Friday, April 29, 2011

He's Royal In My Book

Today my boss and I went to lunch as we do every so often. Today was a restaurant a couple of blocks from our office called Royal Thai....yum! I had the hot & sour soup with chicken and spring rolls. It was truly delicious and the perfect thing for both us, seeing as she's recovering from a nasty cold and I feel like I have one hanging around.

The neat thing about lunch with my boss is it always evens itself out. If she suggests it, she pays. If I suggest it, we split it ;) Though I did take her out on her birthday and pay!  You have to figure it's her money anyways..... Nonetheless it's always a nice break in the day to chit chat about the two W' or my wedding. Although she's only about 44 (?) she likes to tell me she's older and wiser and that she knows best....That said, hearing her point of view on my wedding and random things is fun. I don't always agree with what she says, but I do appreciated her advice.

As we were walking back to our office, we started discussing the Royal Wedding...she pointed out that she was shock at how unbelievable calm Kate appeared to be. K (I'll herein refer to my boss as K...and yes, she shares a  full first name with the new wife of Prince William) also raved about the crazy amount of people that camped out to catch a fleeting glimpse of the newlyweds. I couldn't help but laugh and say, "Yah! You'd almost think Robert Pattinson was there!" To which she smirked at me....

Seriously, you'd think *he* was there!

Crowds surround the entrance of Buckingham Palace.

That, or Robsten was getting married!

I KID. Sort of.

Not really.

Moving on before I go on a "I heart Robsten, then should get married and have lotsa pretty babies rampage...."
Back to Rob.

He's ROYAL in my book.

In all seriousness, I watched a lot of the coverage this evening, and admittedly, got quite choked up.  I think the enormity of it sunk in.  As some of you may know, my Mom was born in England...about 45 minutes outside of London. She moved here when she was 5 or 6.  Both my Grandparents were born & lived there until they moved to the US in 1961(?)  Even though my Mom practically grew up here and lost most of her accent, my Grandparents never lost theirs.  I have been to the UK 3 times in my life and absolutely loved it. Despite the non-California-esque-ness to felt like home.  I know you're laughing, it's ok.... I think you get what I mean...I cherish that country because I know my Mom and her whole family are from's 50% of me...of my BLOOD.

Did someone say blood?!

Anyways, William & Kate's marriage was a pretty huge event and will forever be remembered. One day I'll be telling my children that I got married 6 mos after them.  Crazy.

P.S. I really liked Kate's dress. It was simple, yet elegant and unique.  Congrats to the two of them. May they live in love, health and happiness!

P.S.S Wonder if Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson were there...amongst the crowd?


Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Want To Be Tickled...

By this.......

Rob's scruff...

Rob was lookin' mighty fine at the WFE premiere in Paris sportin' a 5 o'clock shadow.

I like this suit MUCH better than the brown/burgundy get ups he's sported in the past.  Stick with the black & dark grey Rob. Trust.

Need some more visuals?


Kidding, I heard you!

Pics found HERE.

Off to take a shower.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wonder If He's Packin' A Bratwurst?

WOW, just wow. Here's Rob heading to the WFE Berlin Premiere after party. I'm not sure if I love this suit or not....ok I think I have a love hate relationship with it. My mind might change... Nonetheless, he looks especially divine!

I can't help wondering if he might be packing a
bratwurst sized treat in those lovely brown pants...


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Own Personal Wet Dream

Oh sweet baby Jesus, more pics of Rob on the set of BD in St Thomas.  Sorry the pics are kind of small. You can see more over at Robsessed.

"Um...isn't Bella supposed to come running into my arms?"

                                     "Oh....wrong movie....did that already."

"Maybe that 5th Heineken wasn't a such a grand idea."

It's ok, this next pic makes me forgive you.....HOLY WET DREAM! Rob in a wetsuit, with the top half down. I have died and gone to Robward heaven.

And who spies the Heineken??? :)


Twired Does WFE...Finally.

