Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Incredible 100 Monkeys Return To The V-Room!!

Oh 100 Monkeys!

Elusive S here! Firstly, I must apologize for the ridiculously long delay in pounding out my own blogs and recounting our dreamy 100 Monkey experiences… I was dealing with finals and then the holidays and got slammed with the flu-so I have been playing catch-up at work and at home so I am just getting around to getting fun things done!

So, a couple of nights ago I was just flittering around on Twitter and found out 100 Monkeys will be returning to The Viper Room… I am ecstatic! Sista called me at work yesterday to ask if she was hallucinating or if I had really e-mailed her with the news the night before. There is something about 100 Monkeys at The V Room that makes our insides tickle. I have to admit, we were a little bummed after the Soma San Diego show… We chalked it up to the obnoxious [underage] crowd (verryyyy rude, did I mention the girl that asked the band for a photo in the middle of a switcheroo? That same girl ended up on stage dancing like a nut and didn’t know the words to Wings On Fire. Yeah, there’s an example of rude/obnoxious). .. Sista and I felt a bit empty and really needed more monkey love but didn’t think we’d get it for awhile since they’re touring.

(Ben G and J Action kept looking at me, incredulously and laughing… But more on this with my post tomorrow J)

So there’s a bit of an issue with the timing of this show… it’s on a Friday night… I work Fridays and Saturdays so I have to do a bit of a switcheroo myself… But it’s worth it… so worth it-Monkeys at the V Room are like nothing else. We might have to wait to leave for LA when I get out of work on Friday, which means, with Fri pm traffic we might have to change in the car (Translation: we might not be Jacksonjeradbenglicious… and we may arrive at the last minute-our usual plan is to get in early and wiggle up front and wait it out, in it to win it!). The last two delicous times with J Action, J Rad and Ben G smiling, looking, laughing, just inches from our faces… was drool-worthy… Um, right, sooo…I guess it wouldn‘t be the end of the world if we missed out on the two-inches away thing. Besides, I was thinking I would slip a love note onto the Monkey Prius... or through the sliding door of the green room where we first locked eyes with Mr Mouth of Sex Godness (that’s J Action, in case that wasn‘t obvious enough). Stalker? What? ;)

Oh my love for 100 Monkeys is such a separate entity (and obsession) from that of Twilight. Admittedly I only know about them because of Jackson and only know of Jackson because of Twilight… So, Thank you, Twilight Gods, so very much for casting the ridiculously sexy rockstar that is Jackson… Holy HELL, that mouth.

Gonna have to see the monkeys… cause monkeys are cool cause I am a monkey junkie who loves them at the v room………..


PS my recounts of Monkey Trips 1-3 will be up tomorrow!


  1. ooooh how I puffy heart ya! Love it Sista'....and oh, the naughty dreams of JRath that will result from my late night thinkin' and online searchin'...Did I tell u I dreampt about him AGAIN?!? Why can't I dream of RPattz?

  2. Um, because you are looking out for me, obvi. ;) xo

  3. oooooooooooooo i see some cheatin' going on! question...why was that not YOU Sarah up on the stage?

  4. cause sarah isn't stupid enough to ask for a picture while they're on stage...stupid girl.

  5. V Room concert goers are much more respectful of the band and separating (even if only slightly) Jackson Rathbone the actor from J-Action the rockstar... and the band from the actors... underage san diego concert=no respect... hardly any, whatsoever.


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