Monday, April 28, 2014

It Smells Like a Freakin' Egg Roll....

First of all, may I point out that as I went to create this post, I realized that the last time I posted was exactly 1 year and 1 day ago. FREAKY DEAKY! That means Charlie was 6.5 months. What the what?! No way. He's now 18 mos. But we can talk about that later. This was just posted today by a friend on Facebook and I'm LMFAO DYING. Not sure how old it is, but it's not one of the vids I have seen before.

Jacob: "Can you train a pig?"

Edward: "To do what?"

Jacob: "Like harm my Grandpa..... & Grandmama..."

Edward: "Uh, you're looking for an assassin pig?!"

For some stupid reason it won't let me imbed it. So go HERE to check it out. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

She Did It AGAIN!

Libenet never fails to make the most amazing Robsten vids. Here's yet another beautiful tribute:

For some reason I can't imbed it... so here's the link. Gah! Amazing!

I'll leave with this:


Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Could Barely Choke Back My Pizza!

and I almost choked on said pizza...

Well, hello there, long time no!



I know - I keep expecting to NOT hyperventilate when I see pics of Robsten...but come on, I can't help it! And I realize you're probably hyperventilating that I actually posted. Heh.

Here they are, bumming around LA, hanging with KStew's bestie, Pouty Scouty......

*They're holding hands!* 


MANY more pics HERE

Friday, January 4, 2013

No, Not That Charlie....

Where have the last 12 & a half weeks gone? Holy cow.  Granted I haven't had my work computer, and my old lap top has been broken even if I did have a spare minute to post, I sure as hell wasn't going to go cross eyed doing it via my iPhone, that's for sure.

ANYWAYS....hello there :) Where to begin? Mr. Charlie, my Charlie,....not the dude with the stache...errrr...

(stache courtesy of @musingbella)

LOL! He's growing like a weed. Sadly he will only take Soothie brand pacifiers (if at all), & I could only get him to hold this one in his mouth quick enough to snap this shot...but hey it's better than nothing.  And it reminds me of another picture taken long ago......August of 2010 to be exact.

I sent this to the girls pre-Fooorrrrks 2010

Mustaches aside, I finally did muster up the courage to leave Charlie & go see BD2 a few weeks ago. I'm not feeling creative enough to write an in depth review, & really, what would be the point considering I'm super late to the party? I will however add some some rapid fire bullet points incase anyone is curious...because I definitely said I'd email a few peeps and never got around to it...I know, I'm lame.

MOVIE SPOILERS...for that 1% that maybe hasn't seen it?!

*LOVED the cottage.
*Sex scene was "good," but sort of anticlimactic...I enjoyed part 1's sex scene more.
* hot.
*Renesmee as a baby...creepy. And not in a g0od way.
*Renesmee as a child, perfect.
*Bella as a vamp...(I'm gonna get raked over the coals for this one) not as stunning as I have seen Kirsten look in real life. Does that make sense?
*Fight scene was EPIC & yes I lost my shit when they killed Carlisle. Literally lost my shit....jaw was on the floor. They had me fooled, that's for sure. And I love how they wrapped it up with Alice letting Aro see how things "would have" turned out. Love Love Loved it.

I must say that my mind wasn't 100% focused on the was my first time away from the little dude and I was definitely having separation anxiety. However based on seeing just once,  I give it a B-. Keep in mind it WAS NOT my favorite that could be a huge part of it.

Now for more pics of Charlie, my Charlie :)

10 weeks old

12 weeks & 6 days

12 weeks

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season. I am so out of it when it comes to Rob & Kristen, as well as the rest of the Twilight cast. You best believe I'll be catching up now that I have the computer back.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Careful Not To Burn Yourself!

.......cause KStew is smokin' HOT!
Hot Damn!

"You like?"
YES Kristen, we like.
Pics via Twifans
KStew in LA @ AFI Fest & On the Road Premiere.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tokyo Tease

I have been so out of the loop, but sneaking peeks at fan sites here & there between bf-ing Charlie & wiping his curry coated baby butt ;)

This evening, I ran across this absolutely adorable picture of Ms. Stew @ the BD Part 2 Tokyo fan event.

Gotta love the black permanent marker on her right hand.

SUPER excited for more promotion pictures!


Monday, October 22, 2012


Charles Robert...aka "Charlie" <3

Born on October 6th, 2012 @ 12:15PM
8lbs, 12 oz & 22 in long!?! 

WARNING - Typos and grammatical errors a'plenty! I'm on 3 hours of sleep people..... 

Not sure if I'll make it through this post without him waking up to eat, but I'm giving it my best shot. I haven't had a computer since right before I delivered, as I had to hand back my beautiful little Mac to my boss while I'm out...and DG's computer is a piece of sh*t. I guess I could blog from my iphone, but the thought makes me cross eyed. Anyhoo, the last 2 weeks and 2 days have been a beautiful, nerve-wracking, exciting, blissful & sometimes scary ride.  I can now say that I fully understand absolute unconditional love.

