Saturday, July 24, 2010

"O" Faces & Sock Monkeys.

UPDATE: TONS & TONS of new pics of Rob in Malibu with manager Stephanie. Apparently he saw SALT. Go here.

ES and I went to see 100 Monkeys Friday night at the House of Blues here in our hometown of San Diego. I thought I'd start out by sharing a couple pics.

Here is myself & ES during one of Jackson's songs "Junkie." It's one of our favorites...and it tends to get all the gals panties in a twist.



Clearly we enjoyed ourselves ;)

The HOB show here in San Diego was slated to be all ages & FREE. Our last experience with an all ages show here was "interesting," however we knew we could drink at the HOB so we had high hopes. We hitched a ride downtown and got there about 6:45pm. Already there was about 50 ppl in line. ES & I both knew we wanted a table so that we wouldn't be stuck standing. The line worried us a bit, but we figured worst case scenario, we'd be seeing them up in LA in 2 weeks anyway. As we're standing in line ES points and says something to the effect of "He's across the street." She said it in a just a way as to not alert the My head snaps up and I see Mr. Rathbone himself, decked out in his red jacket and hat briskly walking kitty corner across the street from us. Just as we're watching him, a girl runs up to him and he gives her a that point he's realized he's been spotted and runs off. It was pretty funny. Where he went, I have no idea. I'd venture to guess he had a car waiting just in case.

As the line starts to move we realize that they aren't letting everyone in. Long story short, COMIC CON attendees that showed up for happy hour heard their was a show and decided to stay at their tables. Grrrreat. Turns out they were at capacity. Truthfully I don't think those numb nuts (HOB) knew what they were getting themselves into by booking a 100 Monkeys concert on the restaurants stage. Why not give them the main stage?! Maybe a year or so ago it would have been fine and dandy, but their popularity has sky rocketed. Anyhoo, the doorman and hostesses ended up being pretty nice about everything considering the chaos. We were given the option of going into the bar, with no guaranteed view of the stage or seat, or waiting for a table with no guarantee of a view, but with a seat. We took option two. As we were standing off to the side waiting for our table, guess who walks up all smiles right past the line and through the front door of the HOB......Ben J, Ben G, Uncle Larry, Jared & cue the music......Jack-SONNNN! ES, being the ballsier of the two of us smiles "Hi Jackson." I was too afraid to look him in the he'd recognize us or something (and who really cares, we're not weird stalkers, we truly LOVE going to their shows) According to ES (and she may tell you differently. ES feel free to interject on here, you have the he smiled, said hello and looked straight at her boobs and back up to her face. LMAO!

Eventually we were offered a really nice table on the patio with a view of the stage. We figured it was further back then we'd like, but then again this was our 5th show. We ordered drinks & food and chatted excitedly. Though I still felt bad for the line of people they weren't letting in. You had to be 21 to go on the bar side and the restaurant was still at capacity. Before we knew it, 100 Monkeys went on hour early. We think the opening band canceled and they went on sooner than expected. Of course the second they went on, our view became completely obstructed. I felt even worse for these girls.

So after they'd been on stage for about 45 minutes to an hour we hear Jackson say that they're going to take a break but are definitely coming back out, and will play all the way through until 11pm. SCORE! An extra long show! Just as a few people scattered from the standing room only stage area, I told ES to pay the bill and that I'm going for me up there. Turns out we got a pretty sweet spot towards the front of the restaurant. We were still in the back of all the girls mushed up against the stage, but considering where we'd been, it was a huge improvement. AND, we ended up standing right next to a table full of Jerad's family, as well as one of Jackson's Sisters (we're almost 100% sure it was her.) Here are the pics I got...They aren't phenomenal (damn my camera), but considering I have better ones from other shows, I'm not terribly disappointed.

Hey Twired Sista' that you?

He's gotten hotter. As if that was even possible...

mmm, what kinda face is that Jackson?

"So a monkey walked into a bar...."


The guy has so much soul...they all do.

Jackson, Ben J, Ben G & Jerad.

