Friday, January 1, 2010


Found these over at Robsessed

Totally made my first day of 2010 kick a**! Yes clearly I am a Robsten supporter....err crazed fan. Kristen looks adorable, and of course Rob looks adorkable as always. So jea-lous of that little girl!!!

Apparently they were spotted on or around Boxing Day 12/26...and seeing as I am the daughter of a Brit, I know all about Boxing Day...however I wont bore you with the drab details. All I know is growing up we used to laze around all day and look through our goodies from Christmas. Now some of us work in the hospitality business, so celebrating those little holidays isn't always possible. Bah humbug! But wait...Robsten was spotted...that's my focus. Instantaneous good mood! What a start to my New Year...Robsten pics + Bloody Mary's...does it get any better? Me thinks not. (I know we have no pics of them together...however, what the hell else would KStew be doing visiting the Isle of White?) Exactly...making up for lost time with RPattz.

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