Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nearly 8000 videos you've seen and 2000 you haven't :)

Jen posted some of her fave videos... so here are some of mine :) Good ole youtube!

(keep in mind, this is only OK because it's Ash...) :)

alright... I'm done... ish


  1. I am soo ashamed that I have watched that video of the best Jackson Kisses...and I loved it!!!! What was he, like 16 for half of them?

  2. Holy Christ...that's a lot of vid..what are you tryin' to clog the damn blog!?! lol

  3. Oh and I spaced em apart for ya...so they'd look a bit cleanre. YES, I have OCD. (both compulsive and the cullen type)

  4. PSS..I was almost hoping you wouldn't do another post so the your last one would remain at the top for a while. I still can't get over it.

  5. Fine, delete it, biotch. ;) meh... top, shmop.

    Mrs P- 20, I think... and I love that video, it is soo lame but he is such a hot kisser.


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