100 Monkeys was on fire as usual. They have so much energy, so much heart and are just amazing to watch. I know I have said it a thousand times, but please go see them if you ever are given the opportunity!

We stuck around for about an hour and had another drink. Unfortunately when they left, we were sitting a little too far back to ask for a pic. As they walked out, we followed shortly behind to go catch a cab...right as we got out to the curb, we saw them closing their suburbans doors...Like a dork I waved at Jackson who I could see was in the backseat, and snapped a quick pic of the new Monkey Caravan of course ;)

Notice the sock monkey?

*sidenote: ES's friend that was supposed to come canceled last minute. LAME! It could have been our "in." LOL ohwell, Viper Room in 2 weeks!!!

PS Miss the last post, the one with NEW/OLD Rob pics...GO HERE! They're a MUST SEE.



  1. 1. Jackson definately keeps getting hotter and hotter.
    2. you lucky b's, getting to see and hear 100 monkeys and esp Jackson up close...sigh
    3. Thanks for the 100 monkeys clips the other day...confess to watching them over and over and over...

  2. Well of course he looked at ES's boobs. LMAO!!

    Doesn't sound like the venue had this planned out well at all, especially considering Comic Con was in town.

    So jealous that you Cali girls have so many opportunities to do things like this. Thanks for sharing, as always.


    P.S.: ES, she stuck with you the bill, huh? LOL!

  3. Jackson looked at ES's boobs!?!?!? Lucky girl!

    Looks like you had an awesome time and and you got some amazing pics!!!! Jackson IS def getting hotter. Twilight movies just DO NOT do him justice!

  4. Way to go ES!!! You always always always take the chance. You did aaaannnnddd he looked at your boobs, score.

    Sounds like you both had fun (even with the comic con fiasco, tisk tisk HOB). I cant wait to hear about your trip to the Viper Room. If you see the guys enough they will remember you, that would be a BIG score!

  5. Sounds like a great time. Your pictures are pretty darn good... better than mine since I have NONE LOL!!!!! I am glad it all worked out that you got in to the show AND got a table. I hope they come this way again when I can go so I can see them. I am very curious.

  6. Suburban? What happened to the Scion?

  7. @Zina- Yup a new white suburban type vehicle with a hitch on the was painted red and said 100 Monkeys! I didn't know they had a Scion, I knew they had that little blue (?) Prius & that dumpy brown child molester van...Hmm maybe they're moving up in the world. It also could have been Jerads? His whole family was sitting next to us at a long table boozing it up..and I believe they still live in Rancho Bernardo.

    @Lisa- I owe her ;)

  8. How fun!!! I’m glad you got to see Jackson again. I wish he would come here to Hawaii.

  9. Go ES!! That's some serious bragging rights!! Run with it.

    He's very yummy. Sigh. I wish he'd come and play in my man cave.

  10. I just found out 100 Monkeys was in Phoenix last week and I didn't even know it. Oops. I guess I'll keep living vicariously through you :)

  11. Jen - you've just made my day.

    And given the chance of 100 Monkeys ever coming to New Zealand is minute, I'll also continue to live vicariously like Mox :)

  12. @I_heart_Fifty - I'm glad something so simple could make your day...I hear your sick though?!

  13. AHHHH! Sorry I've been extra elusive-just started a new position at work which I LOVE but I've been a bit bogged down. Jen missed a few things: Ben J walked by the line and noone noticed... I said "HI BEN!" and he looked at me like I had a tree growing out of my face and then replied a very timid, '...hi...' and scampered off to find Jackson and Jerad... And I don't care if he does it to everyone but there was a lot of eye contact again... one time so much that I was embarrassed to keep looking but afraid to look away! EEP! More pics/vid (crappy vid, but vid nonetheless!) to post, stay tuned :D

    I love 100 Monkey shows!

    And Ben G was lookin' HOT!

    Gotta love when someone in the crowd yells out, "I love you Jasper!" It never fails. But then again I can't say I wouldn't yell out for Robward instead of Rob, were I in his presence... ;)



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