Last night Elusive S & I met at the theatre after work to see Water for Elephants. Sure we might have been a couple of days behind, but hey, we had Taco Bell & champagne! Who knows if we'd have been able to get away with that in a more crowded theatre?  There were literally 7 additional people there...yes, I counted.  And, no one our age...a couple of elderly folks, a sweet gay couple that joked with us about our choice of movie food and two ladies in their early 40's. Random.

Anyway, as the the movie started I knew right off the bat that I was going to love it.  It was pretty much exactly how I'd envisioned it...and that rarely happens after reading a book. Sure, they left out some parts that wouldn't have necessarly worked when trying to squeeze everything in, but I didn't miss them. 

What I did miss was the chemistry I'd envisioned between Jacob and Marlena.  JJ had mentioned this in her post about WFE, which I'd read prior to last night.  I agree, it wasn't there, the chemsitry. Now I'm not sure if that's because we're so used to seeing Rob with Kristen in Twilight, or if it's because it's Rob & Reese and it just didn't work?  Truthfully I didn't feel that he had chemistry with what's her face in Remember Me either.  Don't most of the actors that actually have on screen chemistry, end up having off screen chemistry too? Brad & Angelina, Reese & Ryan, Anna & Steven, Penelope & Javier, Tom & Nicole...granted they didn't all last, but they did have on screen chemistry. Don't let me mislead you. I'm not saying you have to be bumping uglies in real life to portray authentic chemistry on camera, but I'm sure it helps.

One of the things that surprised me the most about this film was how "pretty" it was.  Sure, the pre-teh helped, but it was such a beautiful movie. The costumes and set were believable & very visually stimulating.  And Rob, oh boy oh boy.


I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't a fan of the WFE hair. It's not just that it was short (I like his hair short sometimes) it's that it was short on the sides and longer on a fan. However, in the movie all prejudices regarding his hair went out the window. He look amazing, and so perfect for that time period.

By the way, Christoph Waltz was a PERFECT August. Perfect. Lastly, who couldn't adore Tai as Rosie. Wow.  Such a beautiful creature!  It killed me to watch August beat her with the bull hook. 

"Reunited and it feels sooo good."

Have you seen it yet? Was I the last one on earth? :)

Share your thoughts!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Robward...In A Wetsuit. Need I Say More?

I'm sweating right now.... because I'm so ridiculously turned on by this picture:

*UPDATE* I really did break out into a sweat. I could barely posts the pic. My nether regions were combusting. For real.

*from the BD set somewhere in the Carribean*

Seriously people, it's like my own personal wet dream.

Off to grab the shamwow.

Side note: Rob looks so much "bigger" in this pic. He looked soooo much leaner on Kimmel. Maybe the camera really does add 10 lbs.


Saturday, April 23, 2011





In all seriousness...

I wish everyone a fabulous Easter filled with love...

....and delicious deviled eggs.


Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm A Total Krisbian For Vampy Bella!

When they first started to film BD, we all did quite a bit of speculation as to where they'd cut off the first movie. I had my theories that it wold be right before Bella gave birth ...right before she became a Vamp. I even thought maybe it would be just as Edward rips out Renesmee....Recently, I put some more thought into this and it kind of pissed me off. Like many of you, I cannot wait to see Kristen as Vampire Bella. I really can't freakin' wait!

I'm a total Krisbian when it comes to Vampy Bella. Gah! I think I might have forgotten, or somehow overlooked the fact that we're not going to get to witness Vampbella until BD part 2. Mother effers!!!!!!!!!
I have this gut feeling that Scummit is going to cut it right when Bella starts to awake as a Vampire [damn geniuses.] I have no doubt we'll get to see a bit of Rosalie dotes on her and Jacob stomps around the Cullen home with a stick up his ass....but we're so going to have to wait until November 2012 to see the shiznit that is Vampbella.

Do you know what could happen in a year and 7 mos??? I could have quadruplets, they might find Osama F*CK Ladan (sp?) and a cure to Cancer might arise. Puts it all into perspective, doesn't it?

