Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jackson, you (and your rathbone) rock my socks off.

Studying? Unpacking? What? Writing about Jackson sounds like a much better way to spend the rest of my evening.

On Friday afternoon, with Robward On A Stick in the passenger window and 100 Monkeys’ Grape in the CD player, we headed north. After checking into our hotel we had a lovely sushi dinner with a ‘dirty vodka martini’ (it had lime juice in it…wtf?) that I swapped out for a ‘mojito’ (imagine a rita on the rocks with mint…wtf?) Sarah, those peeps did not know how to make a drink to save their lives! -J Sista and I trekked up a few big hills giggling and singing as we made our way towards The Viper Room. We arrived flushed and made our way to the bar. Jentini appeared behind me bubbling about finding ‘our friends’. Uh oh, I thought… I figured she meant one of three people: The infamous Mom Jeans, the vamps who will otherwise remain nameless, or maybe she had identified our ‘bogus’ commenter. To my delight she meant the Lovely English and the fabulous Maryland, two girls we met at the end of our first 100 Monkeys show… the night before the New Moon premiere. Yippee! It was fun to share the experience with these amazing girls.

English, Maryland, Sar, & Jen (Psst.. that may be Lars behind me)

Before the show started we realized there were a couple of big, tall, foreign men lurking around. I would like to tell you one of them was named Lars and the other was named Jan… But I can’t… so I will. Lars was tall and burly with long dark hair and bushy brows, Jan was a bit less conspicuous. I kept getting pushed by Lars while the opening band, Silent Noise was playing… I am only 5’1”… back the fuck off. In the interim I heard Lars mention my boobs to Jan and someone else, Sven, maybe. I immediately turned my body away but not before I saw a camera aimed at me. Jentini started yelling at him (before she marched off to find the bouncer) and so did E and even some other girls around me… Mr V Room Bouncer had a ‘chat’ with Lars … so some avail. I decided they were paparazzi and hadn’t seen any real boobs in Hollywood in awhile.

As I stood pouting a bit, worried my mood was now unalterably glum, 100 Monkeys emerged (Jackson with his shiner), opened with Wings On Fire and got us all pumped up so we all but forgot about Jan and Lars. This was the most fun we’ve had at a show-difficult to beat the Grape Release show but… it did. Jentini and I danced and squealed alongside E and M. Jerad told a couple of jokes about Jackson (though none that alluded to how he received his shiner). Have I mentioned these guys are FUNNY? They are bloody fantastic at getting a crowd pumped.
The Jackson LOOK that gets me every time.

Jackson? How much beer have you had? Having a Jacksper moment-
Blurring the lines a little and going in for a little nibble of J Rad?
Pfft... can't say I blame him.

Jackson looked at me… and not the short sort of occasional looks I’ve had at other shows-he LOOKED at me, so much that I had to fight not to look away. Yah right Sar, YEAH right! Right? Well... I think I mentioned hallucinations as a symptom of jacksonitis, non? I would have chalked this up to textbook jacksonitis hallucinations... except the Lovely E saw the whole thing and exclaimed ‘OH MY GOD’ at the same time I looked away from him! No, I don’t care if he was really just staring intently at the big zit on my forehead.

We got a double encore again and waited, hoping, they’d come out after… Time was ticking and I was in full-force denial. I was sure they were waiting for the bar to clear enough so Jackson wouldn’t get mauled by the padded-room jacksonitis sufferers. English, Maryland and Jen decided we should go, so I reluctantly followed. Once outside, I spotted Jerad talking to some people with… his… shirt…OFF. Oh holy hell, Jerad Anderson, shirtless. Why would a married man put us through such torture? He was showing off his new tattoo. I grinned at him and said hi (family friend connections? Yes thanks!) and asked if he’d take a photo with us- ‘absolutely… but let me put my shirt back on’ ...darn. Jerad is ridiculously sweet. Just as we thanked Jerad and began to turn away, we see the Lovely E leaning into a van…

...Holy Hell, Mr MOS (Mouth Of Sex) himself is behind the now-open window. I quickly caught wind of the Lovely E laying her english accent on thick, “…I’ve come all the way from London” to which he replied “I’ve come all the way from Texas, Darlin’ ”-I was scrambling to get my thoughts together, this was really happening! We snapped photos of E and M with Jackson and then I asked him if we could have a (another, as Jen then piped in) photo with him as well. Jackson nodded and grinned saying, “I’m going to get in soo much trouble for this” (we think because they had to rush off,
Jackson was trying to stay away so as not to start a huge frenzy), but, still grinning, leaned out
the car, and wrapped his arms around us. He pulled us in so close that after the photos I turned to him to chat for a sec and a slight jacksonitis haze washed over me as I stared into his eyes, dazzled-we were all up in each others' personal spaces... the day dreams were approaching, flickering so close to the surface... I snapped myself out of it and had a short (but less jacksonitisy than the last encounter) conversation with him. Yay there was some recognition! Of course then I leaned in and pressed my lips gently but firmly against… just kidding, gosh. Leave that for the padded room jacksonitisers.
As always, Jackson was gracious and just beautiful. And the 100 Monkeys lived up to their fabulous reputation yet again.

And now for...
Our wedding photos
I kid, I kid...
... ... ... Kids? What? ;)

Elusive S (Mrs Rathbone, if you will) out!



  1. First of all, as I look up at that last b&w "wedding" photo, I can see why Lars was talking to Jan about your boobs. Oh my!! And I think that Jackson is looking at me in that photo. LOL!!!

    This is just a fuckawesome post, Sarah. I hate you two, but a great post. Great story, great pictures, great...sorry...Jackson is still looking at me...and then there's your boobs...where was I...great night.

    Thanks for sharing!


    P.S.: And I see that you quietly snuck in a little Jacksper slash reference, too, not that I know what that means ;)

  2. PS @ Sarah, he thought to wear a very lady-like hat for your wedding photos!

  3. @Sarah (((Hugs))) I love seeing your avi on my list of followers. Just made my day!

  4. @Lisa awww...I think we just assumed if I was following, it meant we were following..but I guess Sarah is her own person..LOL Jenny Jerkface and STY follow separately too right?

  5. @Jen - We bloggers get bonus followers with you . . . together and apart :) And, yes, JJ and STY follow separately. I'll never forget the day I saw STY's cat avi on my blog. I SQUEEED like a fangirl. JJ followed shortly thereafter, and it was complete. They really are what started it all for me.

  6. @Lisa "Twitarded" started it all for me too! I totally remember the first time I saw them. I followed a link from somewhere else to "Edward/Rob Panties"...and it landed me smack dab in Twitarded heaven. At first I was a little taken aback, not offended, but just surprised. I didn't know anything like them existed. I first started with, maliciousmandysmind (cause she had eclipse set pics) then moved onto and I think cullenboysanonymous...Twitarded was/is the holy grail and led me all two you ladies.

  7. "to you ladies" work keyboard is weird.


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