Way back on Friday October 5th, I'd spent the day with my Mom & Gma (Grandma.) They'd said we should go to PF Changs and eat something spicy in hopes of coaxing out this lil' one.  So we did, and then we walked around the mall a bit.  That evening I put together his swing & then lounged around on the couch. At about 8:30PM I was talking to my next door neighbor through the window & felt a braxton hicks contraction, but with PAIN this time. It stopped me dead in my tracks.  Then about 15 minutes later I felt another one.  I'd been spotting a bit too, and wondered if it was really time.  I was pretty terrified since my hospital won't admit you unless you contracting 3-5 minutes apart, lasting 60 seconds or more for 1 hour. I'd heard of women having to labor at home for a full day before they could go in.......WELL, by 10:45PM I was contracting every 3-5 minutes and they were SUPER intense. Some of them felt like they were coming on top of each other. They hurt so bad I ended up throwing up after.  I woke up poor DG who'd only been asleep for an hour and told him we needed to call L&D. We did & based on the tone of my voice, they said we could head in to be checked.  We only live 8 minutes from the hospital, but boy was that a ride.  I had 3 contractions from where we parked the car to the elevator. That was a LONG walk. Long story short, they put me in triage, I barfed some more, my water broke mid-barf & they deemed I was 2.5 centimeters dilated & 100% effaced. Time to admit me :) When we got to the room I asked for the epidural right away....then progressed to 3.5 cm, then 8.5 four hours later?! It was going fast......then around 3am they realized baby was face up...which can lead to a difficult delivery. They ended up having my lie in all of these side positions in hopes of getting him or her to move. By early morning my contractions had stalled & they gave me pitocin to get them going again. Finally at around 10:45am they let me start pushing. I had DG on my right leg and my Mom on my left with Sarah sitting close by. They were so wonderful to me...finally at 12:15PM I had a beautiful baby BOY.  I sobbed tears of joy & utter relief.....The relief part I have decided to explain.....

Following our 20 week anatomy scan, we were told we had what appeared to be a very healthy baby that was right on target for his or her due date, BUT......they had to let us know that the baby had a "white spot" on it's heart. My OB quickly said that it WAS NOT a heart defect, but just a little calcium deposit. The reason she HAD to mention it was because it's considered a soft marker for downs syndrome & trisonomy 18. She quickly assured me that she sees it quite often & all of the babies she
seen with it have been healthy.  She then explained that most babies with downs have this white spot, but most babies with the white spot don't have downs. do you not freak out?! She also pointed out that there were no other markers. The nasal bone, femur bone, hands & feet all appeared normal. We asked what options we had in terms of finding out more, and she said that an amnio was an option, but that the chances of miscarriage were much higher than the chances of having a baby with a genetic disorder. We'd denied the 12 week genetic testing, thus we didn't have much odds to go off of.  My world basically fell apart after than appt. I wondered if it was God punishing me for wanting a baby all of my life and for getting pregnant on the first try.  It's a horrible way to think but I couldn't help it. Fortunately I talked with a girlfriend who informed me that both of her boys had shown the white spot, aka "echogenic focus," and they do not have any genetic disorders. I also did tons of internet research and the consensus was that most babies with this calcium deposit are born perfectly healthy...and that technology is just so advanced now that it picks up EVERYTHING. Apparently the white spot disappears towards the end of pregnancy in most cases..but we were never given another full anatomy scan.

Needless to say,  I was worried sick the remaining 4-5 months of my pregnancy. I didn't enjoy my labor, even with the epidural because I was so absolutely terrified.  It wasn't until he came out & I saw him with my own eyes that I cautiously realized he was OK. I have never sobbed so hard in my life. It was extremely cathartic. Draining. I can't put it into words. I even asked the nurse if he was ok and she asked why. I explained myself and she brushed it off as being super common. Then she quickly pointed out that he didn't have any signs of downs. In fact, the nurses during our stay often commented on how darn cute he even said he looked like the Gerber baby.

I would have loved my baby no matter what, but I can't tell you how much of a blessing it was to have a healthy one. On a side note: DG announced the sex and it was totally anticlimactic. I remember hearing him say "it's a boy." I didn't even react.....of course he was a boy.....everyone said I was having a boy. All I could focus on was that he was PERFECT.

Figured I'd share a few more pictures to capture the relief.

 My SUPER ugly cry. Never cried so hard in my entire life.

Inspecting him, making sure he was ok.

And a few extras:

with Daddy, aka DG

1st outing to the beach

Trying on my boy-ish onesies :)

Thanks for all the well wishes!

PS Yes, he does indeed have not one, but 2 Twilight names. Truthfully, Robert was my Grandfathers name and I always knew I'd give my future child that name or use it as a middle name. It also happens to be DG's brothers name. As for was the only one we both agreed on. I thought it was strong, cute & not as common these days. Duane wanted it to officially be Charles...I reluctantly agreed ;)




Friday, September 28, 2012

You Can Thank Me Later.

I would be doing the world a huge disservice by not sharing this tribute to Mr. Pattinson. Holy hell kids.... You can thank me later....after you have cleaned up the um....mess ;)


*Found over at Robsessed*