Sunday, October 31, 2010

*NEW* Robsten Fan Vid!

Honeybuzzy has created some of my favorite Robsten fan vids. This one is long, but oh so worth it. If you give a Crapsten, grab the tissue box!


as if you didn't know ;)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Robward At Work, Twi-Not?

My new boss isn't a die hard Twi fan, but she likes it. In fact, that's how we bonded in my interview...over Twilight and True Blood. She mentioned having had an Edward poster on the back of her door that one of her old employees put up for her. After they painted the office, the poster went missing. Yesterday she (my boss) comes round the corner and says "look what I found!" It was in fact, THE EDWARD POSTER. I was starting to think it didn't exist.

Of course, she put it up on the back of her door again...selfish. JK.

I'll see it every time I go to the supply closet :)

Something tells me our little 3 person office is going to become rather Twilighty now that I'm around...

Exhibit A.

My work lap top :)

Exhibit B.

Thanks to Mrs. P. That pink dot is the day Rob and I have a date...
It's not Thanksgiving. Nope...*whistles, looks around*

Exhibit C.

STE watches over me as I work. So comforting. Plus, it's a constant reminder of Lisa :)

Trust, this is only the beginning. My new boss said we'll have to do more decorating now that the office is so bare post paint job. I don't know what it looked like before, but if I have any say, some of my Rob porn posters will be gracing the walls next to my desk. Sweet.

Moving on, it's almost Halloween! A lot of people are dressing up today & heading out to parties and such. Elusive S and I will be going out tonight. Our favorite local dive bar is having a Halloween party and costume contest. I haven't been out for Halloween in ages and am really looking forward to it.

Be Safe!

Are you dressing up? If you're brave enough, take a picture and send it to I'll include it in a future post!

Do you have Rob stuff at work? If so, tell me in the comments.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Apparently, and I use the word loosely....these are screen caps of Rob in Baton Rouge doing some sort of video for the Taft School called Day Off.

*Update, I found the video and it's below the screen caps. Holy shit I am posting this without even having watched it yet. I think I'm in a state of Rob-shock.

Oh Rob, how I have missed you!




*Serious Face Porn*

SQUEEEE the vid!

***I must watch, then recover. That is all.

*SOURCE for vid and pic.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Apology, The Cullen House & KStew

Hello laaaaaaadies :) So I just wanted to apologize for my lack of creativity lately. I'm a week and a half into my new job and learning an immense amount! With that constant flow of new info, it's sort of drained the creative compartment of my brain. It's not that I'm not thinking of Twilight... Twilight finds it's way into every corner of my mind almost constantly! It's just that I think of it, and that's it. Writers block if you will.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy my little Twilight news blurbs here and there. It makes me feel good to think I might be showing you something new, and hey, I might have a different spin on it.

I promise I'll get into a groove soon.

Moving on....Mandy from mandysmind recently took a excursion to the lovely state of Louisiana and took a little BD set visit. Her suspicions of what could possible be the Cullen House were confirmed by some guys on set. Here are the pics:

*All pics belong to Mandy.

Edward! You in there?

Lookin' like the Cullen House to me!!!

In other news.....Kristen news that is...

New pic!

Kristen was recently interviewed by the LA Times! GO HERE to read the interview. It's awesome. Trust. (Dakota Fanning explains why Kristen comes across as awkward and or nervous in interviews.)

*UPDATE (KStew answers fan questions!)

I love you all and appreciate your comments more than you know!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breaking Dawn Dinner!

Cheers to Breaking Dawn!

via Twifans

The Breaking Dawn cast is filming for 7 months and last night kicked it off with a cast dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse in Baton Rouge. They didn't list Stephenie Meyer being in attendance but they did say producers.