What do you think? I know, I know, I have asked before. But I'm curious, now that some time has passed, if your opinions have changed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm super psyched to see so many other scenes in BD (hopefully) Bella at the gas station in her fancy schmanzy bullet proof Mercedes, having to tell Charlie they're getting married, the wedding, Isle Esme, hot Vamp sex etc...

But I really really want to see her as a Vamp, ASAP.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

OMG, Rob just said HOBO.

I survived Kimmel, barely.  Yesterday my Mom & I left San Diego just before 9am and arrived in LA around 11:15am.  We exited Hollywood Blvd. with the plan to drive by the Kimmel show and scope out the situation [and I'm not taking Mr. Abs.] As we cruised on by, I saw @TwiloveSue & her daughter, @ZAnyMouse & @Twifixx. I tried screaming out the window to no avail. I then called her to tell her we were headed to brunch and that we'd be back in a bit.

As we headed East on Hollywood Blvd, I spotted a black Mercedes with a WASHINGTON license plate!


Of course Mom & I went to the NEWSROOM on ROBERTson Blvd ;) It's the same place ES & I sat next to David Slade this last Summer. ES & I have sort of made it a tradition to go there the morning following 100 Monkeys concerts.  If you're ever in LA, check it out! They have a huge delicious menu, and everything is really reasonably priced...for LA.

I sooo wanted my Mom to try their amazing Mimosa's, but they'd run out of champagne...
Sauv Blanc it was :)

About 12:30pm we headed back to Hollywood (from W. Hollywood,) parked the car, changed IN the car (we wore sloppy clothes in the car on the way up) and skipped (literally) across the street to THE LINE, which was now about 30 (?) people long. Very long story short, we found out that the line we were in wasn't the "OFFICIAL" line, and that eventually they'd categorize us by Priority Ticket vs General Ticket. Sweeeet! we were priority, and at the point, realized we'd get in.  So it's less about where you are in line and more about what level of ticket you possess :)

NotSoTwired Mom & Me!!!
PS My hair looks long and green.I need a hair cut, and highlights...STAT.

About 4pm they lined us up by ticket level & wrist banded those of us who were getting in for sure.


And of course we had to wait in line another hour or so until they let us in at 5:30PM. Once we were in the lobby of Kimmel it really hit me. Holly shitballs, I'm going to see Rob, again. Once we'd gotten closer to the entrance of the studio, I realized just how small it was. Sure, I'd heard that talk show studios were smaller than they appear on TV, but I had NO idea it would be as small as it was. At that point I realized how amazing the experience was going to be.

As we walked to the entrance of the studio, the audience manager was deciding where to seat people. It was like the frickin' draft! As we approached him, we both smiled and tried to look excited, yet calm and completely sane  normal. He motioned to the two seats in front of us....Umm, 2nd ROW??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the left. So if you're watching the stage on TV, we were to the left. If you're on stage looking at the audience, we're to the right. GAH!!! I then tried getting @TwiloveSue's attention and she finally looked over and gave me a "holy shit" look.  They had great seats, they were only two rows behind us and in the middle...straight on viewing of The Precious.

Long story even longer, they coach you on how to laugh and when to laugh, when to clap and how loud...etc...etc... It's all very orchestrated.  You're basically at their disposal. AND, if you even attempt to touch your cellphone, which is off of course, they will throw you in the alley with the dude that paints with his own poop.

FINALLY after what felt like hours, it was time for ROB!  Truth be told,  I wasn't sure if I'd freak out.  I have seen him once at the New Moon premiere, where he was about 15 ft away...but it was dark, cameras were flashing, and I just saw the side of him. Then of course I saw the Twifeceta at the Eclipse Premiere, but they were on stage and a ways away.  This was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Kimmel announced his name and he came walking through the entryway...long, lanky, undeniably sexy...and I about shit my pants right then and there. JJ would have been so proud.

UPDATED w/ a screen shot!

Click pic for BIGGER.
Screen shot courtesy of my new friend @AwesomeArianna
We're behind the girl in the hat, next to the guy in the hat.

