it's Ash...) :)

alright... I'm done... ish

Rob, is that you?

My first day back at school... It's January, beginning of the semester... great.


While I felt slightly bad and silly about blackberry stalkarrazzi-ing this poor, innocent bystander... I felt more compelled to document the sighting and share it here. Besides, 'poor, innocent bystander' nothing! He knows he's trying to look like RPattz. I mean he must know, right? He was even wearing Robward RAYBANS... and it was cold and grey today.

In the words of Mrs P...

Peace, love and sparkly peens,


I have died...

...and gone to a very sparkly heaven. GOOD GOD, I mean Rob. OH MY, OH MY, OH MY.
These 2009 Entertainment Weekly outtakes, found over at Cullenboysanonymous, have been floating around various blogs for the past 24 hours, and I just now decided to take a closer (englared!) look at them.

I'm speechless.


It's times like these when I'm reminded of just how beautiful of a man he is. Sure, he can hide behind the scruffy face, beanie, and ray bans...but we all know what's lurking underneath. Too bad we don't really know what's lurking underneath the underneath. ;)

KStew back in LA?

Supposedly Kristen arrived back in LA on Monday, after a whirlwind weekend @ the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. What I want to know is...who's the dude? It's not her bro, I know that much. Anyone else have any ideas?

(and no Mrs. P, I'm about 99.9% sure it's not her new beau, and if it is, I will eat dirt.)

Update: Twicrackaddict pointed out to Mrs. P that KStew is wearing Rob's shirt...supposedly the one from the New Moon poster (I doubt the poster part)...AND, you can tell it's a man-shirt because of the buttons...If you look down at your buttons ladies, they're normally to your left. If men look down, they are to their right. (SQUEEEE! They're sharing clothes!)

You can scope out the rest of the pics at

Monday, January 25, 2010

MOS Visibility...

Not that Jackson doesn't always appeal to me but... when his hair is away from his face, short or long... fuck, who cares, I just want to see that MOS (mouthofsex)... omirob... I swoon. If only Rob would clean himself up a little... Ah well, I like you better anyway MOS (godness).

I have this to look forward to this weekend, jealous?

(Thanks to Twifans, I snagged the pics from them)

Some of my favorite vids ;)

Back in late November I randomly found Sista' Sar and I on this You Tube vid. It was taken at the New Moon Premiere in LA. The New Moon Premiere experience was actually one of my first blog posts. You really have to pause it, or put in slow-mo (is that possible?) Whomever is taking the video starts by scanning the crowds...across the street, you'll see 2 trees, we are in front of the tree that's to the right if you're watching the vid. I was literally wedged between the barricade & that poor tree. I'm blonde & in a green hoodie, and Sista' Sarah is brunette & in white. Also, Sarah is next to a teeny bopper holding a white sign. Start looking at about .40 sec, he zooms into us at about .45 sec.

Then if you look at 2.05, you'll hear RPattz arrive. OMG, people FLIPPED OUT! Then at 2.22, he crosses the street to come to OUR side!!! I pretty much lost consciousness at that point. Surprised I didn't poop my pants. I admit I even shed a few tears...they just came out, couldn't stop em'... (ok ok ok, I was PMS-ing) The sad part was that just before RPattz got close to us, the barricade started to bow with the weight of the crowd...Faster than I could scream "Sparkly Peen", the body guards whisked him away. *sigh*

Found this a while back, can't remember where...might have been from Cullenboysanonymous. Jackson Rathbone performing on stage @ the Interlochen Arts Academy. Isn't he just too cute?

And alas, my all time favorite RPattz vid! Lovin' me some Kings of Leon! (hmm, wonder how I first heard about them?) Anyhoo, you'll see an abundance of RPattz porn in this vid. WARNING: You might need to grab a pantyliner for this one!

If you direct link to the youtube sites, you'll see who originally owned the vids (or snagged them from someone else.) No copyright infringement or stealing..or whatev' intended. Peace.

I couldn't live in a world where you don't exist.

"Twired Sista's, have u forgotten about
me? I couldn't help but notice all of the
Jackson picspam..."

Rob, dear...I couldn't live in a world where you don't exist. We were just giving our bloggy readers a bit of variety. Everyone really wants to see you, but variety is good, right? And it's not because they've got you sportin' the serial killer look for Bel Ami. Oh are the apple of my eye & the wetness in my panties. Don't fret.

"I dig having the limelight Ms. Twired Sista' Sar" ;)

Twired Jen

*drool-worthy pics found over at Twicrackaddict

I give a Crapsten

Oh how I heart Robsten.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meeting Rockstar Rathbone

After we found out about the Grape Release Party (a few days after our first 100 Monkeys show), I was ecstatic… the first experience was so fabulous I simply couldn’t wait to see them again.

Nov 29 (I'm so slack, I know): We yammered the whole way up and pointed out every Toyota Prius on the road (OK, not EVERY Prius…). We got to our hotel just off of Hollywood and Highland… we were pleasantly surprised at how nice our room was for just a one-nighter. We decided to calm our excitement (as we still had a few hours to kill before getting jacksonlicious) with a bit of twicuzzi (twilight talk in the jaccuzzi) :)

I just thought I'd say that my hair looks super yellow in that photo, and the red eye reduction gave us "thirsty eyes!" -Jen

We shared an appetizer and had mojitos before the show-we were right in the center of Hollywood erm…’goodness’ and there was a xmas parade going on… and traffic we hadn’t anticipated. We set off to find a cab. Jenni thought she found one and HALEd it down… It was a cop (oh hale no). The cop turned around and came back and began chatting her up… wowza… while it was flattering, there were more important things on our minds; 100 monkeys! Our cabbie was a crack up… he didn’t know where the V Room was, so us non-locals had to direct him… he cursed under his breath about celebrities.

