Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sneaky Little Twilight

Twilight is sneaky. How so you ask?

Well let me start by saying today was a great Saturday. It was the first Saturday since I have had weekends off, that really felt like a Sat. Anyhoo, I woke up & made some coffee...a must of course. Then I proceeded to slowly sip my coffee, cuddle with my cat and watch the local news. THAT my lady friends, is how I like to start my day off. Boring? Maybe.

Anyhoo, I didn't fire up my lap top (which is usually first on my list,) because I knew if I did I would have to pry myself away, and it would already be too late. Of course I checked into twitter now & then to make sure nothing crazy was going down, like oh say... a new pic of Robsten mackin' down...

Don't worry Kris, I can't find the pic I really wanted.

P.S. I was there. That is all.

Then I drove down to the beach and went for a 3 mile roller-blade on the boardwalk. It was gorgeous out. We've had record breaking heat this past week, however this morning was low 70's, sunny...with a cool breeze. That, mixed with the fact I was burning calories made for a pretty sweet, as the sun was bouncing off of my pasty ass face, I thought of Edward...and how he'd be sparkling under such circumstances. Swoon.

Anyhoo I came home and had the urge to do some cleaning. Seeing as I am now on a "normal" M-F schedule, I'm still trying to find my groove. My s/o is a clean guy (thank gawd) however I am a little more anal than he [side note: he does most, if not all of the don't hate.] Today I happened to be in a cleanliness is gawdliness mood. Sweet...gotta take advantage of those moods and they so rarely strike.

Get to the point Jen
: Ok. So as I was going through old papers and junk mail, I found a pile of Twilight cards....I'd carefully set them aside, but somehow they got lost in the shuffle of life.

(L-R) My 30th b-day card from the "Cullen Clan" aka ES, my Halloween card from ES (note: I had to hold it at an Edward angle...damn mutt) & my musical Twi card from TT! Love you kiTT!

AND, I totally meant to post one card in particular after my b-day waaaaay back in February, ES sent me a card from the Cullen Clan! They each took their time to sign it! Tee-hee ;) Love you Sista'

[read it, srsly]

So after organizing the pile o' bills/junk-mail/shit-that-needs-t0-be-shredded, I went into the spare closet to grab the vacuum. As I'm about to pull it out (she said that,) I look to my right and notice all of the dust on our file cabinet. (DUST DRIVES ME CRAZY) I go to grab the duster (yeah I have ADD when I clean)...and as I start to swish it back and forth, this lovely pic is looking up at me...another Twi-reminder.

Oh Jackson, to think this was our 1st pic ever...2 more followed!

I'm thinking I need to take that to work with me....hmmm....genius!

Overall it was a productive day! I slept in, worked out, ran errands, cleaned the condo and at the end of the day, a girl surely deserves a glass or two or three of wine!


So even when I'm not on the computer blogging, twittering, emailing or reading/watching Twi, it seems to find its sneaky little way into my every day life. Ok, who am I kidding? I have TONS more Twi stuff scattered throughout the's just that these particular things caught my attention and made me smile today.

Love you all.

Before I go: Robsten taking pics with fans at the airport in Brazil. Awww, notice how Dean rallies all the girls into to take a pic with Rob. I knew I loved Dean.



  1. Wow, your day was just like mine except for the working out part (I take weekends off). Love your b-day cards & your pic with Jackson!

    xo T xo

  2. Your birthday card cracked me up! I read what I could... loved how ES changed up the handwriting too.

    My 30th was in January... that's awesome! Nearly the same age :-)

    p.s. Wanna come clean my house?

  3. love the b'day card! totes awesome.

    um yeah, I'm pretty sure I've never been in a cleanliness is next to gawdliness mood.... sadly it's pretty obvious from the state of my house. SIGH. Can I blame the kids? Mr. NotSmitten? Surely it isn't MY fault!!?!

  4. =)*smiling*

    So cute how ES wrote out all those little appropriate greetings to you in that card!

    And the picture of Jackson (gasp!) is that not proudly being displayed on a wall in your clean home for all who enter to see and be jealous?

  5. Hmm, can you send someone over to clean my apartment. Thanks!

  6. I totally agree. Even when I'm not blogging or checking out blogs or reading fanfic, Twilight still pops up everywhere in my life/mind. I even anonymously checked out my son's new girlfriend & verified she is Team Edward.

  7. @Miss Tejota & IheartFifty- I'm on a plane...I expect tips ;)

    xo J


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