As he walked in, my hands started shaking, I lost my breath and my eyes welled up with tears.  It was coming very close to the way I reacted at the NM premiere.  I had to literally CHECK MYSELF, before I wrecked myself.  I was like, "GIRL, you're on buck the fuck up and behave!"  Even after my internal pep talk, I couldn't stop the shaking. It was ridiculous.  The entire time he was sitting there, just feet from me, I was fastidiously dissecting him piece by beautiful piece.

Here are my RANDOM thoughts during the entire segment:

1. Holy Shit He's Real.

2. Holy Shit he is real, and sitting here in front of me. Like, he's a real person...and he's just by chance been thrown into this tail spin of insanity.

3. He still seems shocked that people are enamoured with him.

4. He's tall, but more noticeable is his gumby, sort of.

5. His fingers porn  are SO LONG and VERY feminine.

6. Gah! Those fingers have been inside KStew's hoo-haa!

7. He keeps scratching his ankle. Hmm, maybe his socks are rubbing on his leg hair? Maybe he has dry skin?

8. Ooooh, that neck mole. Gah! It looks just like it does in all of the Twi-movies.  Ha ha ha that girl in line said it was her life goal to lick it. Hmm, I'd like to lick it.

9. I wonder if his penis is as long as his legs?

10. Why does he run his hand through his hair like that? He looks like a paraplegic...fingers curled in, wrist cocked...Can't he just straighten his hand and do it like a normal person???

11. OMFG he's right there. He's REAL. Like, a real guy, a guy who just happens to have become famous.

12. He's not like Edward...AT ALL.

13. Gawd I'd love him to play the bedroom, with me.

14. Wait! I don't want this to end...Hmm, wonder if he's going back to KStew's parents house tonight?

15. He's sooooo soft spoken, I can barely hear him!

16. OMG! ROB JUST SAID "HOBO"....out loud!

17. I bet some lucky biotches got to meet him on his way in from the back alley...but at least I'm getting to absorb him for all this time.

Any of you that have seen him up close know that I'm not crazy! Some of this shit must have ran through your heads.  The interview went longer than I had anticipated, which was awesome. But in the same respect, it wasn't long enough.  I'll skip the rest, it was pretty boring in comparison to Mr. Pattinson. I did however get to meet Allison from Twifans, which was pretty sweet.  We recognized each other as she & Kim walked into the studio... we even got to chat quickly after the show. They have a fabulous site and I often link back to them here on Twired.

All in all, it was an amazing experience and I was thrilled to be able to share it with my Mom. She may not be a huge Rob/Twilight fan, but she had fun with me and found the whole experience to be fascinating.  We always love being together...and that's what it's all about.

Here are some vids and pics from the show!

We are shown at 0.25! Second row back, far right, I'm next to the GUY in the hat. I say something to my Mom after clapping like a frantic woman!

And here's @TwiloveSue, @ZAnyMouse & @Twifixx! They are on for a few seconds at 1.25!

And...some pics!!! Of course we couldn't take any, but these are pretty damn good. Kimmel gave Rob an animated framed photo of the MC Hammer Cartoon that apparently Rob loves sooo much. He was genuinely thrilled by it.

I hope you enjoyed, I apologize for rambling on and on, it's just all so overwhelming.

Speaking of, I'm anxiously awaiting so many re-caps from the WFE Premier in NY! Can't wait to catch up!

PS Stay tuned for more pics of us bloggy ladies in line. I left my camera in my car, for fear of death ;)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ahhhmazing Robsten Fan Vids. Wow.

Ahhhhhmazing. Start the 1st one at .17 sec. 

Love, Love, Love ROBSTEN <3


via robstenation

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Mish Mash Of Awesome Shit.

First, Rob & Reese on Moviephone's Unscripted. Rob and Reese are hysterical together...and obviously Rob is just so damn adorkable! I'm not huge on watching EVERY video out there, but this one is worth it!

And this is even more awesomesauce...Rob going in for the! I love how he just goes for it. I think Kristen was totaly caught off guard, like "HELLO ROB, we're still in the line of fire here!"

He's just like "Fuck it, BD is done filming, WFE premiere went great, we're in love, I had several drinks & I'm so getting some tonight!"


