Sunday, November 6, 2011

LA Breaking Dawn Convention PHOTOS!

Hey there-

 I decided to just go ahead and post photos right away & save the juicy details, opinions, orgasm sounds etc for a later post when I'm not so pooped. My neighbor was awesome enough to let me borrow her 2 week old fancy new camera.  Not only did she let me borrow it, but she uploaded the pics onto a memory stick within 10 minutes of me getting home....She rocks.

So, without further adieu, "some" of my many pics from the "Official Breaking Dawn Part 1" convention in LA.

PSA: Yes, I smeared my blog address on most of these pics. I realize this is annoying to some people & you can just crop it out anyways. Believe me, it kind of annoys me when people do it. I guess I annoy myself? Anyways, here's my take on it...I know you can just crop it out, but do me a favor? Please either LEAVE the "watermark/tag" (whatever you want to call it) or at least, credit back to my page if you feel compelled to crop it. Fair enough?  If you want a picture for personal use [insert dirrrrrrty thoughts here] please email me and I'll send you an unmarked one.

*Click for bigger pics*

Twilight Saga Screen Writer: Melissa Rosenberg!

The Cullens! 

Very serious here.

That MOS is just...just...ahh I'm at a loss for words.

Hug it out boys...  ;)

Ready for Rob?


Ready for some Robsten?!

Wait, that's not Robsten....

And I couldn't resist since they were on my side of the theater...


One of my favorites, I have plans for this one...


Hope you enjoyed, I sure did!

The full account of my Saturday is to come. I had such a great time with great friends.

Is it Friday yet? lol

PS Want to see the panel? Go HERE.



  1. AWESOME pictures, Jen! I'm sure you can guess which one is my favorite - Thud! Was yesterday amazing or what? So glad I got to see you :)


    So Jealous. I LOVE how that last single pic of Rob he is staring RIGHT AT YOU!

    And I love Robsten. And Dean. Sigh.

  3. Great pics Jen! Seriously there was like a Robsten bubble around the two that you could physically see, I bet it was even more amazing in person. I can't wait to hear more!

    I flove Dean!

  4. wow wow WOW how close WERE you?! these look like you were practically on the stage - nice! Can' wait to read the full account... xoxo

  5. Yikes, that posted before I even signed it. It was good to see you!


  6. Dayum!!!! Love. I'm so there next year, I don't care if I have to sell all of my Twi swag and 100 Monkeys autographs to do it. That's a lie. I would miss that stuff. BTW What do you think of Jackson's hair? Personally, I love it!

  7. aw, great photos jen! thanks for sharing.


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