Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm A Jealous Bitch!

Sure I did some "Fake Camping" and visited my besties in line for the BD panel at #SDCC, but damn, it's not enough. I left tonight feeling sniffly at the thought that I won't be joining them to once again experience the ROBSTEN BUBBLE! Admittedly, I was lucky enough to see it first hand at the Eclipse Convention in LA....but I want to see it AGAIN. Is that too much to ask?  Someone just tweeted that Robsten was spotted in downtown San Diego. I'm not surprised...they probably came down tonight to get a good nights bump & grind sleep, before the panel tomorrow. And to think, I will be 4 blocks away in my mother effing office!?!

Yup, that's me.

I don't want to miss this!

This next one makes me laugh. You may need to click on it to enlarge  @Mama_Cougar shared it earlier today. LOL!

Despite my sadness, I am really excited that @17foreverlisa & @LuvsMeSumEdward (for her 2nd time!)  will get to experience the Robsten bubble.  Sigh...wish I could be there with you lovely ladies.



  1. Aww, it's ok bb. Hey, you're warm and dry in your bed right now and not freezing your arse off outside in the middle of the night...

    ... hmm, that wasn't much of a positive, was it?

  2. AwwwI wish you had gotten tix. It does make things worse when you know they are so close by!

    You will see lots of tweets with pics so it will almost feel like you are there. :)

  3. If I could have gotten you in, I would have. Hopefully next year ?


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