Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You go girl!

While at Sundance 2010, Kristen Stewart was recently asked by a ballsy reporter if she was "Team Edward in RL?" In true KStew style, she shook her head as if to say "I can't believe you went there..." and walked away. YOU GO GIRL! We all know that I am a huge ROBSTEN fan, and I totally give a, I think this is just PERFECT. She doesn't owe anybody anything. Sure she's famous, but if she chooses to keep mum on the subject, that's her prerogative (yes it's really spelled that Anyhoo, I have the utmost respect for her because of it.

I think her response shows how mature she is...especially for 19. Sure she's twitchy & stuttery...but that's just her...I think some of it stems from the fact that she's so intelligent, and has a lot to say...but knows there is a lot riding on WHAT she says. Call me crazy, but that's my opinion.


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  2. SO many spelling mistakes in there LOL
    so Il try again...

    Im not a ROBSTEN.
    I dont really care who she goes with, and yes she definitly is intelligent.
    I agree with this post, but Im not a fan of her at all.
    Your right, she has alot riding on her, and one slip of the tongue and shes out.
    (example: Megan Fox - transformers)
    I still think she should consider getting a life style coach to help her when shes being interviewed so she doesnt appear so twitchy. It kinda distracts from the point.

  3. she should get a life coach or a speaking coach - wait isn't that a publicist? ha ha hers must toss and turn at night wondering wtf will come out next... well, kristen is better at just staying quiet, Rob on the other hand, loose cannon - and refuses to have a publicist to tell him what he can and cant do - - oh my!

    i lvoe her reaction and dont care if they are banging or not

  4. @Mandy...lmfao...publicist ;)
    @Poptarrt...maybe we ate the same typo inducing shit today..because I have been struggling all night. It doesn't help that my 15lb cat is now in between me and my lap top w/ his hind leg on my right hand...and his head upside down under my boobs.

  5. Love the post, love Kristen/KStew/Robsten, love you!

    Night (for real this time)!


  6. Night Lisa!!! PS changed my profile pic...since Sarah has just herself, I figured i'd copy. At least until we come up with a cool logo for Twired.

  7. @Twired Jen - Good morning! FYI - I'd be more than happy to help with a banner, button, avi, etc., if you're really interested. It's actually what I do for a living :) I just never understood the html code before, and I know enough now to get the basics done. No cost and no obligation. I'm just throwing it out there to the two of you.


  8. I don't think she would ever get a coach...she strikes me as a "take me as I am or back the F off" kinda gal.

    But I agree that a lot of it does have to do with how intelligent she is. She knows the power of her words and really wants to make sure she expresses what she means. I think she would rather stutter and stumble than spew out some tabloid worthy faux paw (I am so not spellchecking that right now). Although I really wish she woulda dropped a big F you on that interviewer for going there. Just sayin!

  9. @fanficzombie...Totally agree on the F-Bomb thing...Baahhhaa!

    @Lisa Thx so much for offering. I will def keep you in mind. We're not sure exactly what we're gonna do at this point...I'm playing w/ a few ideas in my head. Stay tuned, and thx again.

    PS I have learned more about the html code in the past several weeks with trying to get the blog to 3 collumns..Latchkeywife helped and a I also found a great blog about how to do it. LOL


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