Thursday, July 7, 2011

"OBVIOUS" Messages From Rob!

This morning, @TwiloveSue sent a few of us these pictures of Rob.  It's my gut feeling that he was sending some of us a conspicuous message....

Take one for the team Rob!

Go Padres!

kiTT's not coming? You must be joking.

He must know that @17foreverlisa, @Dangrdafne & @MissTejota are all visiting San Diego for Comic Con.
@LuvsMeSumEdward, @TwiloveSue & myself are all lucky enough to live here & cannot wait to see you all again. Some are even meeting for the first time.  SQUEEEE!

Thanks for the shout out Rob!



  1. Squeeeeeeeee!!!! Can't wait to see all of you guys! Oh, and Rob too :)

  2. That's just like him, always worried about whether or not I'm gonna be there. LOL!

    I'll hope for lots of tweets and pics from San Diego!

  3. I love that I am flying across the country to meet MissTejota when she lives all of 2 hours away from me lol. Can't wait!!

  4. I think I might come see you ladies... if I can convince Amanda to come. :)

  5. @Jaymes- If you want to come you can totally stay with me or Sarah!

    @DD- Too funny! You met her in Forks for the first tme though, right?

    @kiTT- Just like Rob...always concerned about you kiTT!

  6. I WANNA PLAY TOO. That is all.

  7. haha - i freaked when i saw the sd padres cap!!!


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