Hollywood Life reports:

And our insider tells us that the cast (Taylor, Kristen, Rob, Bill Condon, producers, Nikki, Ashley, Kellan) got to the restaurant around 8:30 PM and stayed until 11 PM! The stars had a full five-course meal and ate everything from Prime NY Strip steak, crab cakes, soup, salad
and they even had “fresh redfish” flown in especially for the occasion!
They finished their meal with a choice between fresh berries,
cheesecake, and creme brulee.

The cast, we’re told, was “extremely nice” and everyone remained seated throughout the night, instead of getting up and walking around the joint. Our source tells us that they even asked for the “music to be
turned down” so they could hear themselves talking to each other!

Rob wore a vintage T-shirt with a shirt unbuttoned over it with slacks, and Kristen wore jeans. They were seated right next to director Condon, Ashley and Nikki, and spent most of the night talking to them.

WOHOO I want to see pics! Come on...I know SOMEONE scored at least 1 or 2.

*** On an another note, see what The Millionaire Matchmaker has to say about ROBSTEN...SQUEEEE!!! ;) GO HERE.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Make My Morning Brighter!

Dear Starbucks,

Ok, not you barefoot dreadlock dude...

Your cups are great. I especially LOVE the Holiday it marketing genius, but the second you switch to those pretty red cups, I'm finding every excuse in the book to mosey on by.
However, I have a suggestion for about using these:

Oh yeah!


Seriously Starbucks, if you served my non-fat no-whip mocha in these, I'd be forever grateful. What? Gratefulness isn't enough? Ok, how about all the Twitards coming out of the woodwork. Twitards that don't even drink coffee would be flocking to the nearest Starbucks. TRUST.

You're welcome.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Small Town Edward's First Bloody Mary Sunday!

Side note:
Small Town Edward orig. belonged to Lisa in Illinois, but she felt he was more of a So Cal guy and sent him home from our epic Forks trip to live with me.
Hence his name ;)

Moving on....

Yeah, I was a little nervous about taking STE to Bloody Mary Sunday at my parents. Sure, new friends are always welcome there, but I was worried he might get the wrong idea. I mean *whispers*'s not REAL blood in those bloody mary's ;)

Edward on the other hand was ridiculous excited. Ok fine, maybe I should have warned him...

He seemed to dig my Mom's Halloween decorations!

STE: "This doesn't smell like blood......"

Of course this is where the explanations began...he seemed to take it well...until...

STE: "Holy shit, I'm surrounded my Bloody Marys and not one of them contains real blood???"

STE: "Ahh, guess I'll just take refuge in Elusive S's bosom."

Woah STE, pretty bold there aren't ya?

STE: "I am technically a pocket E."

Mom wanted him to try some...she figure it was worth a try...
he wasn't having any of it, said it smelled like spicy ass.

Grandma wanted to make it all better, as only Grandma's know how to do.

All of a sudden Edward mistook the dogs "russet-colored" fur for Jacob.
He immediately went into attack mode.


Edward felt so bad about mistaking Mocha the dog for Jacob that he decided to end it all...

Of course we talked him down from the ledge and told him it was no big deal. Easy mistake to make.

To make him feel better, Elusive S offered to let him give her ride on his back.

Seeing as the size ratio was a bit off, she ended up giving him a ride.

He seemed pleased.


So overall the day went well, and I definitely think he'll be coming back.

***Interested in other mini-E adventures??? Visit LIVING WITH EDWARD & MUSING BELLA'S Thirsty Thursday posts.

I promise these blogs don't disappoint.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mrs.P calls it "Weekend Wonderment"....

....but since I'm NOT copying her, and it's NOT the weekend, I'm gonna call it:

"Some Pretty Sweet Vids I Found Today"

creative huh?

Here's a BTS fan vid of KStew from her recent visit to Regis and Kelly this week!

Gotta LOVE the Simpsons..preview for Halloween epi.

Lisa, plug your ears ;)

It's always fun to re-visit a HOT oldie but goodie!


