Friday, June 17, 2011

I'd Like To Thank Papa P's Sperm!

In honor of Fathers Day weekend, I thought it would be more than appropriate to pay tribute to Rob's Dad, Mr. Pattinson. Such a grand man he is for having such great sperm contributing to the birth of such a heavenly creature....

Oh hai Papa Pattinson! 

How nice of you to say hello!

He's such a sweet sweet man. He even takes time to sign autographs...

Aww look at him, concentrating so intently.

You can tell he's super proud of his family.

Thank you to Papa P's vigilant sperm (and of course Mrs.P's lovely egg) for giving us THIS:

WAIT FOR IT...........

Cue the ethreal trumpets!

Good Gawd...Rob.

I need a cold shower. STAT!

How about if I pay tribute to my own Dad, that's as good as a cold shower.

My Dad is pretty kick ass. We may have not always seen eye to eye as I was a teenager, but he always had the best intentions and has made it his life mission to take care of my Mom, Sister & I.  He just loves us girls with an intense passion.  AND, he never fails to remind us of how proud he is.

That said, I thought I'd share some pictures:

My Dad in the middle, circa 72? No clue.

With my dad in 81?

 On Oahu in 92.

On my 30th birthday.

With ES.

With his future son in law in Maui 2011.

With his ancestors ;)


Hope you enjoyed & that I didn't bore ya!

Hope everyone that has a Father in their life, or had one in their life, pays tribute to them this weekend.

Oddly enough, mine is leaving to go to Palm Springs with my Mom and some of their friends this weekend. At least he'll have a blast!



  1. Love it!

    It's not Father's Day in New Zealand until September, but I like this post. I especially love the pic of you two in '81. I have many similar!

    BTW, "Cue the ethreal trumpets!" <----- BEST LINE EVER!

  2. Nice tribute to your Dad!

    And I just love Papa Pattinson. Ever since Rob read those emails his father sends him on Leno I have been completely enamored with the guy!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. what a fun post!

    surf's up, jen's papa!

  4. Oh, Jen, this is awesome. Love the tie-in with Rob and his dad, of course, but the pictures you shared of your dad are priceless. Did you and/or ES learn to surf then?

    Happy Father's Day to your dad!

    I will be spending most of the day with mine. Travis has a doubleheader (weather permitting) and then we're going to my sister's for supper. Looking forward to it. Bloody Mary Sunday still in order for you guys?

  5. Bahaha, love the picture of your dad with his ancestors, lol!

  6. @ Lisa-uh yeah it's still in order!! Which date? I know it's July-so exciting!!

  7. PS we did LEARN to surf but it never stuck w/either of us... I stood up on my first wave :D

  8. Great pictures of your Dad. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  9. Really late post. I tagged this post for a reason. My dad used to surf in so cali too! I had a sniffle when I saw your dad's surf pic. Reminded me of my dad. He's been gone 3 yrs next week--7/15. My mom said dad used to take me w/him on the surf board, but I never surfed at all. I love and miss the beach sooo much. Grew up in Venice/Marina delRey area until the '80s. Nice post Jen!


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