Friday, November 4, 2011

HOT KStew & BD Convention Part 1

Pretty great post title, right? heh.

Hey there!  Did any of you watch KStew on Leno last night? I stayed up, even though I was completely zonked.  She looked absolutely stunning...I thought.  I'm not a fan of that color blue, in general, but I thought it looked fabulous on her.

So pretty!  She was super bubbly and awkward, as only KStew can be...and for you haters, I mean that endearingly.

In other news, tomorrow I'm headed to @Twitour LA for the Official Breaking Dawn Part 1 convention.  I went to the Eclipse one last year and it was super fun. I just have the Saturday preferred ticket, but am staying overnight so I don't have to drive home :)

Quite a few of my bloggy friends, who have subsequently turned into RL friends, will be there.  I get to see @17foreverlisa (for the third time!) , @TwiloveSue & (My San Diego buddy), @ZAnyMouse, @Twifixx, @Dangrdafne (haven't seen her since Forks 2010!), @cupcakegirl76 (also haven't seen her since 2010!), @LuvsMeSumEdward (Who I'm fortunate to see every so often), @mandysmind (again, haven't seen her since Forks 2010!) & @Twi_lin (not since Forks 2010)

I'm also going to get to meet a few folks I have never met, which will be awesome.  Last convention, I didn't have twitter on my phone, but this time I do.  If you're there and want to say hi, please tweet me, or look out for me! I'm short, like 5'2"...

Here's a pic:  

Ok, not really.

This is more like it!

I may or may not have a glass of wine in hand ;)

Funny factoid: That pic was taking in the bathtub of a hotel in LA after ES & I went to our first 100 Monkeys show, and the day before we lined up for the New Moon premier. Time flies when you're having fun!

PS I will be tweeting from the convention, but I will not let it get in the way of my absorption of the pretty while he's on state lol!

Are you going to the BD part 1 convention? If so, let me know in the comments!


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  1. I wish! Will be thinking of you ladies and wishing I was there xxx


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