Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Re-VAMPING My Current Freebie 5!

Truth be told, there isn't much going on in the Twi-world to speak I'm re-VAMPING [pun intended] my freebie 5.

Here it goes...and YES, they are in order:

#1. Robert Pattinson

Do I even need to explain why? Didn't think so. Plus, I could ask him to play out some of my MOTU fantasies...Rob could pull it off, right?

"Hello, I was just about to grab my guitar & head back to my hotel, want to join me?"

#2. Alexander Skarsgard

I'm not a huge fan of blonde males, but this man does things to me that I can't explain. What is it about men who play vampires? Mmm, he can feed off of me anytime he pleases...preferably from between my legs.

I know you want to fuck me...and I want to fuck you, so let's make it simple and do this.

#3. Jackson Rathbone

I realize that not all of you have Jacksonitis, and I blame the gawd awful hairstylists of the Twilight franchise for that...Anyhoo, see him sing live with 100 Monkeys, and I guarantee he'll soak your panties.

Hey Darlin', how about you swing those adorable little legs around my waist?

#4. Jude Law

So he's not a Vampire, that much is obvious, but he IS a sexy British bad boy...and I love him for it. Truth be told, I can only name 1 movie that I have seen him in, and that's The Holiday. I'm lame, but it's how I fell for him. Soooo effing hawt.

Shall I show you how bad I can be?

#5. Peter Facinelli.

Oh Papa Cullen, I couldn't leave you out. Especially since I have seen you up close and personal and I know you're ridiculously adorable. I think you made the list on your cuteness factor.

You're callin' me cute?

Mmm, hot men to dream about. Nice.



  1. Fine choices Jen... yes fine fiiiine choices.

  2. Okay Jen. The above are all so good. I bit too blonde for my taste - no offense blonde :) reminds me of our drive to port angeles

  3. Wonderful choices, jen. I have three of your five on my list. I hope we never have a conflict because of this one day. Oh who am I kidding...I'd share. ;-)

  4. What's that Mrs. P? You'd share?!? Did pigs just fly?! jk ;)

    @TC- Awww Port Angeles....

    @Kassie- Gracias!

  5. LoL I love hearing people's freebie five! That's a great list you have there!

    You know what's funny? I totally have a Word Document that has my ever-changing five!! Here are my Top (six, shh don't tell I can't decide!!) in no particular order other than ROB IS FIRST:

    Gerard Butler- Phantom/King Leonidas? kill me now.

    Fabio Canavarro- Captain of the Italian soccer team. Oh mah gawd.

    Hugh Jackman- The scruffy, Wolverine Hugh Jackman.

    Natalie Portman- Have you seen "Closer" with Clive Owen? Oh my dear lord. YES PLEASE.

    Gina Carano- She's a female MMA fighter. Google her, you'll understand. She can be my Mrs. Fifty ANY day of the week!!

  6. Jen, are you sure we're not related? So similar!

    And although I do heart Jude, I'd probably sub him out... for Hugh Jackman, John Mayer, George Clooney... yeah, the list goes on.

    I had this very conversation with some girlfriends the other night, and as the night wore on the lists got longer and longer. No way I can limit to five!

  7. I can't believe Kellan didn't make the cut! :D
    I must say though, my current number one is Alexander Skarsgard. I am absolutely in love with Eric. My gawd! I'm sure sex with him would be freaking mind blowing.

  8. Whoa! Did Jackson get bumped down? How's he gonna take that? Oh Elusive Sis is probably gonna console him, isn't she?

    Jude Law's character was adorable in 'the Holiday.'

    Did you have a preTwilight list?

  9. Excellent list, though I though you'd have Jackson ranked higher.

    Jude Law is yummy! I loved him in the Holiday!!

  10. I used to have a Freebie Five list but now Rob is just all 5 spots so what's the point! Ok, maybe I'll give him the top 4 slots and add in Johnny Depp at #5 since I have loved him forever!!

  11. We have two people in common...Rob and PFach (love Daddy C). Mine list goes like this...Rob, Maks (from Dancing with the Stars), Eric Dane (from Grey's - aka McSteamy), PFach (I would ask him if I could call him Daddy C...or just Daddy), Taylor (because, well just because he's now legal and I wouldn't get thrown in jail for it. Plus, I've always had a thing for being able to teach some one a thing or two...I think I could teach him plenty).


  12. Charla- I totally forgot about Gerard Butler, he'd be #6 for sure. As for the laaaadies, Scarlett Johansson is probably my current #1, also Michelle Rodriquez...I know I have more, just can't think at the moment.

    T&T- Eric Dane is HAWT! I almost like him more than McDreamy.

  13. This reminds me of Forks for some reason!

    Okay, let me think! I'm so bad at these.

    1) Rob Pattinson
    2) Alex Skarsgard
    3) Johnathon Rhys Meyers
    4) Henry Cavill
    5) Leo DiCaprio

    There!! I was finally able to think of five!! See I was brain dead driving back from Port Angeles.

  14. Jen- If I put down Alexander Skarsgard as every spot on my Freebie 5 does that mean I can sleep with him 5 times?? I think that would be worth eliminating all other candidates. Mr. Skarsgard I am requesting that you wear the blue sweater to our rendezvous. Please and Thank you.

  15. Christie- SURE, however, you must pass him to me when you're done. I'll take sloppy seconds when it comes to ASkars. That is all.

  16. Excellent choices Jen! I would probably sub out Alexander for a double dose of Rob. But otherwise my list looks about the same. How can you go wrong with a couple of effing hawt Brits, Mr. MOS, & Papa C??? Definitely a win!


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