Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunny San Diego ain't so sunny today!

San Diego is known for having near constant sun and comfortable temperatures...Well, not today folks! It's 57 degrees with 33mph winds, and heavy rain...HEY, KINDA LIKE FORKS!!!
Due to the incredibly stormy weather we're having, I feel compelled to celebrate with some Robward pics. (Robward is surely something to celebrate all day & everyday, but hey, it's more fun this way!)

Robward the rain. *droooool*

A little RPattz Jaw the rain.

I hope I was able to give you a thrill this lovely Monday afternoon. I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for work, and a teeny bit o' play. I'm not cool, and therefor don't have an I shall leave the posting to my Sista' Sarah...or shall we call her Mrs. Rathbone? I'm sure she'll keep you entertained while I'm's only 2 days darlings....don't fret.

Oh you go Taycob lovers...I couldn't leave you out. Actually I could, but I'm not wretched, I'm actually quite nice. Most of the time. Woof Woof!

I was gonna make a wet dog joke, but I will refrain,
for now...


  1. If you know anything about me and my blog, you know I'm all about Web Rob. Sorry you're getting slammed with rain in California, but if it brings out the Wet Rob picks, then let it pour!

    Have a safe trip to Vegas.


  2. I'm going to check out your blog asap. We definitely need the rain...but it's the flooding that has everyone's nickers in a twist.

  3. LMFAO! Okay. Whenever I get email updates about follow-up comments, I look back to see what I typed. Really? I typed Web Rob instead of Wet Rob?! Not that I don't like to look at both, but so not what I meant to say in the context of your post. You were sweet not calling me out on my flub like you did Mrs. P ;)

    A friend of mine's daughter lives in California, so I know that after the recent fires, they are worried about the mud/landslides. Sure hope it doesn't come to that for all of you!



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