Saturday, July 31, 2010

May I Have Your Attention Please?!?!

...and no, this isn't an Eminem song :)

Every since the h00rs over at Twitarded announced their idea of making a pilgrimage to Forks in the Fall, I was hooked...on the idea that is. I couldn't commit at the time, because as some of you may know I'm not in the best financial situation. When my position was outsourced at work, I was thankfully able to keep my job, however my rate of pay went down. I'm still looking for a new job, so wish me luck! Anyways, I debated back and forth for quite some time, and as time went on, my desire to go and meet all of you increased significantly. Fortunately I reserved a hotel room at the Forks Motel when I first got wind of (JJ's farts) the trip, but I held off on buying my plane ticket and mentally giving myself the go ahead. I was almost ready to forget the whole idea when my Grandma & a lovely tax return came through for me. So guess what?!?!?


I know Rob, I know.

I cannot express to you just how giddy I am. ES (aka, my lil' Sis) is not coming though, and I respect her reasons. She has a new & exciting position at work and needs to focus on that & other things in her life at the moment. Although I'll miss her, I've got all of you to keep me company!

The plan thus far is to fly into Seattle Thursday morning...thankfully it's only about a 2 hour flight from San Diego. I'm going to rent a car & drive to Foooorrrrks solo! Call me weird, but I'm sort of excited about driving by myself. I almost feel like it will be a spiritual experience of sorts [insert laugh here.] I can stop where I want and take pictures like a fool, I can stop for food/drinks when & where I want...heck, I can even toot in the car! :) Apparently the drive is a bit over 3 hours so I should be in Forks by mid afternoon on Thurs. Then I fly home Sunday evening.

I'm just so ridiculously excited to get there & experience "The Motherland," and more importantly, meet all of you. I think if I didn't go, I'd regret it for the rest of my life. Honestly. Moving on... I have heard rumors of karaoke on the forum that Twitarded has set up... I'm all over that! Admittedly I have never done it before, but just give me a few drinks in the company of a bunch of Twitards and it's on! I have dibs on "Ch Ch Ch CHERRY BOMB!"

Anyways I just wanted to share this with all of you. There are so many of you that I'm looking forward to meeting. I believe it's going to be an amazing time. We all have one common goal, and that's to just have fun. Oh and for some of us....we're going to GET DRUNK & GO IN SEARCH OF Chief Swan, depending on the situation ;) Maybe I should bring bail $? jk.

Dear kind Forrrrks Folks, we apologize in advanced.

Are you going? Share your excitement in the comments...or wish me luck in my quest to find Edward!

P.S. I do have a room with 2 Queens...I'm still unsure about whether or not I want to find a roommate. I kinda like my space, and am sort of scared about not being able to get enough sleep. I'm also kinda scared of sharing a room with someone I don't know at all. Ok there, I said it.



  1. Yeeeeeeeeeah baby! I'm so glad you decided to come! This trip is going to fucking epic!

  2. Good for you, and don't feel guilty about wanting the car and the room to yourself. I'd do the same thing. Besides, you'll probably get so wasted you won't care who crashes w/ you anyway.

  3. Oh god...why am I nervous about you driving by yourself? You'll have to text us and let us know if you are OK. It will be an epic adventure....

  4. What?!? You mean I'm not allowed to fart in the van I'm sharing with @17ForeverLisa and @Dangrdaphne?!? Well shit...this could be a problem. I'm fresh out of ass corks and they're a bitch to find in my size.

    I envy your flatulent freedom.


  5. @MC- You seriously made me PMSL! I heart you.

    @Mrs.P- I texted you ;)


    @Mox- I knew you'd understand xoxo

  6. I also recently learned that I am going. I am so psyched. I'm not the best financial place either, but it's a once in a lifetime shot. I will regret it forever if I don't.

  7. @LWE- Yeah! You're rooming with MC right? Gosh I am just so excited to meet all of you and have the time of our lives!

  8. Yes...LWE is my roomie. And now she knows that snoring is but one of my many "noises". Don't freak out LWE, I promise I'll pack Febreeze. And Clorox wipes. And Breathe Right Strips. And condoms. Wait....what!?! Sorry...different vacation. :-)

  9. @MC- Um yes. We need condoms in case Chief Swan comes to know Edward isn't going to show, so might as well settle for the "Ladies Man."

    xo J

  10. I am soooo upset I really want to go to FOOOORKS with all of you. I almost filled out an application for a new credit card to buy a ticket to Forks, I even went as far as to see how cheap a ticket would be if I drove to Milwaukee instead of flying out of ChiTown... but until I find work I just cant do it :(

  11. Yeah Jen! The drive there should be an easy one. If you can drive in SD this is nothing. I am promising HG that I will try and not fart in the car with her but can't promise I won't in the room - that's a lot of days ;) We are meeting Thurs in Seattle (she's coming in from Seatac) and then we are exploring for a while and staying the night and not getting into Forks until Friday. A bit daunting to meet over 70 new people at once. If I get too overwhelmed I might hide in the room with a bag of Bugles and my iPod!

  12. @Kassie- I am so bummed you wont be able to come, but trust me that opening a cc just for that reason would be a very unwise decision. I considered that too, but thought better of it...then like I Grandma and the lovely Federal Govt came through for me. LOL. xo

    @TC-PMSL! "A bag of Bugles and my iPod!" You are just hysterical. I totally forgot HG is going too...YEAH! I think it will be a bit overwhelming but so amazing too. I'm super excited to drive by myself...I'm sure it will be beautiful. Though...most horror movies seem to take place in the PNW. eeek!

    xo J

  13. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! SO glad you will be there!! I love how so many people are finding ways to make this happen so that we can all be there together!

    : )

  14. Yay! I am so excited!!!
    @TC - my friend Mrs Fashion and I are doing the same thing - arriving in Seattle Thurs and staying the night there, then driving to Forks on Friday. Maybe we'll see you on the road! ;)

  15. Soooooo freakin jealous but soooooo happy for you. I first learned about this trip many moons ago through the Twitarded blog. I was new to all of this so it really didn't matter that I couldn't go. But now...I feel like a little kid that wants to roll around on the ground and throw a fit.

    Unfortunately, I booked a wedding almost a year ago for that weekend, so there is no way I can get out of it - trust me, I've contemplated handing the wedding off to one of my assistants (I'm closing my business anyway) but I just can't do that to a poor bride.

    I'm sure you're going to have a spectacular time! You better open an extra credit card just before you go, for that bail money. You can always cancel it when you get home. ;)

    Can't wait to hear and see all the blackmail, I mean stories, from the trip.

    I am sooooo jealous that you are going. I asked my twi-closet buddy if she wanted to go way back when Twitarded started talking about it, but she said, and I quote, "I've already been to Seattle!" WTF! This is FORKS we are talking about bitch!
    But, alas...I would have to tell my husband about it and he is happily ignorant about my Twilight obsession, but...Hell, how much can a ticket cost anyway?
    Off to see how much head I would have to give in order to swing this damn trip! If it is even still possible!

  17. We should plan a thursday night revelry in Seattle for all who will be there that night!

    And I still need a roomie in Forks - I plan on my room being a quiet haven for those who want to sleep, and sleep in. I don't do mornings.

  18. I visited Forks last weeks but that will be nothing compared to going with the gang. Please make a reservation for whatever ferry you will be taking & get to the ferry at least 20 minutes before it leaves. Anyone can walk onto a ferry, but the spaces for cars sell out in advance.

  19. @TM- You took the ferry? I was planning on renting car at Seatac and driving....At least that's what googles you have to take a ferry?


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