More awesomesauce!

*Rob on Regis & Kelly
Rumor has it @17foreverlisa & @MamaCougar got into the show!!!

*Rob on the Today's Show

*Hawt Kristen inside theatre w/ a fan.

Before I bid you adieu'....

Guess what?!? My boss wasn't sure if I was taking a half day on Wednesday, or just taking the entire day off (for Kimmel.) I told her I was going to work a half day and she said "you might as well take it off if you don't have too much to do, because I don't want to get blamed for you not getting into Kimmel.."

Gah! Looks like I'm taking the entire day off. Rob, here I CUM...again!

I hear the Kimmel show is very intimate, and much smaller than it looks. I hope so! I have seen The Precious at the NM Premiere, about 15 ft away...and again at the Eclipse Convention, but I could use a good up close stare....Gah!


How Much More Confirmation Do You Need?!?

*Warning- Pap Pics*

Post WFE Premiere/Afterpary. Gawd I love these two.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm High Off WFE & I Wasn't Even There!

I am beyond thrilled that some of my bloggy besties got to see THIS, up close & personal. Wow.  You girls so deserve it!  He was lookin' mighty fine tonight. Mighty fine....


I spy LatchkeyWife. I was going to circle her face with a paint shop program, but decided to be lazy. I'll let you try and find her. BTW, everytime the live stream panned to the fans, she was RIGHT THERE! I squeeled like a school girl!

Look who was also there! Robsten leaving the premiere. Gah! I love that couple so much it kills me sometimes.

So much to talk about, but I'm feeling overwhelmed. Funny, considering I wasn't there. I HEAR Mama Cougar was awesome! I also saw tweets that there was some drama from Fox.  I'm sure all the deets will comes pouring in tomorrow, along with more fantastic pictures.

Love all of you girls, and so happy you got to experience Rob!

Sidenote: Kimmel is on Wednesday!!!!

I'm so thankfull I have seen him in person, otherwise I might be a bit more stressed about not making it in. Cross your fingers and toes girls!

Oh...go HERE for vids of Robsten leaving the premiere ;)

Oh, & go HERE for NEW PICS OF JACKSON!!!!!!!!!! Gawd does he look delicious!


Gah! Lisa Gets Her Wristband!!!

Lisa & KassieCullen get their wristbands. Lisa in burgundy at about 1.13 says "Oh My Gawd!! Kassie in red right before her!

Also..LatchkeyWife was on the live stream more than Josh Horowitz. You go girl!!!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Karma?

Karma: action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation.

Whether or not you believe in Karma, I feel that there's some truth to that what you put out there, be it good or bad, comes back to you in some form or another. A constant circle so to speak...

Good OR Bad

Why all this talk of Karma you ask? Well, lots of great things are happening in our Twi-community lately & it got me thinking.. ...For example, my dear bloggy bestie Lisa has never had the opportunity to breath the air of the precious (aka Mr. Pattinson) OR, even see Jackson perform with 100 Monkeys. She's always so ridiculously supportive when us West Coasters are given the chance & she's often stuck living vicariously through us. But no matter what, she's always excited for us and uber supportive....much like a lot of you!  FINALLY, luck is on her side and this weekend she is on her way with Mama Cougar to NYC to catch a glimpse of RPattz for the WFE red carpet premiere!  I'm so ridiculously excited for her, I can't explain it.  She also found out she might be scoring a FREE flight to San Diego for Comic Con, and to visit @TwiloveSue & me ....of course!  To top it off, she's also going to get her chance to dry hump Jackson's leg at a 100 Monkeys Concert this Summer in Chicago!!  Is this all Karma for her patience & kindness?

Some of us have been so fortunate in this fandom.  How many people who absolutely obsesss over someone or something, actuallly get to experience them or it up close? ES & I have had some phenomenal experiences since becoming obsessed with Twilight...such as lining up for the New Moon Premiere in LA and getting to see all of the stars arrive, seeing the Twifecta at the Eclipse Convention, numerous Jackson encounters at 100 Monkeys Concerts, seeing PFach up close & very personal ;) and meeting several of the other actors...I'm not the only one here in San Diego that's gotten lucky,  @TwiloveSue has also been very fortunate. You can read about many of her experiences HERE

Do good things happen to us because we're all so kind & accepting of each other?

