Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Love Rob....But You Knew That.

Yesterday I posted about how I was basically buried under a pile of work, and had NO time to sneak any peeks into Twiland. Fortunately, not much surfaced yesterday....so I didn't feel completely left out. Today was a whole different story...I kept seeing emails passed back and forth between some of my besties...Lisa & Twilovesue_1, just to name a few....because Rob had indeed been spotted in LA over the weekend, on the 27th to be exact. Guess where they spotted him? I'll give you 3 choices:

1. At a Nudist Colony.

2. At a Hot Pocket Convention.


3. At a Guitar Shop.

The answer is #3 my lovelies.....but #1 wouldn't be so bad either....esp if we were all there to witness it ;)

Oh hi Rob, you've been looking a little pale lately...

Guess what else surface?

New screen caps from bts of Eclipse!

I love "Twirly Rob."

I need this FRAMED. NOW.

Ok lovelies, I will be in "event hell" all day tomorrow from about 9am to 11pm.....so wish me luck.

P.S. Not sure which Eclipse DVD to get? For a nifty lil' rundown, go HERE. I'm going to Target, because Walmart's in San Diego suck. Just sayin'. Plus this year they have the skip to Edward part ;) ...they didn't last year :(

P.S.S Did anyone else notice that Ash has a ring on her wedding finger??...HOWEVER, I believe she's worn in before...

P.S.S.S Saving the best "PS" for last...JRath is going to be starring in a new teen action series!
YEAH! Cause I love me some clean-cut boyish Jackson. Hope it films in LA, because that means more 100 Monkeys shows. Sweet!!!!!!

Peace out!


Monday, November 29, 2010

New Documentary!

Today was a crazy busy Monday. The positive part of today was that it flew by. I barely had a chance to eat, let alone take any quick sneak peeks into Twiland.

Admittedly, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Ok, not all the time, but I loved spending a good 5 minutes catching up in Twiland this evening. It's not like there was much to catch up on, hence the 5 minutes.

At least we all have something to look forward to this weekend...........


I cannot wait to have you in my greedy little hands.
Twiathon commence!

And speaking of Eclipse, there's a new documentary about Forks! It's called "Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight." I hope to gawd it's better than "Twilight in Forks," cause that shiz sucked ass. AND, the peeps were sorta creepy if you ask me......They didn't seem creepy when I was there....hmm...

Anyhoo, this actually looks good. Especially since a lot of us had the incredible opportunity to meet up there about a month and a half ago. I miss my Forks girls! *Sniff*

This video is supposed to be available for purchase wherever the Eclipse DVD is sold. SWEET!

Hope everyone had a manageable Monday :)


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nothing Like Badass Robward To Cheer Me Up

I've got the "gotta go back to work, holiday weekend is over, boo-hiss blues."

But this vid cheered me up.

They said it's new, but I don't think it is. Anyone know? I feel as though I have seen it before...

Wait a minute, it's not new. It was pulled and now it's back. I think that's right. Geez I'm even
confusing myself.

I found it here.

It goes without saying that Biel is a genius.

And part 1 below is one of my all time favorite Robward Biel vids.

I could watch that one over and over and over and, well you get the idea. Swoon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Friday, November 26, 2010


Yeah, I'm a little late with this...I think it surfaced yesterday. Anyways, Bill Condon tweeted this pic, and well, I'll let you figure it out for yourself.

Squeeee! He said it was really Kristen's arm! Ahhhh. Love KStew. Love Bella. Cannot freakin' wait an entire effing year! Geeez.

Read more about what BC had to say here.

Speaking of feathers......

A few Mini-E TG shenanigans ;)

Edward is a friend to the animals...
before he drains them.

His best impression of Vanna White.

"Ooh Edward, you're so strong!"

Oh hai...hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Rob Thankful For?

Hey Rob,

I know that Brits don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but seeing as you're gracing the states with your ever so f*ckhawt presence, I'd like to know...what are you thankful for?

