Monday, June 13, 2011


So who said you couldn't have Bloody Mary Sunday on a Saturday morning in Palm Springs? No one? Oh....ok.  Thought it was a genius intro.

Maybe not.

Anyhoo, I'm back from Palm Springs!

No...that sparkly thing isn't Edward...

Side note: You'd never believe how much $$$ we saved by making our drinks in the room and sneaking them into the pool.  My Mom's hip water bottle was a godsend. We had Bloody Mary's mid-morning & vodka + O-Organics Tropical Soda in the afternoon.

I got home Sunday afternoon, but was a bit sunburned and just felt like chilling out sans blogging. However, it's not like I didn't go looking for new Rob pics the shortly after I got home.  That's just a given. And speaking of, look what surfaced.....

Rob on the set of Cosmopolis lookin' mighty Fifty.

Seriously people. Do you think he's f*cking with us? Toying with us for better choice of words? He must have ready MOTU. That's definitely why he took the roll. The sweet boy that he is, thought he'd give us all a thrill by playing someone that closely resembles Mr. Fifty Shades. 

Really Rob?! Did you think it would be a thrill?'s more like a panty ripping, solo-session-inducing lust fest. Thanks Rob. Thanks ALOT!

Psssst...if you think I'm really complaining, please go jump off a cliff. K. Thanks. Bye.

Let's see, what else happened recently.....oh yes, I remember!

Wait for it..............................................

There's gonna be a Breaking Dawn panel at Comic Con! Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nope, I don't have tix YET. AND dagnabit, I can't take anymore time off of work.  I really hope someone comes through. As @TwiloveSue pointed out, they'll probably do the panel on Thursday. Booooo.  To think, the entire cast will be 4 blocks from my office. I hope to gawd they do something at the historic Gaslamp Theatre like they did 3 years ago. I work 1 block from it. So technically I could run out on my lunch and scream like a rabid fan girl. I kid.........about the screaming.
Ok, worst case scenario I don't get hooked up with CC tix, I definitely plan to attend a Breaking Dawn Convention in LA, should they have one. Insiders say they will, I'll believe it when I see the link go up :)

Alrighty folks, that's it for now.



  1. Nice work on the cheap drinks!

    And yes, he is soooo Fifty right now.

    Forty six days, Jen. Get the bloody mary ingredients ready!

  2. And, umm, "Solo session inducing"? I need no encouragement!

  3. I really never had any doubt there would be a BD panel at CC. I'm sure Rob will be there too! Hope you can get tix!

    God he looks good filming Cosmopolis.

  4. I love how you have a "bloody Mary"
    I'm gad you had a great vacation...everyone needs one!
    He does look rather enticing, doesn't he? Makes me want to drive to Wall Street and lurk near all the limos.

  5. Packinson doesn't do shit for me. I'm 100% hobo Rob.

    Drinks by the pool sound awesome.

  6. Jen, welcome back from Palm Springs and so glad you and Mommy had fun!

    I think Rob most definitely knows what he's doing to us and I have a feeling he's familiar with Fifty and fanfic. How could he not be???

    As for CC, I think maybe you feel a headache coming on for the morning of Thursday 7/21, don't you? (*said in my best Aro voice*) Come, join us! I'll hold you a spot in line :)


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