Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Vag Might Splode'...Just Sayin'.

As some of you may know, I have been a little behind in my Rob porn searches as of late.  I know, work shouldn't be an excuse, but it is my friends, it is.  Combine that with writing out addresses for our wedding invitations, asking the parents for checks left and right, deciding on what type of shoes to get, what flavor of cake to choose, soaking up the So Cal sun since it appears we're actually going to have a summer, sending addresses to ES so she can send bridal shower invites, deciding on wedding favors etc etc...PHEW!'s exhausting.  But like any normal Robsessed individual, I had to take some time out this evening to catch up...and boy was I glad I did.

I perused quite a few Cosmopolis set pics from this past week and frankly, my vag might splode'.
*splode'- courtesy of Mrs. P & LivingWEdward.

Let's move onto the pics, shall we?

This is probably one of my most favorite faces he makes. Happy Rob melts me.
And to think I saw this face from 5 ft away, 2nd row at the Kimmel show.
 Good Gawd Rob.

Sucking down the soda there Rob?

The boy has such LONG red legs!

You can't see me, but my head is level with his waist ;)


Rob might look like this if he was in jail.
And why does it look like he's wearing a diaper?

ADORKABLE finger porn!

"I'm a butterfly!"



You missed a bit, I can help....

This bitch just orgasmed in her pants.
Lucky h00r.

Well I feel a bit more caught up now, how about you?  Admittedly, I enjoyed these pictures much better that Rob in a tux.  Believe me, I love the boy in a tux, but his hair was doing NOTHING for me.  These on the other hand make my fleshy bits swell.

Love ya!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Mini KStew Cooper Is Back!

Driving downtown today on my way to work I was tailed closely by a grey mini-cooper.  As I glanced in my rear view mirror at the approaching vehicle, I immediately thought of KStew.  The mini-cooper was the same color as the one Kristen used to be seen driving around LA in. As I mused at the thought, the car swerved around me as if I had been going 10 mph in a 40mph zone.  My immediate reaction was to make a sarcastic "oooh, aaah, you're so cool" face, but with PMS on my side, I also gave the driver (who happened to kind of look like a Kristen...but with blonde hair) one of these:

That girl wished she was KStew.
Not KStew, the wannabe girl.

I have a point here, I swear!  When I flipped open my lap top tonight and headed over to Twifans, I found these. Now I do warn you, they are pap pics. BUT, I'm just so damn excited to see Kristen out and about in LA.  We rarely get to see her doing "normal" things, like shopping or going to yoga...which is apparently what she was doing today. And, guess what car she was all of a sudden driving again?! 


Hai Kristen!

Here are the rest of the pics. They "say" she was attending a yoga class in West Hollywood, but she's in regular clothes getting out of her car, then all of a sudden in yoga clothes knocking on a front door.  Hmm, something smells fishy, and it's not Rob's fingers ;)

I never pegged KStew for the yoga type. But good for her!  So happy to see her smiling face.  I just love the girl.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Robward, You Complete Me.

I have had such a nutty weekend so far, being technically on call via my cell all weekend.  I work in corporate event sales & 95% of our events are scheduled during the week....not THIS weekend. There is a huge pharmaceutical convention going on and I have small piddly ass dinners going on all over downtown. Of course I'm getting phone calls left and right...groups running late, pre-set menus that aren't quite perfect, blah blah blah. I'm so over it.  I got 4 phone calls during dinner alone. THIS is what happens when too many damn people are involved (ie, a company hires a meeting planner, who hires a local DMC who uses us.)  Anyhoo, it's a rarity that I get bugged on the weekend.....PMS is just making everything worse.  After dinner, I poured another glass of wine & came and got into bed leaving poor DG behind. He understands though. I'm cranky, annoyed and it's probably best if everyone left me alone. Of course my cell phone is right next to me and my work email is open in another browser just in case.

What does one do when feeling cranky & emotional (aside from watch/read Twilight, which I already plan to do)? Well I for one go in search of any new Twilight news...particularly pics of Rob.  I pulled up twifans & immediately see a picture that turns my frown upside down. Ok, that was cheesy. No really....this pic made everything less stressful.

Wait for it..............


Robward, you complete me.

This stunning picture is apparently from the 2012 Breaking Dawn calendar.  I need it, NOW.  Not sure what month this is, but every month will be this picture...even if I risk screwing up my schedule.  Good gawd, Robward looks stern, chiseled, sexy, smoldering and just simply YUM. I want him to hold me, protect me, kiss me, break beds with me....THIS is why I fell in love with the Twilight movies.

