Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot Damn Kellan! Vid Is NSFW

I really don't need to say anything here...other than can Rob or Jackson please do something like this? Please?

That is all.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3rd Base, Robsten Style.

Welcome to....

3rd base!

I'm not as into baseball as Lisa, so let's switch gears and talk about a different set of bases...SCHMEXY bases!

I classify 1st base as kissing, 2nd base as bewb touching & 3rd base as....touching, fingering & or stroking of the nasty bits.  I don't think Robsten had even got to 1st base during the filming of Twilight. They just did a whole lot of eye-fucking.

It was all up hill from there.

 I like to think they hit all 3 bases at once during the tail end of filming New Moon. 

Kristen: "They so know we're fucking."
Rob: *giggles*

As you know Lisa, I could easily go on and on and on about my love, theories, hopes & dreams for Robsten, but that wouldn't be fair since others are reading this post. So I will stop, and just say a few words before presenting you with some sweet cards from others that love you.

Lisa, you were one of the first people I met in the fandom. It started when I found Twitarded. From there, I found Twibite & Mrs P. was kind enough to lead me to you.  You were welcoming from day 1. You recommended I join twitter, encouraged me to post what I wanted to post, helped pimp me out & guided me along the way. You not only created my beautiful blog banner, you also share(d) my intense &  undying love of Robsten. Immediately I felt connected to you. After months and months of emailing back and forth, and even a few phone calls, we FINALLY met in FOOOOOOORKS.  Who knew, almost 2 years ago, that you'd be spending a week in San Diego for Comic Con?! I'm so thankful you were able to stay with me that last night. The fact that you met DG as well as the rest of my family meant so much to me.  I know this wont be the last time we see each other.

7/23/11 @ Casa Twired Jen ;)

Sniffles be gone! It's time to hand this over to some other lovely ladies that would like to express how much they love you with their kick ass artistic skillz.

I love you Lisa & hope you have a FABULOUS birthday!


This killed me, LMAO!!!

Bahhaa! Robzsinger!

Now hurry! You have lots of places to go!

Batter Up
Starting Pitch
First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Home Plate
Extra Innings w/Grand Slam
The Dugout
7th Inning Stretch
The Beer Vendor
The Outfield
Derelicts Underneath the Bleachers
The Press Box
The Locker Room
Spring Training


Monday, July 25, 2011

HQ BD Panel Vid from SDCC!

For those of us who didn't get to see the Breaking Dawn panel at Comic Con, here it is!

Hopefully the rest will surface tonight...then I'll post!
Can I just say that someone must have slipped some crack into KStew's coffee that morning. Wow, she was on fire. She seemed much more confident and extremely chatty. Not to mention she looked absolutely stunning.  Pretty ballsy move with the white shirt over the black bra. 

Admittedly, I went back downtown on Saturday afternoon to see if I could maybe catch Kristen leaving for her SWATH panel...paparazzi and SUV's were lining the side entrace of the Hard Rock I figured it was a good place to hang. I got there about an hour before her panel, but never did see her. I figured maybe I was pressing my luck with already having met ASkars. Anyhoo, it turns out I missed her. She did enter and exit from where I'd been standing. I later saw paparazzi pictures and recognized the side of the Hard Rock hotel as well as some of the paps. She had her fist clenched really tight in one both of the pics and she looked I'm almost glad I wasn't there, because I wouldn't have yelled her name or anything.

As for Rob, he was as adorkable and ever. The hair topic has been beat to death on twitter, so I'm going to leave that one alone. I will say that a fan did ask him if he'd kept his hair like that for Cosmopolis re-shoots, and he something to the effect of no and that he just liked it. Soooo typicallly Rob.

I can't wait to hear all about @17foreverlisa & @TwiloveSue's re-caps of their meet & greets. Lisa stayed with me Saturday night so I got the goods, but it will still be fun to read about it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I met Alexander Skarsgard. Read about it HERE.

And stay tuned for my take on the BD panel, and some other stalkerish fun adventures while Comic Con graced San Diego's presence :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

This Is About True Blood, Not Twilight. Sorry!

