Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3rd Base, Robsten Style.

Welcome to....

3rd base!

I'm not as into baseball as Lisa, so let's switch gears and talk about a different set of bases...SCHMEXY bases!

I classify 1st base as kissing, 2nd base as bewb touching & 3rd base as....touching, fingering & or stroking of the nasty bits.  I don't think Robsten had even got to 1st base during the filming of Twilight. They just did a whole lot of eye-fucking.

It was all up hill from there.

 I like to think they hit all 3 bases at once during the tail end of filming New Moon. 

Kristen: "They so know we're fucking."
Rob: *giggles*

As you know Lisa, I could easily go on and on and on about my love, theories, hopes & dreams for Robsten, but that wouldn't be fair since others are reading this post. So I will stop, and just say a few words before presenting you with some sweet cards from others that love you.

Lisa, you were one of the first people I met in the fandom. It started when I found Twitarded. From there, I found Twibite & Mrs P. was kind enough to lead me to you.  You were welcoming from day 1. You recommended I join twitter, encouraged me to post what I wanted to post, helped pimp me out & guided me along the way. You not only created my beautiful blog banner, you also share(d) my intense &  undying love of Robsten. Immediately I felt connected to you. After months and months of emailing back and forth, and even a few phone calls, we FINALLY met in FOOOOOOORKS.  Who knew, almost 2 years ago, that you'd be spending a week in San Diego for Comic Con?! I'm so thankful you were able to stay with me that last night. The fact that you met DG as well as the rest of my family meant so much to me.  I know this wont be the last time we see each other.

7/23/11 @ Casa Twired Jen ;)

Sniffles be gone! It's time to hand this over to some other lovely ladies that would like to express how much they love you with their kick ass artistic skillz.

I love you Lisa & hope you have a FABULOUS birthday!


This killed me, LMAO!!!

Bahhaa! Robzsinger!

Now hurry! You have lots of places to go!

Batter Up
Starting Pitch
First Base
Second Base
Third Base
Home Plate
Extra Innings w/Grand Slam
The Dugout
7th Inning Stretch
The Beer Vendor
The Outfield
Derelicts Underneath the Bleachers
The Press Box
The Locker Room
Spring Training



  1. I too share the love of Robsten! Wonderful post Jen! :)

  2. Cute post Jen :o). Love the cards too!


  3. *sigh* I love Lisa, Robsten and you Jen! Great post!!!

  4. Wonderful post Jen! Love the pic of you and Lisa!!!! Lisa is wearing her White Sox shirt! AWESOME!

  5. Great post, Jen!! Love all the Robsten goodness.

    You didn't use my pic. :( You no likey?

    Love the pic of you and Lisa!! Super cute!!

  6. Great post! I heart Robsten. Almost as much as I heart Lisa.

  7. Excellentsten takesten onsten thesten 'basesten' andsten verysten appropriatesten. (Added -sten to everything)

    Great cards!

    @MyAfterCar Very cool what you did with Lisa's name.

    Thanks for hosting Jen on a topic that I know is near-and-dear to you and Lisa!

  8. #ROBSTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jen, I feel like I am an adopted member of your family now. I know it's easy to say "I love you," but I really do love you. We've gone way beyond bloggy besties. You truly are a best friend, and I value that so much. There's not much I can't talk to you about. Of course, half of it you don't get and the other half I don't remember, so that's probably why it works so well. LOL!! We share of love of Rob, Robsten, Jackson, b&w images, and Fifty. You will always be my Escala hero. Thank you for such a fun post and for helping make my birthday extra special. XOXO

    kiTT: You are killing me with your cards. You outdid yourself. My Mother of the Robsten dress is hanging in the closet and ready to go ;)

    RobzSinger: LOL!!! Love your cards. Robgan...too funny. And thank you for the b&w CC pic of Robsten :)

    MyAfterCar: How cool is that?!! Can't wait to make it bigger and look at all of the images you put in there. I love it. Thanks for the birthday wish. Not much longer and we'll have a baby to celebrate!

    Kassie: Witnessing the Robsten bubble was amazaballs. Ain't gonna lie. How people can be in denail is beyond me. Thanks for another card!

    Thanks again, girlz! I am just shaking my head in amazement and I'm only half way through. Yikes!

  9. Sniff sniff! So sweet. So glad you guys got to meet up in SD :)

  10. Great post Jen. I am so glad that you and Lisa were able to spend time together in San Diego and she was able to meet your family and DG. Lisa is a member of all of our families and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  11. So nice to see such a great friendship.

    MyAfterCar- love your pic.
    kiTT- you've outdone yourself.


  12. Great post Jen! I don't think I would like it very much if Robsten wasn't Robsten. I would die if it was Robkki or Taysten. And thank god for having wonderful people like you and Lisa to share in our love for Robsten. I feel like I didn't say Robsten enough so how about one more... ROBSTEN! Happy Robsten Birthday Lisa!

  13. Ohhhh Jen. WHY WHY WHY are you SO.FUCKING.ADORABLE?


    Know this. I will be in LA in November, sleeping in a tent. If I don't get to fondle your fine ass in said tent, shit's gonna go down.

    Do you hear me?!?!

    Ok. Just so we're clear on this.



  14. MC- You crack me up girl! But thanks, you make my cheeks go all rosy. Here's the thing about BD and November. I'm taking time off for my wedding the last week of Sept and my honemoon the first week of I highly doubt I can take ANY time off for the premiere. If I can take 1 day off, I will certainly head up to LA & take my chances at finding you guys and getting a view of the premiere. I know people have gone up there last minute and had better spots than those that camped for day. Don't doubt me people! LOL

    Hope to see you and you can fondle me anytime you'd like...though I warn you, my ass is as flat as Nikki Reeds chest ;)

    Everyone else- Thanks so much for the lovely comments. Lisa so deserved all of our kick ass posts. I promise to do some catching up on the rest tonight. If I don't comment, it's because Blogger hates me.

    xo J

  15. Dood... Lisa is such a Robsten ain't she?
    Nice post bb!


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