Am I overreacting? Maybe.  Could just be bad PMS...but this is a fabulous picture, isn't it?!?

Now onto a fabulous video I found. It's truly beautiful. Don't worry "I don't give a crapstens,"...this is about Edward & his Bella.

Hope you enjoyed.

***Sidenote: My weekend has been nutty with phone calls, but I did have an awesome day with my Mom at the Ocean Beach Street Fair. Weather was sunny and warm...sunshine was bright. Life was good.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KStew, CWeitz & KLutz...say that 3 times fast!

If it were possible for me to love KStew more that I already do, the following pics make it happen. Kristen recently attended New Moon Director Chris Weitz premiere of "A Better Life."  You can tell these two had a great working relationship. Taylor came out to support Chris as well, but he looks really squinty eyed in most pics so I'll skip them.  No hard feelings Taylor.

Look how gorgeous she looks!

Love, love, love how she always
changes into sneakers.

Chris seems like an awesome guy, at least from what I have seen of his tweets.  He always takes the time to answer as many questions as he can. 

Does anyone else have the urge to watch NM again? Nah? Me just makes me too sad. Oddly enough it's the one movie & book I have watched/read the least, but I have sort of had the urge to re-read Twilight & then New Moon again. I'd skip Eclipse since I've read that the most.... then move onto BD just in time for November.  I started re-reading BD a few mos ago, but have since put that on pause.

In other news, I just had to share this adorable pic of fellow Twi cast member, Kellan Lutz at Nylon Magazine event.  He looks adorable!

I'd arm wrestle him in a second...just to let him win ;)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Kind Of Porn?! *Update*


Rob on the set of Cosmopolis. 
I wasn't that into his hair for this role...
but if jaw porn like that keeps popping up, I can deal.

That is all.

No wait, that's not all!  New pics of KStew are surfacing from the premiere of Chris Weitz new movie...of course as I type this, I'm drawing a blank. Forgive me.

In the words of @Mama_Cougar:

"MY. GOD. No WONDER Rob's so goofy in love with this girl. No fucking wonder."


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Forget Kids!

So for those of you that may not know, ES works at a vet clinic as a tech. She started as a receptions about 8 years ago, working her way up to head receptionist ,and then evetually vet tech. Recently someone brought a pregnant cat into the clinic, who'd sustained a head injury. The guy who was feeding her accidentally slammed her head in the door.  She ended up being ok, thank gawd & the clinic decided to keep her as their "clinic cat," as they have done with a few other wayward felines. Addie, as they named her, eventually gave birth to 8 adorable kittens.  I went to visit them yesterday, as ES had been trying to get me to do since they were born.  They're only 13 days old and as you can imagine, just precious.  And Addie is just such a sweetheart, rubbing up against me seemingly unphased by her sleeping kittens.

All 8. Some on top of one another.

He/She (?) was the largest. I'd name it Emmett :)

This one is "Milk Drunk." It was one of the 1st to eat & finish...

This one was the smallest, I'd call her Alice.

Just precious.

I grew up always having a cat & a dog, but had always considered myself much more of a dog peson.  But since I have been living in apartments & condo's, I just couldn't justify getting a dog. It will happen one day! But in the mean time, I feel as though I might have become more of a cat person, much to my dismay.  In fact, if I was crazy & single, I might just adopt all 8 of those kittens and name them....

Edward, Bella, Jasper, Alice, Emmet, Rosalie, Carlisle & Esme!

 I might have to swap out a name and add in Charlie or Renee, should the sexes be off, but hey...wouldn't that be so freakin' cute!?! Forget kids, I want a harem of kittens named after Twilight characters!

Libenet Does It Again!

One of my favorite Robsten vid creators has created yet another masterpiece!  Love love love the way these two look at each other.


Friday, June 17, 2011

I'd Like To Thank Papa P's Sperm!

In honor of Fathers Day weekend, I thought it would be more than appropriate to pay tribute to Rob's Dad, Mr. Pattinson. Such a grand man he is for having such great sperm contributing to the birth of such a heavenly creature....

Oh hai Papa Pattinson! 

How nice of you to say hello!

He's such a sweet sweet man. He even takes time to sign autographs...

Aww look at him, concentrating so intently.

You can tell he's super proud of his family.

Thank you to Papa P's vigilant sperm (and of course Mrs.P's lovely egg) for giving us THIS:

WAIT FOR IT...........

Cue the ethreal trumpets!

Good Gawd...Rob.

I need a cold shower. STAT!

How about if I pay tribute to my own Dad, that's as good as a cold shower.