Eventually we arrived at the V Room… there wasn’t much of a line-this confused us… Mom Jeans , however, was in front of us again and … in a desperate attempt to keep her from ruining our chance to meet J-Action this time, we told security about her immediately. She was nowhere to be found once we were inside! Heh-take that Mom Jeans! You keep your psycho, belligerent strain of jacksonitis and yourself away from us (and more importantly, jackson).

We found ourselves two people deep and then one person deep... But that wasn’t good enough-our previous LA motto of In It To Win It prevailed- we had to be UP FRONT damnit!
The first act was a YEDI band which was hysterical and a little scary… Jerad and the Bens were hanging out in the back listening… I found the urge, several times, to go talk to them… I was a little afraid to lose our spot.

The second band, The Absolute opened and they were incredible-Jerad and Ben G were standing towards the back watching… I was so impressed with the crowd again-everyone at the V Room was so respectful. Suddenly the set is being swapped out and we are at the front, touching the stage (OK, so all through the end, my left toe kept creeping-just about twitching, towards the stage and the girls in front of us left). Ah victory… I could almost taste satisfaction. Yippee!

We enjoyed a sneaky Stella and suddenly, I realized they would have to walk right by me to get on stage… Just then, there they were, at my left, walking up to the stage. Jackson hesitated for a minute due to the traffic getting on stage, so I reached over and put my hand on his arm and gave him a grin, he grinned back and up he went. Swoon. Ben G kept sticking his shoes out at me from under the curtain as they were setting up, and wiggling his butt into the curtain… I played grabby with him … because no one else was. The curtain opened and they began with Orson Brawl . I don’t know about Orson Brawl… but sista and I had it all-had it ah-ha-hall.

The whole show was amazing-their energy was addictive and it was fabulous knowing their music better this time around. They danced around on stage, made jokes, did shots of Grape, a concoction compliments of the Viper Room bartenders, and just had us basking in their general fabulousness. Jackson caught eyes with me a couple times and looked at my boobs three times… yes, he did, yes I counted. Normally this would bug me… but because it was jackson I thought, meh go right on ahead, Mr Mouth of Sex God-ness (OK fine, he might have just been looking at something else, but let's pretend not). In fact if you could just put your mouth of sex godness.... Oh damn, did I mention jacksonitis causes loss of train of thought? Well, it does.

The show finished after a double encore… … but we wanted MORE.People started to move around… and some left… but sista' and I knew better! Jerad jumped off the stage and I grew some balls and chatted with him about a mutual family friend and about how great the show was and then Jackson emerged, winked at us and bounded towards the green room. Oh Holy Hell. Jerad followed and we stood, stupidly.

Ben G, Bananager Marty & Uncle Larry were all hanging out drinking, so we followed suit-we had nowhere to go and a cab to escort us when we did. We assumed once the bar cleared a bit Jackson would come back out too. Come back he did! With a vengeance! Jackson was extremely down to earth, chatting with bar staff and to fans intermittently . I wiggled my way over to him and sista' wouldn’t come once I had a clear shot to him… (She has a tendency to get starstruck and or embarrassed… remember her recount of getting close to R Pattz at the NM premiere? Maybe she didn’t mention she almost pooped her pants and started screaming like a thirteen year old… Heh). Eventually, after silently threatening sista, I approached Jackson, congratulated him on the show and asked if he would mind taking a photo with us. Thank god I had had a couple of drinks… I would not have been able to stand there so confidently. To those who have not met Jackson-beware if you ever do-his smile and eyes, in person, are so intense and dazzling, you lose focus of everything else-jacksonitis hits full force.

Jackson’s eyes of sex godness looked into mine and I almost fell backwards I was so dazzled . He grinned and replied, ‘why would I mind talking a photo with two beautiful ladies?’ I can’t remember what was said after that.. .I was too lost in him at that stage. And no, I don’t care if he says that to girls on a regular basis. If he does… I don’t care. I am going to pretend that he has only ever said it to us. Sigh. He set us up himself making his way to the middle of us, with his arms around our waists… sort of a jackson sandwich, if you will. He squeezed/rubbed my side a couple of times and bananager took our pic… I heard him say something else about ‘beautiful’ and we thanked him for taking the time and we had a bit more chatter (which consisted of me stammering ‘you were really great, you guys are amazing’ again as he stood grinning at me). Looking back he was probably thinking, ’poor girl, bad case of jacksonitis…’ ;) Then we thanked him and walked away in a complete jacksonitis haze. I know a way he could have eased my jacksonitisheh.

The whole way back to our hotel I just kept squealing with delight and then proceeded to do a victory dance (to 100 Monkeys mix) before bed.

We saw New Moon at The Grove for the third time the next morning… and saw Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) wandering around with another girl and a cameraman when we went to have lunch. My second JJ sighting (first time was during the premiere-I went to pee in CBTL and she was in line behind me… didn‘t realize until after we‘d chatted)!

Next up: 100 Monkeys San Diego (all ages-poooo) Recap

...Rather than put pics and a super short vid all over this post, I put them... down there. Enjoy :)



(Oh, the photos start with my jacksonitis face... I had just walked away from him)