Please stop trying to distract me with your boyish good looks.
I will not be distracted!

Rob, it's not that serious. Don't give yourself a hernia, or worse, shoot yourself.
P.S. Your arms look really nice btw.

Seriously, you're praying about it?
Rob....just answer the question, what are you thankful for this year?

OK Jen.....you asked...

I'm thankful for this:

and this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

And most certainly...


Any questions?

Nope Rob, I think that about sums it up :)



*Schmexy new outtakes found here.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

100 Monkeys, JRath Dreams & Cold Showers.

Check it out! Jackson Rathbone's video diary from MTV. In this vid, 100 Monkeys premiere the new Coolpix vid. I wasn't so sure about this song at first, but hearing it live at a couple of their concerts was epic. I have said it once, and I'll say it again, if you haven't had a chance to see 100 Monkeys, do it!

These guys might be coming to a town near you! They're known for squeezing in a relatively descent amount of shows during Jackson's filming obligations. So...take a looksy!

Of course ES & I are praying they'll do some shows in So Cal in January [I mean he has to have a weekend off here and there, right? Right?...doubt it, but one can pray] We need our 100 Monkeys fix. Oh, and staring at Mr. MOS exude sex on stage isn't so bad either.

Speaking of Jackson, I had a dream about him last night! Admittedly he has graced my dreams before, however this time.....he KISSED ME! Omg, you know how kisses in dreams can sometimes [very rare] feel so realistic? This was one of those. My memory of the rest is a bit muddled, I know he was playing with his band in a house...I kept giving him "the look" and figured he thought I was too old. Oh contrare my dears, he came into this bedroom where I was conveniently laying on the bed. He said something to the effect of "You know I'm young enough to be in High School." I responded cooley "And I'm a bit older......" Then as if in slow motion, he leaned in and pressed his soft supple lips against mine. His breath was warm and sweet and his tongue gracefully swept across mine, taunting it. The entire time I was thinking "Oh shit, this feel so good, but ES is gonna be so pissed!" LMAO!

Jackson Rathbone,lips,kiss,gif,animation
His lips kill me.
And yes, I'm stoked I found this!

Oh man, now my girly parts are all tingly and shit. Geeez.

Have you ever had a detailed dream about kissing one of those hawt ass Twilight boys? Come on, I want details!

"Where ya going darlin'?"

To take a cold shower Jackson....preferably with you.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Moral Dilemma...

...or debate, whatever, I'm having one NOW!

Ok, not about the squirrel. I just noticed Eclipsemovie.org posted the R&K Eclipse commentary in 3 semi-short videos. Gaaah, this is one of the things I am most looking forward to about getting that DVD in my greedy little hands. I plan to sit curled up on the couch by myself with a glass of wine and indulge in Robsten's social intercourse [yup, I said that.] Granted the entire movie isn't posted, but gaaaaah I wanna watch/listen now!

Fine, I'll admit it, I started the 1st vid and watched/listened at my desk for about 1 min... Obviously I'm the only one here. Had someone walked in on me, I might have looked something like this...

Is this kid wearing a toupee?

Lord help me I am so tempted. Damn it, why can't I ditch my h00rish ways for one damn second?!?

Are you going to watch the little morsels that are being offered to us on a silver platter, via my handy little link? OR, are you going to be good and wait till 12/4?

Do you want to see & hear it? Go HERE. Yes, I'm an enabler. Don't hate.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gaah, New/Old Rob Pics!

I haven't been on my lap top all day...it's like a world record or something. Just as I sign on, I see these...not bad, not bad at all.

Love the the black & white, love his smile, don't love the hair.


Watcha think? Watcha think?

I might post later if inspiration hits...we'll see ;)

P.S. Yeah for a short work week! Mon, Tues and half day on Wed...then OFF THURS, FRI, SAT & SUN. Sweeeeet.

*pic source


Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Breaking All The Rules Now...

....And Posting At Work.

I had to! THIS IS EFFING AMAZING...if you're a Robsten fan. If not, move along....