So I just got home from hanging in the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel...3 blocks from my office. My mission since I heard ASkars was actually going to be part of the TB panel at Comic Con, was to see him or even better, take a picture with him. It was a pipe dream as far as I was concerned. I mean, I have seen Rob in person 3 could I be so lucky to see someone else I'm so obsessed with?  But guess what?! It happened. Pics to come later as the only pics I have are pics of pics. My friend is emailing them to me tonight after she gets home. She is just as obsessed as I am, so it was super fun to share the experience with her. She even got an autograph on her Rolling Stones TB magazine. Classic!

Till then, have you seen this new teaser trailer they showed at Comic Con???? OMG! SHIVERS.



Boy, was Kristen looking hot at Comic Con during yesterdays appearance. Wow!  I also heard and experienced (via video) that she was on pun intended. Seriously, she had so much energy and didn't seem shy at all.  Did someone spike her morning coffee?!


I think she must be staying here overnight again, seeing as the SWATH panel is tomorrow. Hope you really enjoy San Diego Kristen. Love ya!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thoughts on the "Half-HAWK."

"Half-Hawk" was coined by the one and only @Mama_Cougar. Just sayin'.
She's pretty much a genius when it comes to twitter one-liners, so I had to share the new term stat!

I wanted to share my comment from Twitarded's post this evening, regarding RPattz "brain surgery do."

Yup, this one.


Here was my comment:

"1st and foremost, do you know how damn awful it was to be mere blocks away from his holyness...err..Robsten?! Then I see the hair and almost breathe a sigh of relief...Christ, at least I didn't have to see it in person....The dude is fucking with us. He could have worn a hat, a beany, maybe even a damn paper bag... but the boy decided to let it fly....

"Haaa, see if the girls think I'm smolderng now...see what they think of me now with my lopsided do'!"

Well Rob, brain surgery do' and all, you're still hot. But I feel blessed to have witnessed it from a far. Ok not really. I'm insanely jealous and plan to go stalk ASkars tomorrow in hopes of making up for it. Just sayin. Bet he doesn't have a half-hawk."

Holy hotness Eric..I mean ASkars!
2009 Comic Con

Seeing as my boss is out of the office tomorrow, I am seriously considering taking an extended lunch break at the Hard Rock Hotel in hopes of seeing Mr. Hotasfuck Vikingboy.

AND next boss is getting together with her Sister in law, who happens to be engaged to 1 of the TB directors.  NOT Alan Ball..clearly.

She asked if I wanted her to "try" and hook me up with anything....UM YES, ASKARS!
She said no, I'd have to ask for something more reasonable. I pouted..why???

A signed poster, ASkars underwear.

Come on girl, hook a Sister up!

Ok I am getting all flustered...and I'm cheating on Twilight by talking True Blood over here. That's usually reserved for the other blog.

Be safe.


BD Comic Con Pics As They Come - Will Be Updated #SDCC

 As a whiny reminder, I'm not there, but I am 4 blocks away in my office glued to twitter. Stay tuned for more pics as they come in...

1st PANEL with Liz, Ashley, Nikki, Julie and Booboo:

*All via twitter


The descent side of Rob's hair. Lordy lordy.

More of the see-through shirt:


And the Robsten-Bubble....SWOON!

The "good side" of Rob's gawd awful haircut. LOL!

HQ pics via Thinking of Rob.

#HalfHAWK (coined by  @Mama_Cougar)

 Links to some pretty kick ass Rob & Kristen vids: HERE!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm A Jealous Bitch!

Sure I did some "Fake Camping" and visited my besties in line for the BD panel at #SDCC, but damn, it's not enough. I left tonight feeling sniffly at the thought that I won't be joining them to once again experience the ROBSTEN BUBBLE! Admittedly, I was lucky enough to see it first hand at the Eclipse Convention in LA....but I want to see it AGAIN. Is that too much to ask?  Someone just tweeted that Robsten was spotted in downtown San Diego. I'm not surprised...they probably came down tonight to get a good nights bump & grind sleep, before the panel tomorrow. And to think, I will be 4 blocks away in my mother effing office!?!

Yup, that's me.

I don't want to miss this!

This next one makes me laugh. You may need to click on it to enlarge  @Mama_Cougar shared it earlier today. LOL!

