Friday, July 16, 2010

Sizzlin' in San Diego.

So last week San Diego finally decided to switch gears and ditch the May-Gray/June Gloom, which had lasted until about a week ago. As I sit here, it's 85 in my condo and about 90 outside. Ok not horrible for those of you living in other parts of the US, but when your body is used to it being below 73 every day for what feels like forever, and then it switches, it wipes you out. We do have air conditioning. It's just not turned on yet because we know this heat spell wont last. The weather peeps [if you can call them that] said just through the weekend then back to the high 70's/ mid 80's.

It's nice and cool where I am Jen, care to join me?

Yes Rob I would.....So seeing as I was off today & it was sunny and hot as all get out, I decided to head to the beach for a few hours. First, I'm in desperate need of a tan, and two, I've missed it. I live about 15 minutes from the coast...but normally by now I would have gone a handful of times.

Sometimes I go to the bay because it's quieter and less crowded, but today I wanted to go to my favorite beach, La Jolla Shores. La Jolla Shores is located about 25 minutes North of downtown San Diego. I prefer it because the water always seems to be a bit warmer and almost always clearer.

La Jolla Shores. Picture was likely taken during the Fall or Winter seeing
as it's not crowded and no May Gray/June Gloom.

You might be surprised to know that the West coast side of the Pacific ocean doesn't warm up until around August; it's a cold water current, much to the dismay of many tourists. Today I knew the water was more than likely going to be around 59 degrees, but I always enjoy walking down to the water and at least getting my ankles wet....that is until I heard about a huge influx of these dudes.

I ain't gonna hurt ya. I don't even have fangs!

Maybe not, but I was too afraid to find out. In all my years of swimming in the ocean, I've never stepped on a stingray, or been stung by a jellyfish for that matter. Any So Cal girl knows you have to do the stingray shuffle [shuffling your feet on the ocean floor to scare off the little dudes]. However, La Jolla Shores has been on the local news the past couple of days because apparently tons and tons of swimmers were getting stung. There has been an unusually large amount of stingrays partying it up on the ocean floor....stringraypalooza if you will ;) Interested in seeing a quick news article about it? Go here.

Smoke a bowl & chill on a pontoon boat, then you wont have a care in the world...

Sure KStew, sure. Anyhoo I ended up going to Pacific Beach, which is a bit closer to me and about 10 minutes south of La Jolla. Believe it or not, the stingrays were staying put up North...that's not to say they aren't in PB at all, just not nearly as many of them.

This is exactly where I was today & this is similar to how it looked.

Overall it was a nice day...gym in the morning, beach in the afternoon. Now I'm just trying to keep from sticking to our leather couch. Oh that, and my under-boob sweat is driving me crazy!



  1. While I love the ocean...I don't swim in it. I don't want to swim with critters. SoCal is so beautiful. I love the scenery but I'd never go outside, just like here in Phoenix. The heat and the sun don't agree with me. It's been around 115 degrees here lately. Kill me.....please.

  2. I have been to San Diego once... it was awesome. I was there in October '03. I dont know what beaches I went to but anywho I thought the water would be warm and I really wanted to swim in it uh I was very wrong.

    Getting a little off topic what beach is it that has all the sea lions on the rocks? I went there oh and to the Zoo that was a bitch and a half to navagate.

  3. LMAO - the last pic of the beach is amazing... and VERY different from what our Pacific beaches look like up here!
    Glad you're finally getting some sun and warmth!

  4. @Mox- Is that why you once said you don't like So Cal...cause of the sun? Shit, maybe you need to move to FORRRKKKS! Seriously, if you could live anywhere in the US, where would you want to live?

    @Kassie- The Sea Lions are located at La Jolla Cove which is close to where that picture of La Jolla Shores was taken. It's basically a cove about 2 miles across from La Jolla Shores beach. The sea lions are still there. As for the Zoo, yes it's huge and very difficult to navigate! But...beautiful!

    @MB- Yes! Sometimes I think Southern and Northern, CA should be separate states...they are so different! I'd love to come see your Pacific Beachs!

  5. I used to live in La Jolla! I have no idea where since I was like 7 or something. I went to Tory Pines. I considered myself a California girl for ages and ages even though we lived there less than a year!


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