Monday, January 11, 2010

Who needs "Pocket Edward?"...when you have Robward...

...on a stick!!!

Here we are on our way to LA..NEW MOON
or BUST! Robward happily obliged.

He's been a bit neglected lately...laying beneath a pile of bills, stuck in the bookshelf between Twilight and New Moon.... I suddenly felt overwhelmingly compelled to pay Robward some overdue respect. We shared some great times... and just because I live w/ my boyfriend, doesn't mean we can't sneak off somewhere, somehow...

"Ode to Robward on a Stick"

Robward was content to stare at me...*sigh*

Look who snuck into my purse! Naughty boy.
(New Moon Premiere line)

Who knew Robward was so gangsta'?!?
(Twilight/New Moon Slumber Party)

Who needs dessert when you have Robward!!!

Dad took a liking to Twilight. Robward approved.

So the lovely bi*tches over @ Twitarded may have pocket Edward...but I heart my Robward on a stick...even though he's a bit less inconspicuous.

More Robward on a Stick to come...I will find a way.

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