Happy Birthday Catherine Hardwick. Without your creative genius, we might not have fallen in love with the first movie. And oh yeah, thanks for casting that know, ROBERT EFFING PATTINSON!!!!!!!!! We are forever indebted to you for that. Thanks to Kristen's for her insistent input as well!

Thank you!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nothing Says Hump Day Like Some...jack-SONNN!

Ok, you know how in Wizard of Oz when Auntie M screams out for Dorothy, it sounds something like this...


Well...prior to one of the 100 Monkeys shows in LA this year, ES and I were walking up the steep ass hill from the Ramada Plaza West Hollywood to the Viper Room [we may or may not have had a martini]... when all of a sudden we started chanting....


Anyhoo, I'm not really sure what that has to do with anything, I guess I just wanted to explain where "jack-SONNN" comes from. OK, it was a "you had to be there" type of scenario. We thought it would be funny if we could hunt down their house...because supposedly Ben G & Jackson live(d) together....

Moving on, here's some new pics of Jack-SONNN Rathbone from his appearance on "No Ordinary Family."

Hellloooo jack-SON!

Tough life eh?

Bitch, get your girlie ass hands off our man.

Pee wee, is that you?

FYI: Jackson's episode“No Ordinary Visitors” premieres Tuesday, November 9 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC.


Monday, October 18, 2010

A Little Bit Of This & A Little Bit Of That

So today was my first official day of the new job. I wont bore you with details, but I will say that I went from 1-10. Basically I went from being a hotel Concierge to an Account Manager of a restaurant event company. Unfortunately & fortunately...depending on how you look at it, I skipped all of the middle stuff...such as "assistant," "coordinator" etc...and went straight to manager. I'll be 100% honest with you and say that I'm scared shitless, and have this ridiculous fear of failure that's kept me content with mediocrity my entire life. Such is life.

Anyhoo, with my old job I was afforded the luxury of blogging from work when it was slow. Even if it wasn't slow I could minimize my screen if it got busy...Probably not a good idea the first week, let alone first few months of this new job. But I beg you, don't leave me :( I'll be around, I promise. I'll just be posting in the evening, vs randomly in the middle of the day. Truthfully, it's like escape of sorts. Once things settle down and I get into a routine, I'm sure I'll feel better about everything. Like my new boss said: "Some days you'll be able to take a leisure hour and a half lunch, and other days, you'll be shoving crackers down your throat." <~~Hey, maybe I'll even lose weight!

On to the good stuff!

New outtakes of 100 Monkeys, as well as a new interview from Flutter Zine.

Funky Monkeys :)

Go HERE to read the interview!

2nd: Ms. Stewart lookin' HAWT at the WTTR Press Conference in NYC.

Smokin' hawt.

More pics here!

And for your viewing's a 2 brand spankin' new KStew interviews! Pssst...she talks Breaking Dawn in the first one!

Go HERE to view more of these interviews!

I'm NOT being lazy, blogger is just being a douchebag and not making the video posting easy.

Love you all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dean, I Have Missed You!

I have heard some people saying that they're not that excited about BD. Ok, granted it isn't going to come out for like.....FOREVER, but I'm still excited for all the hype that surrounds set pics. Just so you know, I plan on reviving my skanky ways and will be a dirrrrty h00r when it comes to spoilers. I am proud to say my vag was gaping wide during the filming of Eclipse....and it stayed that way for all the "stuff" that surfaced thereafter [google dirrrty h00r, a pic of LKWwill surface] I kid. *muah* ;)

He spelled h00r wrong.

As for set pics...the following aren't spoilers. Just pics of the crew arriving on set in Louisiana. FML I am going to need to learn how to spell LOUISIANA without spell check! Anyhoo, here's Rob & Kristen arriving on set for rehearsals Oct. 15th.

Helllooooo Mr. Precious. Lookin' good.
DEAN!!! Oh, how I have missed you!

