Saturday, July 31, 2010

May I Have Your Attention Please?!?!

...and no, this isn't an Eminem song :)

Every since the h00rs over at Twitarded announced their idea of making a pilgrimage to Forks in the Fall, I was hooked...on the idea that is. I couldn't commit at the time, because as some of you may know I'm not in the best financial situation. When my position was outsourced at work, I was thankfully able to keep my job, however my rate of pay went down. I'm still looking for a new job, so wish me luck! Anyways, I debated back and forth for quite some time, and as time went on, my desire to go and meet all of you increased significantly. Fortunately I reserved a hotel room at the Forks Motel when I first got wind of (JJ's farts) the trip, but I held off on buying my plane ticket and mentally giving myself the go ahead. I was almost ready to forget the whole idea when my Grandma & a lovely tax return came through for me. So guess what?!?!?


I know Rob, I know.

I cannot express to you just how giddy I am. ES (aka, my lil' Sis) is not coming though, and I respect her reasons. She has a new & exciting position at work and needs to focus on that & other things in her life at the moment. Although I'll miss her, I've got all of you to keep me company!

The plan thus far is to fly into Seattle Thursday morning...thankfully it's only about a 2 hour flight from San Diego. I'm going to rent a car & drive to Foooorrrrks solo! Call me weird, but I'm sort of excited about driving by myself. I almost feel like it will be a spiritual experience of sorts [insert laugh here.] I can stop where I want and take pictures like a fool, I can stop for food/drinks when & where I want...heck, I can even toot in the car! :) Apparently the drive is a bit over 3 hours so I should be in Forks by mid afternoon on Thurs. Then I fly home Sunday evening.

I'm just so ridiculously excited to get there & experience "The Motherland," and more importantly, meet all of you. I think if I didn't go, I'd regret it for the rest of my life. Honestly. Moving on... I have heard rumors of karaoke on the forum that Twitarded has set up... I'm all over that! Admittedly I have never done it before, but just give me a few drinks in the company of a bunch of Twitards and it's on! I have dibs on "Ch Ch Ch CHERRY BOMB!"

Anyways I just wanted to share this with all of you. There are so many of you that I'm looking forward to meeting. I believe it's going to be an amazing time. We all have one common goal, and that's to just have fun. Oh and for some of us....we're going to GET DRUNK & GO IN SEARCH OF Chief Swan, depending on the situation ;) Maybe I should bring bail $? jk.

Dear kind Forrrrks Folks, we apologize in advanced.

Are you going? Share your excitement in the comments...or wish me luck in my quest to find Edward!

P.S. I do have a room with 2 Queens...I'm still unsure about whether or not I want to find a roommate. I kinda like my space, and am sort of scared about not being able to get enough sleep. I'm also kinda scared of sharing a room with someone I don't know at all. Ok there, I said it.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Convinced My Cat Is A Vampire. Installment #2

Way back in early January I wrote a post called "I'm Convinced My Cat Is A Vampire." If you never saw it, you can read here. Anyhoo, I haven't wavered in my assumption. Just sayin'.

Every month, for about 4 days, my cat is obsessed with nothing more than breaking into either one of our bathrooms and eating my used "sanitary supplies." Ok I admit, he prefers the wrappers, however I think that's only because the real enchilada is buried towards the bottom of the trash can wrapped in about 5 layers of TP...much to my cats dismay.

About 30 minutes ago I was in our spare bathroom takin' a pee and Jake [my cat] comes running in and stares at me. It's totally normal for him to follow either myself or my s/o into the bathroom. However this time, he just licked his chops. Seriously!? And, he gets more aggressive towards me when I'm on my period. It's like his senses are heightened and he's ready to go in for the kill.

Did you just call me a Vampire?!
(yup, that's my cat...and he was named Jake way before Twilight)

Eh, it's ok Jake. It might be the closest to a real life Edward I'll ever get. Speaking of, have you ever seen the youtube parody vid called "Twilight Cycles?" If not, go here. Whomever owns the vid has a block on the embedded code...douchbag. Anyhoo, it's pretty f*cking hysterical.

