Friday, January 4, 2013

No, Not That Charlie....

Where have the last 12 & a half weeks gone? Holy cow.  Granted I haven't had my work computer, and my old lap top has been broken even if I did have a spare minute to post, I sure as hell wasn't going to go cross eyed doing it via my iPhone, that's for sure.

ANYWAYS....hello there :) Where to begin? Mr. Charlie, my Charlie,....not the dude with the stache...errrr...

(stache courtesy of @musingbella)

LOL! He's growing like a weed. Sadly he will only take Soothie brand pacifiers (if at all), & I could only get him to hold this one in his mouth quick enough to snap this shot...but hey it's better than nothing.  And it reminds me of another picture taken long ago......August of 2010 to be exact.

I sent this to the girls pre-Fooorrrrks 2010

Mustaches aside, I finally did muster up the courage to leave Charlie & go see BD2 a few weeks ago. I'm not feeling creative enough to write an in depth review, & really, what would be the point considering I'm super late to the party? I will however add some some rapid fire bullet points incase anyone is curious...because I definitely said I'd email a few peeps and never got around to it...I know, I'm lame.

MOVIE SPOILERS...for that 1% that maybe hasn't seen it?!

*LOVED the cottage.
*Sex scene was "good," but sort of anticlimactic...I enjoyed part 1's sex scene more.
* hot.
*Renesmee as a baby...creepy. And not in a g0od way.
*Renesmee as a child, perfect.
*Bella as a vamp...(I'm gonna get raked over the coals for this one) not as stunning as I have seen Kirsten look in real life. Does that make sense?
*Fight scene was EPIC & yes I lost my shit when they killed Carlisle. Literally lost my shit....jaw was on the floor. They had me fooled, that's for sure. And I love how they wrapped it up with Alice letting Aro see how things "would have" turned out. Love Love Loved it.

I must say that my mind wasn't 100% focused on the was my first time away from the little dude and I was definitely having separation anxiety. However based on seeing just once,  I give it a B-. Keep in mind it WAS NOT my favorite that could be a huge part of it.

Now for more pics of Charlie, my Charlie :)

10 weeks old

12 weeks & 6 days

12 weeks

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season. I am so out of it when it comes to Rob & Kristen, as well as the rest of the Twilight cast. You best believe I'll be catching up now that I have the computer back.



  1. I was so fooled too by bill condon. What a master braTT that guy is.

    Charlie just looks like such a fun, fun, fun baby! He's so adorable!!!

    love the stache pacifier!

  2. I just want to squish him!! So cute.

    Glad you finally got to see BD2 :)


  3. Yes, weird baby Renesmee...but then I thought, wouldn't she have looked weird really? Also, I loved the sex scene solely due to the closeups of his loveliness....I wanted to climb up the screen and do bad things...fight scene almost killed me first time...after the 7th time, I only close my eyes when Carlisle is killed...
    Steph/Melissa did a good job! (I was SO anxious, didn't trust Melissa not to throw another stupid "greenhouse" scene in!) So wonderful! I'll watch that angel of yours (my "baby" boy is 11 now!) so you can go again, 'kay?
    He's so happy-coz he's got a great Mom!


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