Plus this used to be one my favorite songs :)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Excited Are You?! Sometimes You Just Need To Vent.

First and foremost, I'm going to tell you about the last couple of days. Not interested? Sucks for you, because that's what I plan on talking about. No, there aren't any schmexy new Rob outtakes in this post, just RL shit. Ok ok ok, maybe if you're patient, I may throw in a new pic here or there.

Anyways, it all starts with this last week. I was PMS-ing like nobodies business.

Pretty much like that.

In addition to being my usual edgy self, my boobs hurt super bad, and they normally don't. I will admit that for half a second I wondered if I might have a mini TwiredJen in the oven. But luckily(?) that wasn't the case. I definitely get more weepy while PMS-ing, however this time around I was borderline ridiculous.

Oddly enough, last night I was in a pretty descent mood. However I started balancing my checkbook and needless to say, that put a damper on things . Sure, my $ situation is better with this new job, but granted I have only been there a month and need to play catch up...from the entire year and a half of it NOT being so good. Following my $ panic, I became a lil' depressed by the fact that I haven't worked out more than three times this last month. As I was trying to figure out some sort of new exercise schedule, I realized I hadn't seen my IPOD in weeks. note: I CANNOT go to the gym without my IPOD. FML. I looked everywhere...WTF?! After tearing through my closet (not sure why I thought it would be in there?!) I ended curled up on my closet floor with my arms wrapped around my knees crying & mumbling about how I just wanted my effing IPOD, and if I didn't find it, I'd get fat. It only went on for about 3 min...and then miraculously, I felt a bit better. All was good... until I attempted to get a good nights sleep. I had cramps all effing night long...which is rare. It was like an army of assholes had invaded my uterus. Bastards. Admittedly, I downed about 6 Advil in the course of the night. Don't judge me. To top it off, I did start my period in the middle of the night, only to realized I hadn't refilled the TP roll. My bad.

Army of Devils, close enough.

Moving on to today, and I promise this is coming to a close...I had to go into work a bit early for a meeting. My boss is helping to put on a huge private event at a water front village in San Diego. It's the first time the village has ever been bought out. This morning, we had the walk-through with the production company, as well as the DMC and the party rental peeps. As I stood in the parking lot, listing to talk of what tent/buffet station went where, my phone lit up. Casually I took a sneak peak and saw that MOTU had updated. Oh holy hell, my day just got so much better. THEN, my San Diego Twilighty friend Jessica aka @LuvsMeSumEdward, emailed me a new Robsteny waterfall pic. Sweeeeet. Come afternoon, I had another email from another lovely San Diegan friend, @TwiloveSue_1 informing me that Scummit would soon be announcing the Eclipse release celebrity singing info. SWEEEEET. Last year she went up to Santa Clara & had the pleasure of meeting Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed. They even signed her NM DVD! I'm hoping someone cool comes nearby and she let's me tag along ;) JK...she already asked me. Cross your fingers for someone cool!

Suffice to say, my day brightened significantly because of Twi....Can you believe it's ALMOST Eclipse release day!?!

On to some new-ish pics....er shit I find cool:

Jackson on KTLA. Yum.

Not enough JRath? Pffft, there is NEVER enough JRath. Here's a new vid! Jacks talking about his new web diary!?

Oh hey....another waterfall pic!

Look, these two are doing it. Face the facts. For a boatload more pics, go HERE.

Kris takin' a drag. Bet she looks like that when she goes down on...er...you know.

Thanks for reading...or scrolling through :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday TT!!! Wanna Play A Game?

The game begins here (http://robmusement.blogspot.com/)
and ends with a special surprise for TT, so follow along with her!
Answer the Twilight Trivia question and if correct, you will receive a clue to guide you to the next question.

Happy Birthday TT!!
Here is your #7 question:

Tough, eh? lol


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Piggybacks & Weaves (SPOILERS!)