Off to put myself in a Pamprin coma...and hide from Jake ;)


Thursday Jaw Porn Glory

It's your Thursday, it's my Saturday, let's celebrate with some Robilicious jaw porn shall we?

These pics were taken on 7/28 from the WFE set. It's amazing how Rob's jaw can illicit so many naughty thoughts from so many women across the world.

Take a moment & enjoy the jaw :)

I especially LOVE this next one....oh to be that coke bottle upon thy lips...


*More pics here!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's Get Honest...Over Some Turkey Chili!

Oh, hey Rob............................................

Hey Jen...I gather you've seen the peen pic too?

I'm not sure how to begin this post, other than to just come right out and say it. And no, I'm not gonna be talking about the 5th appendage that is Rob's glorious peen......

No peen talk. I want Rob to come over to my house for Turkey Chili. Can you believe I was pondering this as I chopped onions this evening? I'm not a great cook, but I have some dishes I tend to pride myself on, turkey chili to be exact. July isn't really "chili weather," but then again this July hasn't exactly been warm. My lack of Martha Stewart-ness [in the kitchen] isn't entirely my fault though... My s/o really likes to cook. Sure he grills a lot, but when push comes to shove the boy can whip up a pretty fancy schmancy meal. Because of this, I haven't really been forced to cook very much. I know, I know...I am very grateful.

Hows that lookin' Rob?

You might find it interesting to know that I wouldn't try and seduce Rob if he were ever to grace my kitchen with his presence. Nope, I wouldn't even get down on my knees. I'm sure LKW is having a coronary as she read this. That's right, I'd honestly want to sit down, share a few drinks and just talk. I think it stems from my fascination with celebs. I have had dreams about certain celebrities where I was just hanging out with them and getting to know them personally. All the while being enamored that I was in their presence. One of those dreams involved Britney Spears...way back when. Just sayin'.

This isn't to say that I'm not obsessed with The Precious. Believe me, I find him ridiculously charming, sexy, adorkable and mind-blowingly fuck-hawt. It's just that I don't think I'd ever have a chance. Plus truthfully, I'm pretty happy with my current RL. That said, I'd love to ask him what it's like to go from being not famous, to famous beyond comprehension in a matter of months. Some actors like Dakota Fanning have been famous as far back as their memories serve them, so they don't know what it's like to NOT be famous. Robert Pattinson knows what it's like to NOT be famous. He's been asked about this many times in interviews, but I feel that his answer might be different and/or more telling if he was asked in an intimate [me on my knees..jk] and informal situation.


I dunno, I just think the idea of trying to hook up with a celebrity of his magnitude, or thinking it would actually happen, is a little silly. I mean it's all just a fantasy for us, right...right? LOL!

What would you ask Rob if you could just "hang out?"


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nom, nom, nom! jaccckkkssSON!

Hi bloggy world! Have you missed me? If not, you will after you see what I've been holding out on you. ;)

Photos from House of Blues-100 Monkeys! JACKsssson! They aren't the best, and they don't include photos of them with Jen or I but.... it's still pictures of Jackson, in person, candid :D
We'll start off on the light side so we can lessen the chance of a
Jackson-induced heart attack....


First up-Here is Uncle Larry with Ben Graupner. Ben G is looking quite sexy- I think he looked the best we've ever seen in person! Hey, I'd do him! (And no, not just to get to Jackson. ;) Snicker, snicker. Really though, hottie.

Brace yourself, it's the first of Jackson... Here he is with Jerad... The band got lei-d by a couple of Hawaiian girls-Jackson was the only one to not wear his-I wonder if it has something to do with his PR/mgr people?

I almost said something dirty about sparkle peens...
I won't, so just imagine I did.

Nom, nom, nom!!!

