Monday, November 7, 2011

Breaking Dawn Set Stuff, Friends & YOU SUCK

So my last post was all about the Cullen Family panel as well as that little known group affectionately referred to as the Twifecta. If you haven't seen the pics, check them out!

I have mixed feelings about the Twilight Conventions...they're cool (like purple), but I wouldn't personally spend $300+ to attend all three days...Ok I take that back, if I could easily afford it, I would do it solely for the purpose of spending time with amazing people.  For me, there are only two real draws now, getting to see the actors & the panels they do, and the opportunity to spend time with great friends & make new ones...Friends were awesome this time, but the RobStenTay panel wasn't all that great. SURE, you can say I'm jaded, but I promise I'm not. I know for a fact that I'm not the only one that feels as if the panels should be moderated by a professional. The Comic Con panel for instance (even via video) was much more fascinating than the convention one.  They do allow the audience to submit questions, but I'm not sure if Scummit puts the kibosh on most, or if the Hillywood crew just does a craptastic job of picking them out. The other thing that put a bad taste in my mouth were the audience members screaming out obnoxious comments such as "Marry me Rob" or "Take Your Shirt Off Taylor." Really?! It's obviously an attention grabber & I shouldn't let it bug the shit out of me, because I can pretty much bet my life savings on the fact that neither of those things are going to happen....but it does....bug me.

Oh, & don't even get me started on those that started screaming "My boyfriend's English" to Kristen.  It's completely NOT OK to start mocking one of the actors & quoting something they supposidly said. I think it truly makes you a shitty twifan. So for those of you that yelled that...

 We are their in support of these actors. I'm the first to admit that my heart races, my hands sweat & as @TwiloveSue so eloquently said "I forget to breath,"...but making fun of them or digging at their personal life during a live panel, is completely unacceptable.

Now onto a lighter note, here are some props that they had propped up (he he he) in the vendor area....

The Cake!

Wedding attire.

Epic fail on this one.

This was gorgeous. The company that created/provided the linens and decor for the wedding

I have the same pic from last year :)

@cupcakegirl76 took this one.

And the best thing of all about the BD Convention in LA, bloggy/twitter friends who have turned into RL friends!

Wish I had MORE pics!

<3 w/ @17foreverlisa <3

Pssst.. @Twi_Lin photo-bombed us!

Me, @Dangrdafne & @Twi_Lin

w/ @mandysmind

Tired or TWIRED with @17foreverlisa

Miss you lovely ladies!



  1. I'm with you - all the "fans" yelling out obnoxious comments totally sucked. I mean, come on, did we really need to spend 10 of our precious 30 minutes with the Twifecta Plus One listening to idiot fans screaming out inane comments? What a surprise that Rob & Kristen don't do these sort of events more often (pretend that was written in the sarcasm font).

    On the plus side, it was awesome seeing so many friends again and I love Twi_Lin's photo bomb!!

  2. I knew you'd understand ;) Thanks Sue!

  3. The best part about dropping money on all this Twilight stuff besides the chance to see the actors is hanging out with friends. Without these amazing girls it wouldn't be quite so much fun!
    OMG that bed is really an epic fail, just uh.... yeah epic fail.

    I don't mind when people yell stupid stuff once or twice before or after the actual questions start but I do mind when they yelled "My boyfriend's English" soooo not cool! I didn't hear it come through on the video but we could hear them yelling for Taylor to take his shirt off *shakes head* it's really sad. Lisa updated us the the English quote.

  4. Yeah, the Take Your Shirt Off people really bugged the crap out of me. The first time it was funny, the fourth time I was ready to escort them out myself. It was embarrassing and you couldn't hear the panel's answers over the hormonal screaming. Grrr.

  5. That's the main reason I've only watched a few clips from the convention... all the screaming bugs. Same reason I don't watch a lot of any type of vids... 100 Monkeys vids included. The yelling is annoying. That being said, I still have to go next year. I NEED to see the Twifecta in person AND all of your lovely faces (although I'm hoping I see you a lot sooner than that!)

  6. i'd like to blame creation for allowing a BAR to be set up before the panel. i'm sure the practically nonexistent filters disappeared completely after 4 mojitos.

    jen i agree- the panel was lackluster, but i was happy to have had the experience. after all- it's annoying to see all the convention clips time after time and wish you were there.

    it was fawesome to finally meet you :-)

  7. I love this post! I clearly have never been to a fan event, but I think I agree with everything above about audience etiquette.

    Hot pics of all mah gals!

    Oh, and I completely agree on the epic bed fail. For a start, it wouldn't be a single bed!

  8. It was great to see you and I can't wait to do it again next year - even with the yelling fans. It is part of the deal unfortunately. I did like when the guy yelled out "I love you Rob." That was pretty funny :)


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