Is it because we love & support each other?

I like to think those are the reasons we have been so blessed.  What you put out there comes back to you....somehow...

Preferrably in the form of this:


Lisa isn't the only one making the pilgramige to Southern California, Dangrdafne is too! She & her husband are coming out for Comic Con in July.  She's another lady that is probably one of the kindest people I know!  AND, Twikiwi is coming too! She's doing the whole shebang & taking a West Coast tour...AND, was give a present from the Jackson Gawds...a chance to see 100 Monkeys in Seattle! The timing was really perfect on that one. Karma must be on her side, considering she's traveling all the way from the land of sheep.....New Zealand!

Rumor also has it that those filthy h00rs from Twitarded will be venturing out to San Diego for the Blogher conference in August.  Now if I could just arrange for RPattz to drop by...hmmm.

Good things are happening to me too! ES & I are going to see 100 Monkeys in LA in May, then again in August. I scored us FREE tix and a "skip the line" pass for that one! Guess it pays to be in the events industry. And as most of you already know, the RPattz Kimmel show is on Wedesnday up in LA. I have priority tickets, but it's still not a guarantee. Cross your fingers & toes for me :)  I also found out that my boss & I are going to be doing some restaurant events for Comic Con. Holy SHIT! If we get asked to do anything Twilight or True Blood related , I pray to gawd I can keep myself somewhat respectfully calm! So far we are doing the lounge for Stargate.... My boss was asked to be on the Comic Con Advisory Board again, but she has too much on her plate right now. Apparentlly she did it a couple years ago. Gah!

I apologize if this post was a bit all over the place. It's Friday and my mind is mush...yet spinning at the same time. Dangerous combo.

*I know A LOT of you are getting some kick ass Twi-opportunities in the future. I didn't mean to leave anyone out, I just know this post would have been way too long. Have something fun coming up? Share in the comments!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leaving Las Vegas...I Mean VANCOUVER.

Looks like the crew is headed out of Vancouver. It appears that both installments of Breaking Dawn filming have come to an end. Wow, times flies!

Adios Mr. Rathbone,
we'll see you on May 21st at the El Rey Theatre in LA!
Woot woot!

Kellan & Ash bid Vancouver farewell.

Nikki & Mr. PILF say good sionara!

My posting has sucked ass this week because my wireless is down at home...and both the s/o & I only have lap tops. Such a trauma to my routine damnit. Should be fixed this weekend.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nothing Wrong With *NEW* Rob Pics On A Tues Afternoon.

At the Golden Globes InStyle After Party....YUM.


Monday, April 11, 2011

100 Monkeys Coming To A Town Near You!?

Oh, hi Jax.

Mmmm Mr. MOS at the HOB in San Diego last August. Yum.

The follow article was copy and pasted from HERE.

The OFFICIAL press release for the Liquid Zoo album and tour!April 11th, 2011

100 Monkeys are escaping from the Zoo…the Liquid Zoo on June 28th.

100 Monkeys, known for their raucous theatrical live-sets where they switch instruments and vocalists nearly every other song, will be swinging your way soon and with a new album. The highly anticipated, “Liquid Zoo,” the band’s second studio full-length recording, will be hitting stores across the country on June 28th. The band struck a deal with Warrior Records/Universal Music Distribution to release the album to the masses and 100 Monkeys’ fans will be very pleased to know that it is well worth the wait.

Coinciding with the “Liquid Zoo” album release, 100 Monkeys kicks off a 40+ city US tour in conjunction with House of Blues Entertainment. The tour opens in in Cincinnati on June 28 and will also include dates in Dallas, Anaheim, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco and other major cities. The band which has also been selected as one of LG’s “One’s to watch” this summer are more than excited about the upcoming tour and album. They promise the biggest and best tour yet and of course the usual surprises along the way that only 100 Monkeys can deliver. The band logged a quick eight day tour over the winter holiday playing to sold out venues in several cities across the southern U.S. and they are more than eager to get back to what they love…playing for their fans.