OK, brace yourself... here's a jacksonitis-inducing mouth shot...

mmm I think I saw the twired sisters.... I'm
feeling all tingly inside.

And then there was this time where we had locked eyes for what felt like 10 minutes but was very likely 10 seconds... and I was too afraid to keep gazing but too afraid to look away! I don't care if he does it with everyone, it was like a piece of heaven :D Anyway, the following picture wasn't taken during those heavenly seconds, but still, he's looking. Booo yah!

A ha! I knew you would come... And speaking of coming...

So there are a few blank spots as I was trying to film the crowd and Jen without a flash like a bloody good fool, but you can still here the silky sexy voice of J Rathbone himself... and you get to watch him dance :D So, I leave you with this...

Elusive S


Monday, July 26, 2010

On the Road, Not MIA :) UPDATED: Rob's Peen!

If you're a pretty big Kristen Stewart fan like me, then you might have been wondering where she's been. I know I have. Sure she was spotted leaving a Sam Bradley concert in LA with Rob a couple of weeks ago, but since then she's been MIA. I knew she was due to begin work on the film "On The Road" (a novel by Jack Kerouac) sometime soon, but was curious as to the details.

Plus, I just missing seeing her the net.

Yup, he's THIS big.

I pulled up one of her fan sites hoping it might offer some insight, cause imdb definitely wasn't helping me. Here's what I found on It's an interview from Comic Con here in SD. It's from Kristen's soon to be co-star.

SAN DIEGO — Garrett Hedlund is starring in one of the most talked-about movies of Comic-Con, but it’s another of his upcoming projects that is generating a lot of buzz.

During MTV News and MySpace’s live stream Friday (July 23) to promote “Tron Legacy,” MTV’s Josh Horowitz asked Hedlund about “On the Road,” which also stars “Twilight” leading lady Kristen Stewart.

“I’ve been on ['On the Road'] since the fall of ‘07, and it’s sort of been on my mind since then,” Hedlund said. “When we jump onto projects like this, we’ve sort of got to tie that kite to a post and hope that it’s still flying as high as it was when you come back to it. Luckily, now with coming off ‘Tron’ and going into that, we’ve got to take that kite off.”

The film has been in pre-production up in Montreal, as the cast and crew get ready to start shooting. Hedlund said right now the cast is going through “boot camp” and “intensive research with biographers.”

Even though they won’t start shooting until August, Hedlund had nothing but nice things to say about Stewart. “She’s got it all there. She’s where she needs to be. She’s fantastic,” he gushed. He also said Sam Riley, who plays Jack Kerouac in the film, is “incredibly devoted and a hard worker and also a fantastic actor.

“We’ve had wonderful times up there in Montreal. Just hoping to make a wonderful film that can fulfill everyone’s expectation of what this can actually be,” Hedlund said. “The family that we’re surrounded by is wonderful and unbelievable and, for me, I’m kind of on cloud nine.”

Stewart also had nothing but kind words for Hedlund when we caught up with her at an “Eclipse” screening last month. “I’ve met him a bunch of times, and I’ve hung out with him twice,” she said of her co-star. “He’s a great guy. … He’s written crazy stuff for it. He’s super into it. Not to sound … I don’t know how to put it. He’s, like, so in character, and he’s driving to Montreal. He’s awesome. I’m really, really excited.”

Ok no. He's THIS BIG.

Mmm, we can dream can't we?!
(WFE set today)


I kid you not this pic was emailed to me RIGHT after I posted this.

No actually, it's THIS BIG.

Yes you can click & enlarge ;)

OMG. I'm Dead.

Anyhoo [after updating with the peen pic it almost seems sacrilege to go back to talking about Kristen and her projects lmao!] I'm glad to hear KStew is about to start filming and can't help but wonder if The Precious will make an appearance in Montreal? It was rumored on twitter that Robsten was out and about there this week...which is pretty impossible considering Rob was being chased down PCH by the paps at the time. Nuff' said.

And what post is complete without a new Robsten vid?


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rob Drama?!

