Friday, January 22, 2010

Is that really u Rob? (weep weep weep)

Rob? Honey? Are you in there?
(skillfully separates the whiskers w/ her delicate fingertips)

I swear our dear Rob is in there somewhere, lurking beneath the werewolf (GASP!) facade. I know many of you love scruffy Rob, I however miss having direct access to Jaw-porn.

According to, Robert Pattinson was spotted out and about in London Friday morning. I can't help but wonder if he's got a poopy stomach in anticipation of tonight's appearance on the Telly. (I often experience poopy-ness due to nerves or excitement...which wouldn't help if I ever was given the opportunity to meet Mr. Sparkly himself...I might poop myself!)

Lucky ducky for us, he's appearing on the Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief telethon tonight at 8pm. Squeeeee!!!???!!!! Wonder if he's gonna be acting all adorkable and sh*t? Awww...I can't wait to get home, take a bath (with my twilight woods candle), pour a glass of vino and swoon over Rob. Yay Friday night!


  1. He looks like John the Baptist...I don't like scruffy rob.

  2. @Mrs. P - LMFAO! Can I have his head then? Just sayin'.

  3. Robward is better than scruffy rob any day.... Someone said it best (who was it, who was it? Some time long ago in my twisearch) Rob-Too scruffy, a little dirty... Edward- Too perfect, a little ridiculously so... Robward-PURRRRfect combo. Delish.

  4. Hands off the beard please... I like it right where it is... on his beautiful face. Love me some furry Rob.

  5. Latchkey, you must enjoy having your girly bits tickled too! he he he


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