Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Love Rob....But You Knew That.

Yesterday I posted about how I was basically buried under a pile of work, and had NO time to sneak any peeks into Twiland. Fortunately, not much surfaced yesterday....so I didn't feel completely left out. Today was a whole different story...I kept seeing emails passed back and forth between some of my besties...Lisa & Twilovesue_1, just to name a few....because Rob had indeed been spotted in LA over the weekend, on the 27th to be exact. Guess where they spotted him? I'll give you 3 choices:

1. At a Nudist Colony.

2. At a Hot Pocket Convention.


3. At a Guitar Shop.

The answer is #3 my lovelies.....but #1 wouldn't be so bad either....esp if we were all there to witness it ;)

Oh hi Rob, you've been looking a little pale lately...

Guess what else surface?

New screen caps from bts of Eclipse!

I love "Twirly Rob."

I need this FRAMED. NOW.

Ok lovelies, I will be in "event hell" all day tomorrow from about 9am to 11pm.....so wish me luck.

P.S. Not sure which Eclipse DVD to get? For a nifty lil' rundown, go HERE. I'm going to Target, because Walmart's in San Diego suck. Just sayin'. Plus this year they have the skip to Edward part ;) ...they didn't last year :(

P.S.S Did anyone else notice that Ash has a ring on her wedding finger??...HOWEVER, I believe she's worn in before...

P.S.S.S Saving the best "PS" for last...JRath is going to be starring in a new teen action series!
YEAH! Cause I love me some clean-cut boyish Jackson. Hope it films in LA, because that means more 100 Monkeys shows. Sweet!!!!!!

Peace out!



  1. I wonder where he keeps all his guitars when he travels. He usually only takes one with him, I know but last time he bought 3 at a time. Unless this one is a present for Kristen. Well hopefully not a surprise Christmas gift for her because if so I think that is blown.

    Wait a minute, there are hot pocket conventions? LMAO! j/k

  2. twirly Rob is so fucking cute!!!

  3. I'm sorry your busy today, but hopefully it's a good busy... maybe?

    Love all your PS' I'm picking my DVD up at Target for the same reason. Walmart sucks.

    Can Rob just come out with an album already? Geez.

  4. That last pic is AH-mazing!!! I've been so outta the loop lately...missing anything good that happens in the interwebs or on blogs. *big sad panda face* Work is nuts for me too, plus the craziness that is December has already started.

    Thanks for posting that screen shot of Robward. That is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. I agree...it needs to be framed.NOW.

    I'm buying Eclipse at WM at 12:01, because I just want to and then the next day I'll pick up the Deluxe Edition at Target. I usually always end up with 2...or 4. I just can't help myself.

    Sorry I've been such a blog fail lately when it comes to commenting and such. Hope you're having a great week!


  5. Oh gosh, I'm waiting for Christmas to get my Eclipse. I KNOW! When did I go crazy? But TH knows he's supposed to get it. I hope he picks the right one, or I'll just have to go get another one...

    I'll think of you in event hell tomorrow, while I'm in cube hell. Hope the new job is better most of the time!


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