Despite my sadness, I am really excited that @17foreverlisa & @LuvsMeSumEdward (for her 2nd time!)  will get to experience the Robsten bubble.  Sigh...wish I could be there with you lovely ladies.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretend Camping for Comic Con :)

I may not have Comic Con tickets, but that doesn't mean I can't hang with my Twitarded besties who are braving the BD panel line! I even got pizza thanks to @LuvsMeSumEdward.  Granted I did walk ALL THE WAY from my office ;)  It's actually about a 15 minute walk if I take the long way...which I did. I was trying to squeeze in some sort of exercise, hence my gym clothes....basically dumped that effort down the drain with the damn carbs. Oh well.

@17foreverlisa, me, @TwiloveSue

The girls told me that they moved the line from the sun back into the shade.  They really have a nice set up going on. The line that wasn't the "official line," now appears to be pretty official.

Calm, Cool & Collected!

I plan to head back over there tomorrow evening after work to hang out with my lovely friends again. How could I not?

Are you in line? Are you following the coverage of the line? Tell me in the comments.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Rob In The Flesh

I wasn't too thrilled about going back to work today after my fabulous weekend.....
Friday night I left work giddy as ever because I knew in less than 24 hours I'd be surprising Lisa at the good ol' San Diego airport with @TwiloveSue.  Awhile back I told Sue I'd love to go with her to pick up Lisa from the airport, and of course she thought that was a great idea...especially since Lisa 'thought' I was busy ;)  We conspired to show up with SOMETHING in hand...whether it be a sign or Rob...we weren't sure.  Unfortunately Rob never called either one of us back.  We thought he was still in Toronto filming, and was just too consumed to answer....Come to find out he'd left Toronto one day before @17foreverlisa arrived.

 July 15th.

I can understand why we were ignored...he probably wanted to get home to KStew.  I mean, damn, she's been looking all kinds of hot lately.

Flowing hair, long lean legs....

So because we couldn't welcome Lisa with the flesh, we surprised her with THIS:

@TwiloveSue with a kick ass poster & me with a box of Franzia..decorated with Rob & Jackson of course!
Please ignore the fact that my arm looks bigger than my thigh...Guess the Franzia brought out my muscles...

We then took Lisa to a water front restaurant for lunch....surprisingly she was ok with it :)  If you know Lisa, you know she's not to keen with the any body of water because it might contain WH*LES....her greatest fear. Good thing I never mentioned the young wayward wh*les that sometimes find themselves in San Diego Bay, rather than the oean.... In all seriousness, Lisa seemed to really enjoy the view and I think she thought San Diego was pretty kick ass at that point.

You didn't think we'd have lunch without cocktails, did you?

Lisa, Sue & Me...CHEERS!

Unfortunately I had plans Saturday night and needed to get home by 4pm....but not before taking Lisa & Sue on a Trolley tour of San Diego!  Super fun!  I figured Lisa wouldn't get to see much of San Diego while camping out for Comic Con.... It was an awesome day over all.

My Sunday was pretty great too.  I spent the day drinking Bloody Mary's and chilling out in the sun on the back deck of my parents house. I had to go downtown that evening to check on a work event, so unfortunately I wasn't able to go to LA with Lisa & Sue..sniff..

Skip forward to today. I saw Lisa for a bit while she walked up to the bank...but had to get back to the office. I wish I could have hung out....Now I'm home, drinking some champagne, while Lisa & Sue brave the Comic Con Twitards... DG is out to dinner with a friend from out of town and I'm flipping channels. 

Not Sex & the City, though I do love it....
Why does seeing Eclpse on a TV channel I don't get, make me super jealous?!?!?
It's not like I don't have the DVD at arms reach!

WTF?! I want to watch this again! I don't have the DVD at arms length on this one.

My TV is just putting these here to teast me. I just know it!

Alright kids, stay tuned for more adventures this week as I get to hang out with some of my favorite Twitards. Keep in mind I don't have Comic Con tix, but I do work 4 blocks from the Convention Center!


Don't tell Lisa!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Think I Wanna Marry You.

One of my favorites in a while.  I especially love it at about 1.22 where they're holding hands backstage at the MTV Movie Awards 2011.  So sweet. 


Thursday, July 14, 2011

KStew Cooper Fender Bender..say that 3X fast!