On my desk top I have a lovely little folder titled "Twired Blog Photos." Within that little precious folder are about a twi-zillion pictures, mainly of RPattz & KStew. The runner up would have to be JRath. Just sayin'. Anyhoo, I just started wondering how many more pics I could squeeze in there...I'm sure there has be some sort of megabite, gigabite or some shit limit to how many you can have. Yeah....can you tell my computer lingo sucks ass? ES used to have to constantly remind me of the fact that it's wasn't "download pics" it was "upload pics." Ok, makes sense I guess...download pics to your computer vs upload them to your blog. Oooooh, I'm edumacated!

So, with all that said, a boat load (pun intended) more of Isle Esme pics surfaced today. Holy crow! Of course I was in hog heaven, as usual. Here they are...and you can find a crapsten load ;) more here!

Um....so it's a piggyback ride into possibly the waterfall...I get that.
But um...what's up with the weave Bella?

"Baaaahhhha Kris faaarted!"

"You want me to stick my finger where?"

Oooh, maaaaybe this is the BD SEX WALK. Yes please!
....minus the eyebrows...click to see.

Woah, grab it KStew. So jealous!

I'm really loving Rob's arms. Thank you...to whomever his trainer may be.

Lordy lordy, these pics are making my head spin. What do you think???



Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Peas In A Pod

Found these beautiful creations over at Robstenation & had to share.


*They certainly are...two peas in a pod*

And a BD vid to top it off.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We've Been Keeping A Secret From You...

Most of you know that a giant group of us Twitards met up in Forks a little over a month ago. However, we've been keeping a secret from you. Yup, that's right...we're sneaky Twitards. I guess we figured if everyone knew about it, they'd be uber jealous and the hate mail would get out of hand.

Ok fine, here it is....

We didn't just go to Forks for Twilight reasons, we went because they have a Twi-friendly nudist colony!!!

"Edward! Edward?!"


What we failed to mention was that we had a special guest. A guest of the ridiculously f*ckhawt variety. Yup....

L-R: Rob, Twilove1_Sue, StarlitViolets, 17foreverlisa, cupcakegirl76,
truebldtwilight, TwiredJen, cullenarycursor & Mrs. P

WE HAD ROB......

...and we convinced him to strip down to his boxer briefs with the promise of free drinks @ the Twilight Lounge.

See Sue go for the grab!? You go girl!

Jealous much?!

***Special thanks to LWE for coming up with this creative idea & Lisa for creating it with her mad skillz. You two had me, & quite a few others in hysterics all day long.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Couldn't Resist.

Shhh....KStew has something to say:



That is all.

PS Miss yesterdays goodies? Go here. <~~~~ CLEARLY I MEANT TO SCHEDULE THIS FOR TOMORROW, BUT NO, I HIT POST FIRST. FML. Premature blogulation ;)


My Head & Vag Might Splode'


The following two pics magically arrived while I was at work yesterday. Um..who invented work??? I was too busy and couldn't get a proper look at these till I got home. But boy were they worth the wait. It was a Happy Friday ineed.

All of a sudden Rob has shoulders! Um, where did those come from? Me likey. ALOT.

Did Robward steal Jacob's jorts?

So Edward. So hawt.

Moving on to a Happy Saturday...

Of course BD was in the back of my head all morning long...however I took a long walk with my Mom at the beach this morning and never g0t around to turning on my computer once I got home. All of a sudden I noticed my phone was blinking and that I had about 10 emails, that's when I realized I was missing something.

Thank you girls for keeping me in the loop!


HERE'S WHAT almost made my head & vag simulatneously splode'!

[LWE's word..frequently used by Mrs.P]


No wait...



K: "That's right bitches, he's mine."

[courtesy of TT..not verbatim]

OMG is this...THAT SCENE?!?

Boxer briefs..niiiiiice.

This one does me in. Killllz me.

K: "Look, it's Harry Potter?"

Woah! Hot Stew! Is that bikini see-thru, or is it just me?

Now, I must go take a cold shower and anxiously await more pics.

*Pics found here.