So the net has been abuzz this morning with pics of Rob being chased down by paps in Malibu yesterday evening. Sounds like a Britney/Lindsay situation to me...

Apparently yesterday afternoon Rob went to see Salt with his agent Stephanie, then on to a house party in Malibu. As he was leaving the house party he was swarmed by the paparazzi. It was reported then we he tried to leave, he hit both the car in front of him and behind him. The paps from X17 online said he left without even leaving a note. I'm imagining it was because of the paps, and that it was probably a friends car that he bumped...The paps followed Rob down PCH and he even stopped to ask the cops for help...apparently they weren't very helpful. You can find more details and pics here. But I warn you, he doesn't (gee really?) look happy.

Fortunately he was happy to oblige a fan right in the middle of all the chaos.

Mmm that smile never fails to melt my heart.

It kinda makes me sick to think of him getting hunted down by those leaches. I hope it doesn't tarnish his view of the world :( At least we can see that the fans still make him smile.

Wanna hear all about our 5th 100 Monkeys concert & the hotness that is Jackson? Check out my last post!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

"O" Faces & Sock Monkeys.

UPDATE: TONS & TONS of new pics of Rob in Malibu with manager Stephanie. Apparently he saw SALT. Go here.

ES and I went to see 100 Monkeys Friday night at the House of Blues here in our hometown of San Diego. I thought I'd start out by sharing a couple pics.

Here is myself & ES during one of Jackson's songs "Junkie." It's one of our favorites...and it tends to get all the gals panties in a twist.



Clearly we enjoyed ourselves ;)

The HOB show here in San Diego was slated to be all ages & FREE. Our last experience with an all ages show here was "interesting," however we knew we could drink at the HOB so we had high hopes. We hitched a ride downtown and got there about 6:45pm. Already there was about 50 ppl in line. ES & I both knew we wanted a table so that we wouldn't be stuck standing. The line worried us a bit, but we figured worst case scenario, we'd be seeing them up in LA in 2 weeks anyway. As we're standing in line ES points and says something to the effect of "He's across the street." She said it in a just a way as to not alert the My head snaps up and I see Mr. Rathbone himself, decked out in his red jacket and hat briskly walking kitty corner across the street from us. Just as we're watching him, a girl runs up to him and he gives her a that point he's realized he's been spotted and runs off. It was pretty funny. Where he went, I have no idea. I'd venture to guess he had a car waiting just in case.

As the line starts to move we realize that they aren't letting everyone in. Long story short, COMIC CON attendees that showed up for happy hour heard their was a show and decided to stay at their tables. Grrrreat. Turns out they were at capacity. Truthfully I don't think those numb nuts (HOB) knew what they were getting themselves into by booking a 100 Monkeys concert on the restaurants stage. Why not give them the main stage?! Maybe a year or so ago it would have been fine and dandy, but their popularity has sky rocketed. Anyhoo, the doorman and hostesses ended up being pretty nice about everything considering the chaos. We were given the option of going into the bar, with no guaranteed view of the stage or seat, or waiting for a table with no guarantee of a view, but with a seat. We took option two. As we were standing off to the side waiting for our table, guess who walks up all smiles right past the line and through the front door of the HOB......Ben J, Ben G, Uncle Larry, Jared & cue the music......Jack-SONNNN! ES, being the ballsier of the two of us smiles "Hi Jackson." I was too afraid to look him in the he'd recognize us or something (and who really cares, we're not weird stalkers, we truly LOVE going to their shows) According to ES (and she may tell you differently. ES feel free to interject on here, you have the he smiled, said hello and looked straight at her boobs and back up to her face. LMAO!

Eventually we were offered a really nice table on the patio with a view of the stage. We figured it was further back then we'd like, but then again this was our 5th show. We ordered drinks & food and chatted excitedly. Though I still felt bad for the line of people they weren't letting in. You had to be 21 to go on the bar side and the restaurant was still at capacity. Before we knew it, 100 Monkeys went on hour early. We think the opening band canceled and they went on sooner than expected. Of course the second they went on, our view became completely obstructed. I felt even worse for these girls.

