Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rapid Fire with Mr. Sparkley himself

San Diego might be about to have the biggest storm we have had in a gazillion years, but I'm still going through a serious RPattz I'm sure are many of you. The lovely folks over at Robsessed posted this as a reminder (as if we need one?) of his adorkability. I love how he says "dancing"....swoooon!

P.S. He totally gets points for loving Van Morrison...especially "Wild Night." Fantastic song. Speaking of wild nights.....a girl can dream can't she?


  1. is a SERIOUS Rob drought. We'll make it through; we always have before.
    Looooved your Challenge answers...plan for a Tuesday debut! (You're on my blogroll now, so be prepared to be stalked. My followers are a crafty lot)

  2. BTW---do I have to be #13 on your wall??? GEEZ!!! Talk about unlucky. I'll wait until you get a few others then unfollow and rejoin, just so I can get a new #.

  3. #13? Huh...when I look to the left you are third down...I didn't know I could put blogs in order of greatness? lol

  4. @Twired Jen - She means as a Follower. LOL! Trust me. If she could figure out how to reorder the blog roll, she'd be at #1. *blowing a kiss at my super bloggy BFF, Mrs. P*

    Rob didn't need another reason to melt my heart, but finding out that he's a Van Morrison fan is didn't hurt. The first ring tone I ever had on my cell phone was Brown Eyed Girl. Tell me you've already heard Rob's cover of "I'll Be Your Lover, Too" on YouTube. If you haven't, get yourself on over there and report back to me!

  5. Ok, well that was clearly because I hadn't had my coffee yet...See, I have an excuse for every blonde moment. Anyhoo, I will check out it out stat. Think I have heard it, but need a refresher! Never too many ROB refreshers.

  6. Oh you've heard it! It's amazing. Ahhh Rob... be a rockstar like jackson. Or don't... because then I may cheat on jax...


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