“100 Monkeys is an innovative, exciting young band and we are looking forward to working with them,” said Tara Traub, Club and Theater Touring, House of Blues Entertainment. “This is part of our continuing commitment showcasing emerging artists and their music in the unique House of Blues environment.”

With a unique sound all their own, “Liquid Zoo” promises and delivers innovative music in a way that only 100 Monkeys can. The album consists of 11 songs including the highly requested, “Shy Water,” and “Black Diamond,” which are among the solid track listing, along with at least one new song that the band has never performed live in any form. “Wandering Minds,” the first single released off the “Liquid Zoo” album has already started to play on radio stations across the country.

100 Monkeys is a band described by as “funk rock” and by as “tribal sounds with vocals recalling Jim Morrison’s baritone croon.” Beyond Race Magazine says they are “sing-along-worthy, sometimes bluesy” and describes the band as a mix of “Iggy Pop with the Raconteurs.”

100 Monkeys, however, jest that their music is purely “onomatopoetic, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll call it funky rock-n-roll.” This quintet of multi-instrumentalists is comprised of multi-faceted artists, actors, and producers including Jackson Rathbone (who appears in such movies as “The Last Airbender” and the “Twilight” motion picture franchise), Ben Graupner (Trapped in the 5150, Devolved), Jerad Anderson (Wayne/Lauren Film Company), Lawrence Abrams (of the great Willie Bobo, Bob Hope U.S.O. tour, and The Artist Consortium), and Ben Johnson (of the Stevedores and music producer of Spencer Bell’s “Brain”).

With a set list that never repeats twice and a band that truly knows how to put on their own rock show, you won’t want to miss 100 Monkeys on tour this summer. Plans for international tour dates are being scheduled for fall and winter, so check out for further album, touring updates, and all other important news from the band.

So Elusive S & I already have our tickets secured for the May 21st LA Show, which is pre-Liquid Zoo. However, we will for sure be going to the San Diego show come August 28th.  They played the House of Blues this past summer & it was pretty sweet. We're hoping from San Francisco, they stop in LA before heading to Anaheim, nothing like an LA Show...and preferrably the Viper Room. We'll see, the dates prior to Anaheim ore TBD. Squeeee!

See if they're coming to a town near you!!!

They are an awesome band, and seeing Jackson live is just the icing on the cake. Trust.


Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Just A Fan.

Dear Kristen,
We've never actually met.  I've seen you from afar, once at the New Moon Premiere and again at the Eclipse Convention. But of course, you have no idea who I am. Simply put, I'm just a fan.

I'm tempted to gush about how amazing I think you are.  But who am I to say? You could be a really rotten bitch and I'd have no clue, because again, I don't know you personally. But I do know this:

*You're SMART. Some people make fun of you for stuttering, for fidgeting...I think this is all due to the fact that you're super nervous of how you'll be perceived. And, you have so much to say and are so intelligent, that your mind almost goes too fast for your mouth....when you're nervous of course.

*You're GRATEFUL.  Despite the intensity of us crazy Twitards, you still remain appreciative of your fan base. I'm sure it's got to be pretty damn scary at times, chased by the paps and rabid fans screaming your name. If it was me, they'd have a whole hell of a lot more pics of me flilpping the bird.

*You're BEAUTIFUL. This goes without saying.  You have a very unique, innocent meets edgy look about you that I have never witnessed. You're one of a kind!

In normal circumstances I'd assume you'd be out at a bar drinking legally for the first time, but I'm sure that's old hat to you.  Seriously, I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

P.S. An immense THANK YOU for bringing Bella to life. I'm soooo excited to see you as a Vamp, finally!
xo Jen...just a fan.


And a couple of cute vids!

This one is cute too & explains the Oscar *cough*.

Hope you enjoyed my little KStew tribute. Here's to all the haters : ) In good fun, of course!