My Dad is pretty kick ass. We may have not always seen eye to eye as I was a teenager, but he always had the best intentions and has made it his life mission to take care of my Mom, Sister & I.  He just loves us girls with an intense passion.  AND, he never fails to remind us of how proud he is.

That said, I thought I'd share some pictures:

My Dad in the middle, circa 72? No clue.

With my dad in 81?

 On Oahu in 92.

On my 30th birthday.

With ES.

With his future son in law in Maui 2011.

With his ancestors ;)


Hope you enjoyed & that I didn't bore ya!

Hope everyone that has a Father in their life, or had one in their life, pays tribute to them this weekend.

Oddly enough, mine is leaving to go to Palm Springs with my Mom and some of their friends this weekend. At least he'll have a blast!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ash Buys Flowers On A Whim. I'm Jealous.

The lovely Ashley Greene was spotted doing a bit of grocery shopping at a Whole Foods in LA yesterday after a work out at the gym.

*Yes these are pap pics, but if you look at the other pics here, she seems very happy & not bothered*

It must be nice to just buy some flowers on a whim. That may sound silly, but I'm sure she didn't look at the price tag. In fact, do you ever really look at the price of grocery store items as a celeb? I guess it depends on your personality.  I could see Kristen totally looking to see how much something costs, but I'm not quite sure about Ashley.

I have always celebs that are uber big (I'm talking Brad & Angelina status) monitor their own checking & savings accounts?  I'm sure they have multiple accounts, like one that is for every day items and one for big purchases, as well as a whole slew of investment accounts.  But for celebs like Ashley, who aren't there yet...I'm curious. 

I'm sure Rob has people that do all that stuff for him. I wonder if he even knows his worth at this point?

"You mean I get paid for this stuff?!"

What are your thoughts on how celebs manage their finances?  Do you think it depends on how much your worth, or more so the type of person you are....down to earth despite your fame, or a bit removed from reality.


Monday, June 13, 2011


So who said you couldn't have Bloody Mary Sunday on a Saturday morning in Palm Springs? No one? Oh....ok.  Thought it was a genius intro.

Maybe not.

Anyhoo, I'm back from Palm Springs!

No...that sparkly thing isn't Edward...

Side note: You'd never believe how much $$$ we saved by making our drinks in the room and sneaking them into the pool.  My Mom's hip water bottle was a godsend. We had Bloody Mary's mid-morning & vodka + O-Organics Tropical Soda in the afternoon.

I got home Sunday afternoon, but was a bit sunburned and just felt like chilling out sans blogging. However, it's not like I didn't go looking for new Rob pics the shortly after I got home.  That's just a given. And speaking of, look what surfaced.....

Rob on the set of Cosmopolis lookin' mighty Fifty.

Seriously people. Do you think he's f*cking with us? Toying with us for better choice of words? He must have ready MOTU. That's definitely why he took the roll. The sweet boy that he is, thought he'd give us all a thrill by playing someone that closely resembles Mr. Fifty Shades. 

Really Rob?! Did you think it would be a thrill?'s more like a panty ripping, solo-session-inducing lust fest. Thanks Rob. Thanks ALOT!

Psssst...if you think I'm really complaining, please go jump off a cliff. K. Thanks. Bye.

Let's see, what else happened recently.....oh yes, I remember!

Wait for it..............................................

There's gonna be a Breaking Dawn panel at Comic Con! Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nope, I don't have tix YET. AND dagnabit, I can't take anymore time off of work.  I really hope someone comes through. As @TwiloveSue pointed out, they'll probably do the panel on Thursday. Booooo.  To think, the entire cast will be 4 blocks from my office. I hope to gawd they do something at the historic Gaslamp Theatre like they did 3 years ago. I work 1 block from it. So technically I could run out on my lunch and scream like a rabid fan girl. I kid.........about the screaming.
Ok, worst case scenario I don't get hooked up with CC tix, I definitely plan to attend a Breaking Dawn Convention in LA, should they have one. Insiders say they will, I'll believe it when I see the link go up :)

Alrighty folks, that's it for now.


Saturday, June 11, 2011



... he kills me.
I know this photo is days old now but had to express how much I love, love, LOVE the difference in their skin colors. THIS contrast is how I imagined it should have been all along.

Miss you h00rs,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet, See Ya Soon!

"And just where do you think you're going Ms. Jen"


"What do you think I said...use your brain Ms. Jen"

"I'm going to Palm Springs wtih my Mom for the weekend.
But I won't be gone me."

"I'll be waiting...."

"Sweet, see ya soon!"

psssst...I will not be held responsible for any drunk tweets that arise from this weekend....just sayin'.