Friday, April 29, 2011

He's Royal In My Book

Today my boss and I went to lunch as we do every so often. Today was a restaurant a couple of blocks from our office called Royal Thai....yum! I had the hot & sour soup with chicken and spring rolls. It was truly delicious and the perfect thing for both us, seeing as she's recovering from a nasty cold and I feel like I have one hanging around.

The neat thing about lunch with my boss is it always evens itself out. If she suggests it, she pays. If I suggest it, we split it ;) Though I did take her out on her birthday and pay!  You have to figure it's her money anyways..... Nonetheless it's always a nice break in the day to chit chat about the two W' or my wedding. Although she's only about 44 (?) she likes to tell me she's older and wiser and that she knows best....That said, hearing her point of view on my wedding and random things is fun. I don't always agree with what she says, but I do appreciated her advice.

As we were walking back to our office, we started discussing the Royal Wedding...she pointed out that she was shock at how unbelievable calm Kate appeared to be. K (I'll herein refer to my boss as K...and yes, she shares a  full first name with the new wife of Prince William) also raved about the crazy amount of people that camped out to catch a fleeting glimpse of the newlyweds. I couldn't help but laugh and say, "Yah! You'd almost think Robert Pattinson was there!" To which she smirked at me....

Seriously, you'd think *he* was there!

Crowds surround the entrance of Buckingham Palace.

That, or Robsten was getting married!

I KID. Sort of.

Not really.

Moving on before I go on a "I heart Robsten, then should get married and have lotsa pretty babies rampage...."
Back to Rob.

He's ROYAL in my book.

In all seriousness, I watched a lot of the coverage this evening, and admittedly, got quite choked up.  I think the enormity of it sunk in.  As some of you may know, my Mom was born in England...about 45 minutes outside of London. She moved here when she was 5 or 6.  Both my Grandparents were born & lived there until they moved to the US in 1961(?)  Even though my Mom practically grew up here and lost most of her accent, my Grandparents never lost theirs.  I have been to the UK 3 times in my life and absolutely loved it. Despite the non-California-esque-ness to felt like home.  I know you're laughing, it's ok.... I think you get what I mean...I cherish that country because I know my Mom and her whole family are from's 50% of me...of my BLOOD.

Did someone say blood?!

Anyways, William & Kate's marriage was a pretty huge event and will forever be remembered. One day I'll be telling my children that I got married 6 mos after them.  Crazy.

P.S. I really liked Kate's dress. It was simple, yet elegant and unique.  Congrats to the two of them. May they live in love, health and happiness!

P.S.S Wonder if Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson were there...amongst the crowd?



  1. I love her. She's so gorgeous and elegant. Seems really down to earth. Plus her hat collection is awesome.

  2. I got up at 4:50am to watch it. I literally cried from the time Kate walked into the abbey until they took their vows. She looked absolutely stunning; I LOVED her dress! I think part of the reason I cried was that I was thinking of my own wedding almost 28 years ago! Plus, I've always had a soft spot for the Brits. Way cool Jen that you've got some English blood running through your veins. Up til now, Prince William has been my favorite royal, but after today I have to say I adore Prince Harry. The way he turned around to look at Kate... too funny!

  3. Oh yeah, that pic of Rob - I want to rape him.

  4. I'm not into the whole royal watching stuff, would rather watch Rob. However it is very cool that you have English family and have had the chance to visit over there.

  5. I loved the wedding. I lived in London for three years and have stood on the Mall as the Queen has passed in her carriage. I was really homesick for London this weekend after all the coverage.

    There's just something about the pomp and ceremony. But also, NZ has such strong ties and roots to the UK, I think a part of that is ingrained in me :-)

  6. Very cool post, Jen! I didn't know that about your heritage. Loved how you tied it into Rob and Robsten. I wish the same things and you know it! That picture of Rob is SO good.

    I didn't get up to watch it. I turned it on once I was up, but they were already married and just getting ready to walk down the aisle. I watched them ride to Buckingham Palace in the carriage. I thought it was so cute that once they got there and it was time to get out, Willliam puffed out his cheeks and blew out a big sigh of relief that it was over. I wish them well.

  7. Kate look splendid, just as you will on your day.


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