Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Piggybacks & Weaves (SPOILERS!)

On my desk top I have a lovely little folder titled "Twired Blog Photos." Within that little precious folder are about a twi-zillion pictures, mainly of RPattz & KStew. The runner up would have to be JRath. Just sayin'. Anyhoo, I just started wondering how many more pics I could squeeze in there...I'm sure there has be some sort of megabite, gigabite or some shit limit to how many you can have. Yeah....can you tell my computer lingo sucks ass? ES used to have to constantly remind me of the fact that it's wasn't "download pics" it was "upload pics." Ok, makes sense I guess...download pics to your computer vs upload them to your blog. Oooooh, I'm edumacated!

So, with all that said, a boat load (pun intended) more of Isle Esme pics surfaced today. Holy crow! Of course I was in hog heaven, as usual. Here they are...and you can find a crapsten load ;) more here!

Um....so it's a piggyback ride into possibly the waterfall...I get that.
But um...what's up with the weave Bella?

"Baaaahhhha Kris faaarted!"

"You want me to stick my finger where?"

Oooh, maaaaybe this is the BD SEX WALK. Yes please!
....minus the eyebrows...click to see.

Woah, grab it KStew. So jealous!

I'm really loving Rob's arms. Thank you...to whomever his trainer may be.

Lordy lordy, these pics are making my head spin. What do you think???




  1. I bet he carries her up to the cliff...and might even have her on his back when they dive in. I understand the stunt doubles do the diving...obviously...lmao!
    The hair...meh. It looks like a synthetic weave instead of real hair which boggles me...they have the money. Huge hair fail again.
    Rob looks...delish.

  2. K so he's giving her a piggy back ride. If I hear the words "spider monkey" in this movie, I will go ape shit on the movie theater chairs. (Maybe for like a split second because I'd obviously want to watch the rest of the film)

    He's so yummy. I'm so damn jealous of Kstew... seriously how lucky can one person be. It's not fair, not fair AT ALL.

  3. Mrs P- Yup...up the cliff, just like "up the mountain, you need to see what I am!" Wait, did I get that Twi line right? Hmm...And as far as Bella's hair goes, why didn't they just leave it the length that it was??? I mean Bella isn't a vampire yet, she could have totally cut her hair a bit. Geeez.

    Jaymes- LMAO! Yup she's one lucky lady!

  4. Hee hee, you said it: Spoiler Hoors Unite!! I'm glad to be in such good company. I mean, how could ANYONE resist looking at these pictures? The number of pics I've stored on my computer and phone is starting to get a little embarrassing, but not enough to make me stop :)

  5. Spoiler h00rs unite!

    Fricken love these. RC+S, ooh yeah.

  6. Definitely SQUEE worthy! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that RPattz looks more toned; sometimes I am not the most objective judge of him, what with all the lust and longing. And yeah, KStew's hair doesn't look great, they should've just left it alone.

    Spoiler h00rs unite!!! Love it! The powers that be had better keep feeding us small doses of these spoilers for the next year! Please?

  7. Bella's hair needed to be longer to hold more feathers. I count 6 hot kisses for BD so far!!!

  8. Love the pics, regardless. Thanks for posting.

  9. I LOVE IT!! These pics make me so happy. I'm not sure about the eyebrows or the weave. As long as it looks good on film, that's all I care about. Rob's arms and hott bod for the win!! We should send thank you cards to his trainer. I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight.


  10. Seriously why is her clip-ons so horrible. Maybe they should take some of that windchime, ab enhancer, and sparkle budget and put it towards her hair. This is ridic.

    I mean my purple $30 wig from Ricky's looks more real then any wig I've seen so far, except the ones from the reshoots from Eclipse. Someone get that person back on the make-up team STAT.

  11. Cool pics ~ thank you! I'm kinda digging Robward in the wife beater. :P


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