So after they'd been on stage for about 45 minutes to an hour we hear Jackson say that they're going to take a break but are definitely coming back out, and will play all the way through until 11pm. SCORE! An extra long show! Just as a few people scattered from the standing room only stage area, I told ES to pay the bill and that I'm going for me up there. Turns out we got a pretty sweet spot towards the front of the restaurant. We were still in the back of all the girls mushed up against the stage, but considering where we'd been, it was a huge improvement. AND, we ended up standing right next to a table full of Jerad's family, as well as one of Jackson's Sisters (we're almost 100% sure it was her.) Here are the pics I got...They aren't phenomenal (damn my camera), but considering I have better ones from other shows, I'm not terribly disappointed.

Hey Twired Sista' that you?

He's gotten hotter. As if that was even possible...

mmm, what kinda face is that Jackson?

"So a monkey walked into a bar...."


The guy has so much soul...they all do.

Jackson, Ben J, Ben G & Jerad.

100 Monkeys was on fire as usual. They have so much energy, so much heart and are just amazing to watch. I know I have said it a thousand times, but please go see them if you ever are given the opportunity!

We stuck around for about an hour and had another drink. Unfortunately when they left, we were sitting a little too far back to ask for a pic. As they walked out, we followed shortly behind to go catch a cab...right as we got out to the curb, we saw them closing their suburbans doors...Like a dork I waved at Jackson who I could see was in the backseat, and snapped a quick pic of the new Monkey Caravan of course ;)

Notice the sock monkey?

*sidenote: ES's friend that was supposed to come canceled last minute. LAME! It could have been our "in." LOL ohwell, Viper Room in 2 weeks!!!

PS Miss the last post, the one with NEW/OLD Rob pics...GO HERE! They're a MUST SEE.


This Trumps My Planned Post...

Sorry folks, the 100 MONKEYS show pics/post will have to wait a bit.


This first one does me in.......

*Find more HERE.

And as if that wasn't enough to soak our this new vid.

I warn you, I'm not responsible for any heart attacks or flash floods ;)

Till later,


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lacy Lil' Number...

So I just started reading Twilight again. I wish I could say it's because I'm doing a celebratory read in honor of the fact that it's been almost one year since I first read it, but I'm not. It's my security blanket, as is Twilight the movie. All of Bella's feelings of confusion & longing, getting to meeting Edward for the 1st time...I love reliving it. It has in fact been almost one year. I wish I knew the exact was the last week of July I believe...right after Comic Con...which is currently happening about 15 minutes from my condo as I type this.

Back to my point...something made me laugh when I devotedly flipped open Twilight the other day, and I thought I'd share.

Chapter 1. FIRST SIGHT

"My Mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down. It was seventy-five degrees in Phoenix, the sky a perfect, cloudless blue. I was wearing my favorite shirt- sleeveless, white eyelet lace; I was wearing it as a farewell gesture. My carry-on item was a parka."

(Property of Stephenie Meyer/Twilight)

Really SM?! Are we talking about dressing my crotchety, ancient 6th grade math teacher? Ok, I know someone else has posted about SM's clothing choices...I believe it may have been STY over at Twitarded...I could be wrong. And this isn't the first time I have gaped at SM's fashion sense, it's bugged me every time I have read the books, which could be ALOT.

Google images wasn't being the most cooperative (who else is hating their new format?) however this is kinda of what I pictured in my head...

Sexy. I bet those AZ boys were all over that shit.

It wasn't until I started going through pictures that I realized sleeveless eyelet lace might not be as horrifying as I'd once thought...

Not terrible, right? Kinda cute on a pretty & slim girl like

Err...maybe SM just meant this...

Woah Bella! You hussy you!

