Monday, July 18, 2011

Rob In The Flesh

I wasn't too thrilled about going back to work today after my fabulous weekend.....
Friday night I left work giddy as ever because I knew in less than 24 hours I'd be surprising Lisa at the good ol' San Diego airport with @TwiloveSue.  Awhile back I told Sue I'd love to go with her to pick up Lisa from the airport, and of course she thought that was a great idea...especially since Lisa 'thought' I was busy ;)  We conspired to show up with SOMETHING in hand...whether it be a sign or Rob...we weren't sure.  Unfortunately Rob never called either one of us back.  We thought he was still in Toronto filming, and was just too consumed to answer....Come to find out he'd left Toronto one day before @17foreverlisa arrived.

 July 15th.

I can understand why we were ignored...he probably wanted to get home to KStew.  I mean, damn, she's been looking all kinds of hot lately.

Flowing hair, long lean legs....

So because we couldn't welcome Lisa with the flesh, we surprised her with THIS:

@TwiloveSue with a kick ass poster & me with a box of Franzia..decorated with Rob & Jackson of course!
Please ignore the fact that my arm looks bigger than my thigh...Guess the Franzia brought out my muscles...

We then took Lisa to a water front restaurant for lunch....surprisingly she was ok with it :)  If you know Lisa, you know she's not to keen with the any body of water because it might contain WH*LES....her greatest fear. Good thing I never mentioned the young wayward wh*les that sometimes find themselves in San Diego Bay, rather than the oean.... In all seriousness, Lisa seemed to really enjoy the view and I think she thought San Diego was pretty kick ass at that point.

You didn't think we'd have lunch without cocktails, did you?

Lisa, Sue & Me...CHEERS!

Unfortunately I had plans Saturday night and needed to get home by 4pm....but not before taking Lisa & Sue on a Trolley tour of San Diego!  Super fun!  I figured Lisa wouldn't get to see much of San Diego while camping out for Comic Con.... It was an awesome day over all.

My Sunday was pretty great too.  I spent the day drinking Bloody Mary's and chilling out in the sun on the back deck of my parents house. I had to go downtown that evening to check on a work event, so unfortunately I wasn't able to go to LA with Lisa & Sue..sniff..

Skip forward to today. I saw Lisa for a bit while she walked up to the bank...but had to get back to the office. I wish I could have hung out....Now I'm home, drinking some champagne, while Lisa & Sue brave the Comic Con Twitards... DG is out to dinner with a friend from out of town and I'm flipping channels. 

Not Sex & the City, though I do love it....
Why does seeing Eclpse on a TV channel I don't get, make me super jealous?!?!?
It's not like I don't have the DVD at arms reach!

WTF?! I want to watch this again! I don't have the DVD at arms length on this one.

My TV is just putting these here to teast me. I just know it!

Alright kids, stay tuned for more adventures this week as I get to hang out with some of my favorite Twitards. Keep in mind I don't have Comic Con tix, but I do work 4 blocks from the Convention Center!


Don't tell Lisa!!!


  1. So, yeah, the Runaways is on TV here tomorrow, I'll think of you when I watch it. I loves me some Stewy in that movie.

    So excited you guys all got together! I am really looking forward to hearing about CC from Sue and Lisa.


  2. A trolley ride sounds fun!
    Hope you get the chance to hang out with them more.

  3. Glad you got the chance to hang out with Lisa a bit. I love spending time with her!

    I totally get how you feel about Eclipse being on TV. Last weekend a channel I don't have was playing all three and I was really bummed. Like I couldn't just get up and pop in the dvd's without commercial breaks, silly me lol

  4. I love the signs you met Lisa with, and such cute pictures! I can't help but giggle and snort about her aversion to wh*les. One of my best friends has a caterpillar phobia and she can't even watch a cartoon of one (Disney's Ugly Bug Ball just about had her running from the room, screaming). About the only thing I'm deathly afraid of is that I will die before locking lips with RPattz.

  5. Too fun! Looks like you guys are having a blast! Cannot wait to see the Robsten bubble! I have been soooo missing them!! Hopefully u will be able to break away from work to scream with the rest of the fans!

  6. How fun! I'm super happy you got to see Lisa and at least spend some time with her.

  7. that pic of rob is sooo good. thanks for sharing.

    can't wait to hear about all your escapades with miss lisa. xo

  8. If someone met me at the airport the way you guys did with Lisa, I would be floored! So cool that you got to hang out. I actually just bought The Runaways - KStew is totally hot as Joan Jett.

  9. Next year hubby and I are adding days to the Comic Con trip so we can do the trolley ride and see our friends more :)

    I love that you surprised Lisa and you had such a great time together. I can't believe I never got to see you. So sad. Hopefully next year though.


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