Awww KStew, the animal lover.
Don't hide Dean, I see your yellow livestrong bracelet ;)

Kstews bodyguard(?) is there too!
I have missed him as well...what's his name?


YUP, Taylor was there too...
socializing with his kind. JK.

All pics via Robsessed.

PS Did ya miss my SCREAM AWARDS POST? GO HERE if ya did!

Until next time ( or I can come up with something poignant to blog about)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jackson, Nikki & Kristen, OH MY! (Scream Awards!)

Rumors were flying high and low as to if Kristen would be at the Scream Awards tonight. Supposedly she's been in Louisiana the past couple days rehearsing for BD (can I get a squeeee?!?!) with Rob and Taylor. Anyhoo, she was there (sans Rob..sniff sniff) AND, it appears that she's back to Bella hair!

Bet she's holding on to that for dear life. Might take out a toe ;)

Cute KStew face HQ~

Woah! Hot Stew!


Align Center
Jackson! YUM!!!

: click to kiss the MOS ;)

Pics via:
Twicrackaddict & Robstenation

I have decided to add more pics as they come in, so stay tuned! I can't promise I wont throw in the occasional True Blood star *coughASKARScough* :)

The Scream Awards air on Tuesday night at 9pm PST. Check your local listings. If you're a Twilight or True Blood fan, you should definitely watch!

PS...MB tagged me! Go see.


Tagged MB ;)

Lil' Miss Musing Bella tagged I shall play along, again...cause I'm a good sport like that!

Alrighty, here I go:

1) What was your favorite subject in school, and why?

Boys. JK...well kind of. I actually was the one that always had a steady boyfriend. Didn't stop me from crushing on other guys though :) Truthfully, English was always my favorite subject.

2) Do you have any daily rituals, and what are they?

It's rare that I go a day without a bath...unless we're having a random heat wave. It's such a stress reliever. My s/o and I have an agreement that one day when we have a kid or kids, I will still be allowed a bath a few times a week, with NO interruption...and he can golf once a week :)

3) Do you prefer beer, wine, or hard alcohol (or none of the above)?

I actually prefer the taste of beer the most...odd for a girl right? But I alternate between beer and wine. I normally only do hard alcohol if I'm going out...dirty martinis, vodka tonics etc...

4) What is the very first thing you would do if you won a million dollars?

Funny, I was just watching a show the other day on TLC about people who had won the lottery and how it changed their lives for the better and worse. Let's see...a million dollars? First thing, I'd invest some. Then I'd buy a new car & a new house...preferably in my parents neighborhood...Mission Hills where my Mom grew up and now where my parents currently live.

5) If you could live one fan fic story (as any character), what would it be?

Bella in MOTU...please?

I wouldn't want to be her forever, but I wouldn't mind it for a bit...

6) What is something you're looking forward to in the next six months?

Learning as much as possible at my new job. I'm sort of a control freak, and I'm feeling very out of control at the moment. I have only had one day, and start officially on Monday. I'm nervous & overwhelmed. It's been 10 years since I have really had to learn something new...I know it's a good thing, but it doesn't make it any less scary.

Oh, and something called MAUI...with my family!!!

This is where we're staying!

7) Have you ever slapped someone for real? And if so, why?

Yes. I was about 12 and this neighborhood bully/bitch did something to deserve it.
Srsly, I can't remember what she did, I think she tried to push me off my bike and so I jumped off and chased her down, grabbed her by her long stringy brown hair and yanked her back. When she turned to face me, I slapped her. Then I ran back to my bike and high tailed it home. H00r.

Side note: I was slapped in 4th grade for calling a bully a bitch behind her back. I almost pissed my pants.

8) What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Occasionally in my Grandma's neighborhood, where we always went trick or treating...we'd get full candy bars. It was pretty sweet. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween candy...but PB Cups have always been my favorite sweet treat.

Thanks MB! I already did a "tag yourself" free for all last no questions from me.