KStew got into a teeny fender bender in LA today. Looks as though a girl possibly bumped her from behind, as you can see tiny dents on the back of the famous KStew-Cooper.

PAP PICS...don't say I didn't warn you in big bold YELLOW letters.

 "Hi...uh, yah, um...yah...hi."


I wonder if the girl bumped KStew or if KStew backed up and bumped her leaving a parking spot. Hmmmm...What do you think???

 She looks so cute here.  I would be shitting my pants if I was that girl.

Looks like Kristen was heading to or from her riding lessons....I assume for her upcoming role in SWATH.

More HQ pics HERE.

So how would you react if you had a teeny fender bender with Kristen?!?!

Gah I love KStew!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Robsten Secrets

If it was possible for me to LOVE Robsten even more than I already do......this vid made it beautiful Robsten vids tend to.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

via Robstenation


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Comic Con - A Local's Perspective.

Hi everyone, Twifans posted this earlier today. It's basically an informal guide to San Diego's Comic Con. Now I have never actually held a ticket to Comic Con, but I was a hotel Concierge for many years and experienced the fans & even some celebs first hand.  I'm also a San Diego local...born and raised baby!  That said, I thought I'd give my two cents/perspective on this guide.  My thoughts in PINK :)

Thursday, July 21st:

11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 panel in Hall H.

Hall H is located on the south side of the San Diego Convention center. You will see a sign for where they want the line for Hall H to start. At least there was in 2009. In 2009, it started at the corner, up along the building heading toward the bay. In 2010, the line was started in the grass to the south side of the building and the area was covered for shade. This does not mean it will be the same this year. Comic-Con is very good at signage and security. It will be a easily found area.

In previous years there were several panels in Hall H. This year there are a lot less panels and long intermissions in between panels to clear the room out.

What this means is that during the Breaking Dawn panel, it's likely to be only TwiFans trying to get seats. So generally we won't be fighting with other fanboys or fangirls from other genres for good seating. There are 6500 seats in Hall H with huge screens everywhere. Every Twilight fan will have a good seat.

What is most important for the best experience at Comic-Con? A sense of humor and a reeks of B.O. when the freaks and geeks come to town. Just kidding...please continue:

1. Hotel- You should have got this long ago but if you haven't start looking in the surrounding areas like the harbor or Coronado. Even if you have to stay 10-15 minutes away to get a good priced deal, it's worth it. YES, you should have had this LONG ago. Hotels sell out as far as 45 min to an hour away. If you have booked a hotel that seems to be a ways away, there is some good news. Comic Con shuttles to and from the Convention Center from most hotels. PS If you're still looking, try

2. Line buddies  Other crazy Twifans are essential for a good experience in line. Line buddies can be the people in your group or friends you make on either side of you in line. Line etiquette: Make sure to let everyone around you know how many friends are in your group and if it's more than just a few, people may not be happy. Best bet is to all go at the same time. Security will get very strict about adding additional friends to the line.
Being comfortable in line is different to everyone. Some people bring a chair and survive with a chair forever and others want luxury hotel like digs. Whether you want to pack the whole car or fly in with just the necessities, we have some suggestions and plans for how to build your outdoor line living room.

3. Chairs-The concrete is really hard in San Diego Is it soft elsewhere? I kid. For some reason I feel the concrete is harder in SD than it is anywhere else lol. Oh, you answered this ;) Even with a blanket, it's to hard to sit on for an extended period of time. They make it hard to deter the homeless....kidding, again.

4. Shade & Sunblock-With skin pale as a vampire; keeping cool and not having a sunburn that will ruin your time at Comic-Con is important. We bring a beach umbrella with a basket full of blankets to hold it up, sunscreen, and large hats. Also beach half-moon shade structures are nice. They have them at Costco right now for around $35.00. Oh, I almost forgot Sunglasses!
She couldn't be more right about this. For some reason, oblivious tourists visitors always get sunburned really easily here. I have heard Southern CA is under a very thin portion of the ozone layer.  You will get burned here more quickly and severely than you would in your home me.
As for chairs & or sunblock, there is a CVS on the corner of 6th and Market, they have plenty at the moment. I think they're gearing up for Comic Con too!

