Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Vag Might Splode'...Just Sayin'.

As some of you may know, I have been a little behind in my Rob porn searches as of late.  I know, work shouldn't be an excuse, but it is my friends, it is.  Combine that with writing out addresses for our wedding invitations, asking the parents for checks left and right, deciding on what type of shoes to get, what flavor of cake to choose, soaking up the So Cal sun since it appears we're actually going to have a summer, sending addresses to ES so she can send bridal shower invites, deciding on wedding favors etc etc...PHEW!'s exhausting.  But like any normal Robsessed individual, I had to take some time out this evening to catch up...and boy was I glad I did.

I perused quite a few Cosmopolis set pics from this past week and frankly, my vag might splode'.
*splode'- courtesy of Mrs. P & LivingWEdward.

Let's move onto the pics, shall we?

This is probably one of my most favorite faces he makes. Happy Rob melts me.
And to think I saw this face from 5 ft away, 2nd row at the Kimmel show.
 Good Gawd Rob.

Sucking down the soda there Rob?

The boy has such LONG red legs!

You can't see me, but my head is level with his waist ;)


Rob might look like this if he was in jail.
And why does it look like he's wearing a diaper?

ADORKABLE finger porn!

"I'm a butterfly!"



You missed a bit, I can help....

This bitch just orgasmed in her pants.
Lucky h00r.

Well I feel a bit more caught up now, how about you?  Admittedly, I enjoyed these pictures much better that Rob in a tux.  Believe me, I love the boy in a tux, but his hair was doing NOTHING for me.  These on the other hand make my fleshy bits swell.

Love ya!



  1. Spode is right! I love him so much better like this too!! Hot!! Give me Rob in a beanie any day!!! Good luck with your wedding details!:-)

  2. Oops! I'm meant 'splode! Guess Rob got me all hot and bothered!

  3. I swear I only just saw this post, even though you posted before I did with my Robp0rn catch up! Seems we're on the same wavelength.

    BTW, tell ES she can address my invite to:

    c/o - Jen's apartment
    San Diego

    Where I shall see you in exactly four weeks :)

  4. Too funny A, I actually noticed the title of your post right after I finished mine, but it was late here and I was falling asleep. Off to check it out.

    Pammy, you can create your own word. Spode...I like it.

  5. This was a nice little Robp0rn journey.

    Pic of his arms crossed--MY GOD look how good his arms look!


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