I'm not even going to get started on the "tan sweater" she more for her hike with Edward...gaaaag. As much as I try to find an attractive tan sweater, I fail. Wait a damn minute, I used to own one. It was from JCrew, and actually quite cute. Hmmm, foot in my mouth.

What did you think of SM's clothing choices? I'm not even going to go there with Edwards sleeveless white collared hiking shirt....gaaaah! Skipping fwd to Eclipse for a second... I'm thinking SM approved of Bella's graduation party outfit. For Christ sake she looked like a nun!


P.S. In case you were hanging out under a rock today, or RL was kicking your a**, check out Rob all beat up on the set of WFE. It looks so real! Go HERE to see.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beautiful MOS.

I have seen pictures of Jackson from the shortlived 2005 TV show "Beautiful People," but I'm not sure I have ever seen this particular shot. Gaaaaaah! Look at that MOS! Holy Hale he's delicious.

Oh to be that blue sweater.

ES & I will have the absolute extreme pleasure of seeing Mr. Rathbone again this Friday July 23rd, as well as on Friday Aug 6th...100 Monkeys is playing a FREE show at the House of Blue here in San Diego. What's neat about this particular show is that they're playing in the restaurant, which has a much smaller more intimate setting than the larger concert hall. As for the Viper Room, those shows always kick some serious ass. The venue is great, the bartenders rock & the boys always seem to be at their best.

Before I leave you, here's is a sexy new vid of JRath from his Nylon Magazine shoot. He looks goooood.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Indeed Rob, You Are The Man!

Just a lovely new(ish) vid I found on Twifans yesterday.

Happy Tuesday.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

3rd Time's A Charm?!

ES & I had planned to see Eclipse in IMAX at 4:50pm this afternoon. It wasn't till halfway through my work day that I thought to double check the time. Right as I pulled up Fandango, I was horrified to find out that the 4:50pm showing wasn't in IMAX. I told myself to calm down and scrolled through the list of movies...IMAX ECLIPSE WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! Gaaaah! I called the theater just in case and the girl confirmed that indeed, it is no longer available in IMAX.

Seeing as I was in a glass half full type of mood (very rare!) I called ES & we both agreed we wanted to see it despite the circumstance. DUH. Here are some things I noticed the 3rd time around...

"Don't make fun of me, I signed your shirt.
Make fun of the douches behind me."

1. Not only does Carlisle say "Ahhhh-may"...pointed out by the lovely [skanky] ladies at Twitarded, he also says "Jaspaaaaaah." LMAO! It's during the party scene where the wolves are agreeing to help obliterate the newborn ahhh-may ;) In fact, I now know who his accent reminds me of...Barbara Walters! She always sounds kinda stuffed up & as if she's suffering from a slight speech impediment. If you don't believe me...

SKIP TO 1.18 & LISTEN!!! Imagine Carlisle.
(you can always go back and re-watch Rob later)


2. Angry Edward turns me on hardcore. <~~~he he he, she said "hard." As well as bedroom Edward. Holy shitballs he is so beautiful in this movie it hurts...deep down in my belly *wink wink*

3. Bella's hairline is soooooo bad in the opening meadow scene as well as in "Maine"..I mean "Florida." Also that same FL scene, you can totally see the scars on the inside of her upper right arm...where Carliiiiisle stiched her up. Did you notice that?

4. Jasper all tan & riding on a horse does substantial things to my girlie-parts. And, I think I may have squealed a few times when his MOS became too much for me to handle during the fight training.

5. Jacob has a farmers tan during the second part of the tent scene, where's he's inside the sleeping bag keeping Bella warm. ES says it was a shadow, I think it's because it was supposedly the winter ;)

6. Anna Kendrick has great comedic timing. The girl cracks me up.

7. Towards the end of the "sex talk" with Charlie, Bella gives an awkward 2 thumbs before running up the stairs embarrassed by the whole situation. Kristen totally does that in real life...ALOT recently. Case & point...

She also does it during the Best Kiss acceptance at this years
MTV Movie Awards the vid. I'm too lazy to find it.

