Sunday, October 24, 2010

Small Town Edward's First Bloody Mary Sunday!

Side note:
Small Town Edward orig. belonged to Lisa in Illinois, but she felt he was more of a So Cal guy and sent him home from our epic Forks trip to live with me.
Hence his name ;)

Moving on....

Yeah, I was a little nervous about taking STE to Bloody Mary Sunday at my parents. Sure, new friends are always welcome there, but I was worried he might get the wrong idea. I mean *whispers*'s not REAL blood in those bloody mary's ;)

Edward on the other hand was ridiculous excited. Ok fine, maybe I should have warned him...

He seemed to dig my Mom's Halloween decorations!

STE: "This doesn't smell like blood......"

Of course this is where the explanations began...he seemed to take it well...until...

STE: "Holy shit, I'm surrounded my Bloody Marys and not one of them contains real blood???"

STE: "Ahh, guess I'll just take refuge in Elusive S's bosom."

Woah STE, pretty bold there aren't ya?

STE: "I am technically a pocket E."

Mom wanted him to try some...she figure it was worth a try...
he wasn't having any of it, said it smelled like spicy ass.

Grandma wanted to make it all better, as only Grandma's know how to do.

All of a sudden Edward mistook the dogs "russet-colored" fur for Jacob.
He immediately went into attack mode.


Edward felt so bad about mistaking Mocha the dog for Jacob that he decided to end it all...

Of course we talked him down from the ledge and told him it was no big deal. Easy mistake to make.

To make him feel better, Elusive S offered to let him give her ride on his back.

Seeing as the size ratio was a bit off, she ended up giving him a ride.

He seemed pleased.


So overall the day went well, and I definitely think he'll be coming back.

***Interested in other mini-E adventures??? Visit LIVING WITH EDWARD & MUSING BELLA'S Thirsty Thursday posts.

I promise these blogs don't disappoint.



  1. Awh! We need to get STE and Swagga E together, SOON!

    I about pissed myself laughing when STE went into attack mode! HA HA HA HA. Thank goodness Elusive S was there ;)

    As always, I LOVE THIS POST <3

  2. I love that he needs a pocket because he's a pocket E. And your G-ma giving him a kiss trying to make him feel better. Too cute. Love the pics! And thanks for the shout out!

  3. LOL Jen loved this post. Your family is too cool. Loved that grandma kissed him to make him feel better...

    Definitely looking forward to more adventures of STE.

  4. LOL!!! STE had quite a day, didn't he? Your grandma is too cute, and ES looks fantastic! I'm so glad STE is fitting in.



  5. I want to join Bloody Mary Sundays!!! Mini E's super cute. :)

  6. Cute!

    STE's kiwi cousin will be arriving at my house in early December... perhaps they can write each other postcards or something!

  7. The dog picture/caption was hilarious! Blood Mary Sundays look like a fun time!

  8. Jen, If I ever make it over to the US...just letting you know that I will be coming to visit you on a Bloody Mary Sunday! jsyk

  9. IF any of you ever come to San Diego you're all OF COURSE invited to Bloody Mary family considers it a "the more the merrier" tradition.

    Love you all,
    XOXO J

  10. LMAO! I love this! Thanks for the shout-out, too!! Pocket Edward is fun for everyone!

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  12. I may be elusive but I promise I still contribute-STE on Mocha the dog was my idea :P

    STE wishes you girls would all join us for BM sundays (BM as in 'Bloody Mary" not to be confused with Bowel Movement sundays)

  13. LOL. This is fantastic. I love that Grandma gave him a kiss!! Cute cute pics!



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