5. Snacks & water - whether you are waiting outside or holding onto your coveted seat inside, having a few snacks and a beverage is helpful. There are concessions available for purchase but for better choices and convenience, bring a few of your own. If you are flying in, not to worry. There is a Ralph's (located on the corner of 1st and G Street/Open 24 hours!) grocery store a short walk from the Convention Center. It is also important to stay hydrated when you are out waiting in the sun.

6. Bug spray-There are very large water bugs/roaches that came out of the planters at night. I will be spraying the ground all around me before setting up my area. If everyone does it, maybe we will be safe from the creatures! "They're not bears bugs, they're COCKROACHES! HUGE COCKROACHES."

7. Notebook & pen-It's fun to exchange your TwiFans profile and Facebook pages with each other to keep touch once you have made friends. This is where Kim and I met for the very first time. You can also draw funny pictures of your friends with mustache's, and also keep it handy in case Rob walks by and you want to slip him your digits.

What will happen when they let us into Hall H? THE APOCOLYPSE!

There will be tons of Comic-Con employees making sure that you aren't running or saving seats, so try to keep your group together. The room is huge not as huge as the wolves. About 200-300 fans will fit in the first couple rows, so don't freak out. You will get a good spot either in front of the panel or in front of a large screen (which you end us watching for close ups anyways).

Once you are in your desired spot ROBS LAP! don't move unless you are going to the bathroom or KStew kicks your ass. Even then, make sure you have someone watching your seat like a hawk.

8. Questions for the panel: Get your questions ready for the Twilight cast. Please ask something that gets new information about the film. Open-ended questions are best, not a question that could be answered with a yes or a no.
EXACTLY & puhlease don't ask all the same generic blah blah blah questions that have been asked a twizillion times...Let's get original..."Kellan, what about a nekkid arm wrestle sesh after the panel?"

9. Cameras-Photos and videos are permitted for the panels. Except when they roll the video clips. Security is extremely tight during the clips. But somehow footage always manages to leak..

10. Poster container or rubber bands-When walking the floor last year we received all types of cool posters, including New Moon posters. But they aren't any good if they are all wrinkled. A poster container will be great place for a brand new Breaking Dawn - Part 1 poster! And don't lose your stuff or leave it on the Comic Con bus. One year we had a girl come to the Concierge Desk crying because she'd lost her TB poster signed by the whole cast. BUMMER.

11. Patience and a sense of humor - Comic-Con has some of the most amazing people watching.  SO TRUE! But the B.O. can be foul...DEODORANT PEOPLE, DEODORANT! Many come in costume. It is a lot of fun, but it can be very crowded and involve tons of waiting to get into panels and between events. Try to enjoy the experience of being there and make new friends. Where else can you go and know that Twifans aren't the biggest geeks in the crowd? It will make you feel NORMAL. Trust. Enjoy!

Hall H is only part of the Comic-Con experience. There are rooms with panels and the convention room floor to explore. Here is the cci11exhib_maps.pdf

12. Schedule-Make your schedule after you register on the Comic-Con site at Comic-Con has a program that let's you click on the highlighted panels you want to see each day to make your own custom schedule for the days you are going to be there. You still might not be able to get into the rooms you want to. NIFTY!

There, I think Twifans covered everything! My office is located just a few short blocks from Comic Con, so I'm planning to visit my friends in line for sure.  Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions about San Diego!

I know quite a few of you won't have any time to sightsee, but if you can squeeze in some time, there is a great all encompassing tour of San Diego called The Old Town Trolley Tour. It takes you to about 6 different stops and you can just relax on it (2-hours if you don't get off) or you can hop on and off. If you do hop off somewhere, another trolley will come back by every 30 min to pick up where the other left you off. It's super fun. You can get discounted tickets HERE.  And they should be good for any day.  HINT: They pick up in Seaport Village (adjacent to the Hyatt Manchester) every 30 min :) It really is great for people on a tight schedule...and it allows you to get a great overview of the'll feel like you saw SAN DIEGO!

This pic must be from

Here's another great local resource:

And thought this was funny.....



Friday, July 8, 2011

Wet Hair Porn

A girl can only take so much lip, jaw & finger porn....but when you throw in wet hair's a deadly combo. 

Gawd help us all.

*Rob on the set of Cosmopolis with fans*


I'm speechless.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!