Okie dokie, sorry if I repeated the obvious, but you know how it is. The 2nd and 3rd time around you start to think you're noticing new stuff!

OH PS! When I met ES out front of the theater she hands me this baby!

Squeeee! I love me some Eclipse Edward!

One of our close family friends (a couple in their 60's) knows ES & I love Twilight. They picked up these shirts for us! How sweet & thoughtful of them!

Update: T-minus 5 days until 100 Monkeys at HOB!!! ... T-minus 3 weeks till 100 Monkeys at the Viper Room! MOS in person...again...think we're having with drawls.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Sunday, Let Us Celebrate Rob-



So on twitter the other night I was having some friendly (not) banter (jk) back & forth with Mrs. P & Mox in regards to Robsten. They like to give me shit & I in turn, rub Robsten in their faces just a bit. YES, I'm a believer...and to celebrate that belief on this holy day...GO HERE. I wasn't aware this site existed and am super excited. It pretty much kicks ass. @LuvsMeSumEdward (follower her!) clued me in to a particular post this evening *thumbs up* & thank you LMSE! Anyhoo, their recent post showcases a few pics I actually haven't seen before. Ones that could possibly be even more convincing of the OBVIOUS.

Happy Sunday!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Sizzlin' in San Diego.

So last week San Diego finally decided to switch gears and ditch the May-Gray/June Gloom, which had lasted until about a week ago. As I sit here, it's 85 in my condo and about 90 outside. Ok not horrible for those of you living in other parts of the US, but when your body is used to it being below 73 every day for what feels like forever, and then it switches, it wipes you out. We do have air conditioning. It's just not turned on yet because we know this heat spell wont last. The weather peeps [if you can call them that] said just through the weekend then back to the high 70's/ mid 80's.

It's nice and cool where I am Jen, care to join me?

Yes Rob I would.....So seeing as I was off today & it was sunny and hot as all get out, I decided to head to the beach for a few hours. First, I'm in desperate need of a tan, and two, I've missed it. I live about 15 minutes from the coast...but normally by now I would have gone a handful of times.

Sometimes I go to the bay because it's quieter and less crowded, but today I wanted to go to my favorite beach, La Jolla Shores. La Jolla Shores is located about 25 minutes North of downtown San Diego. I prefer it because the water always seems to be a bit warmer and almost always clearer.

La Jolla Shores. Picture was likely taken during the Fall or Winter seeing
as it's not crowded and no May Gray/June Gloom.

You might be surprised to know that the West coast side of the Pacific ocean doesn't warm up until around August; it's a cold water current, much to the dismay of many tourists. Today I knew the water was more than likely going to be around 59 degrees, but I always enjoy walking down to the water and at least getting my ankles wet....that is until I heard about a huge influx of these dudes.

I ain't gonna hurt ya. I don't even have fangs!

Maybe not, but I was too afraid to find out. In all my years of swimming in the ocean, I've never stepped on a stingray, or been stung by a jellyfish for that matter. Any So Cal girl knows you have to do the stingray shuffle [shuffling your feet on the ocean floor to scare off the little dudes]. However, La Jolla Shores has been on the local news the past couple of days because apparently tons and tons of swimmers were getting stung. There has been an unusually large amount of stingrays partying it up on the ocean floor....stringraypalooza if you will ;) Interested in seeing a quick news article about it? Go here.

Smoke a bowl & chill on a pontoon boat, then you wont have a care in the world...

Sure KStew, sure. Anyhoo I ended up going to Pacific Beach, which is a bit closer to me and about 10 minutes south of La Jolla. Believe it or not, the stingrays were staying put up North...that's not to say they aren't in PB at all, just not nearly as many of them.

This is exactly where I was today & this is similar to how it looked.

Overall it was a nice day...gym in the morning, beach in the afternoon. Now I'm just trying to keep from sticking to our leather couch. Oh that, and my under-boob sweat is driving me crazy!