Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What do Forks & San Diego have in common?

So I stroll out of work this evening and low and behold: it's drizzling...what's the first thing that comes to mind?

A. "Score!!! My car is finally getting washed!" NOPE

B. "F*ck, my hair is gonna frizz!" NOPE

C. "I hope traffic isn't a freakin' nightmare!" NOPE

D. "Awwww...the rain smells good, I wonder if Forks smells like this all of the time?" (dreamy twi-voice)

It's D.....Winna winna winna!!!!!!!

Yup, my first thought was of Twilight as a rushed to my car. Yup, us San Diegan's run as fast as Vampires trying to hide from the sun to get to our cars when it drizzles...and when it pours, boy do we get our nickers in a twist!
It's a really big deal to get a storm (aka drizzle) when it's 72 & sunny most of the time. BTW, if you're thinking of moving here, it's really crowded! Don't bother.

(ok ok ok jk, that's pacific beach on 4th of July before the alcohol ban...booo!)

This Twilight/weather association thing is gettin' a little out of hand. The other morning Mission Valley was covered in fog...I immediately texted Sar to tell her what a "Forks-like" morning it was. Then on X-mas, comments were made in regards to the bright sun..."Edward wouldn't be able to come outside today." Ok, so maybe that might not have been said out loud...but I thought it. That counts right?

Rain also makes me want to curl up on the couch with a blankey and watch Twilight...but what doesn't make me want to curl up and watch Twilight? Good point.

PS Forks and San Diego have nothing in common.

I wonder if Edward will add me? (wait...u mean this isn't real?)

Baaahhha! Found this over at "What the Forks?!?"
Love it! Maybe that's why Bella's so whiny, she's on her period 24/7.

Happy NY!

Found this lovely piece of art over at Robsessed. I don't care if I'm early, when in regards to RPattz, there is no time like the present. *sigh*

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

He's Alive!!! (gotta say it in a Mike Newton spooky voice sort of way)

RPattz was spotted out & about London with his Sis and Dad. Thank God...I mean Rob...I was starting to think he'd fallen into a pot hole somewhere across the pond. Check out the rest of the pics over at Twifans.

Something to spice up your Tuesday

thx to biel & Robsessed

Sunday, December 27, 2009

5 Wishes for 2010

2010 <~~~~~~the year i turn 30! (GASP!)
Back to my wishes:
1. My memory of reading the Twilight Saga to be erased for 1 week, solely for the purpose of re-reading the 4 books for the 1st time. Then I'd like it back please. My Twi-memory that is...

2. Robert Pattinson. That isn't really too much to ask. I don't mean forever, just for a know...he has Stephanie Ritz pick me up and take me to meet him at the Chateau Marmont for drinks, we then head out to some laid back pub in LA...paparazzi in tow of course. "Who the hell is that blonde midget with RPattz?" We have several more drinks of course. We sit close, listen to a live band play, bond over a plethora of "things", gaze seductively into each each others eyes...Then eventually we make our way back to the hotel, paprazzi in tow, and go up to his room. We sit out on the balcony while he smokes and recites lines from Twilight...then we soak in a bubble dot dot...

3. More Robsten proof...ok ok I know this completely conflicts with my #2, but hey, it's my blog. I want real proof, like another hand holding pic, or a kiss or an admission...something!

4. Summit announces that they will in fact be filming Breaking Dawn.

5. Jackson Rathbone falls deeply and madly in love with Sarah...then I could have a great brother in-law...wait a twi-minute...not such a good idea for me. I wouldn't want to ruin the close relationship I have with my beloved Sister by cheating on her with JRath...esp when RPattz is off with KStew. Geez.

My theory could be full of crap...but...

I was looking at the tour dates for 100 Monkeys "100 City Tour" and I couldn't help but notice a gap...between late January and late April...Could this possibly mean they are breaking for....BREAKING DAWN??!!?? OMG!?!? Maybe. The pattern has been almost 2 months of filming and about 7 mos of post-production work, which if my math is right, means that all or half of Breaking Dawn would come out in NOVEMBER 2010~~

Could it be? I'm probably being overzealous here, but I can dream can't I? Anyhoo, so excited for tomorrow, 100 Monkeys is finally coming to San Diego! This will be our 3rd time seeing them. Sar and I drove up to the Viper Room in LA to see them the last two times. It was definitely worth the drive. The only bummer (for us, not the fans) is that it's an All Ages show...guess we'll be doing some pre-concert "pre-gaming." Also finally excited to know most of the words to most of the Grape songs. They really put on a fantastic energy driven show. Plus you can't beat staring at Jackson...I mean come on, those dimples and his entire mouth are out of control.

(Ok enough people have commented on 100 monkeys site and my blog to convince me to stick to my original gut feeling that it will film in the Fall of 2010 and come out in June of 11'...which puts it a year from Eclipse...makes more sense. I admit it...but, a girl can be overzealous can't she?)
Cheers! -J

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry X-Mas!

Robward wishes Sarah and Jen a Twi-tastic Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No words really...

Good morning? Oh hell...he get's me all flustered.

Kristen Stewart Interview Mag Out-takes.

I love how she can be super feminine with this rockin' edge to her.
Lookin' hawt Kstew! (thx twi crack addict) -J

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fan Fiction? F-yah!....and some more Monkey J-action.

So a while back Sista'(aka Sarah) had fwd me some fan fiction. It was a continuation of the Twi saga. At first I loved it, but then the story took some twists that I wasn't that into...Well my darlings, I have found another, and it's borderline pornographic. Who am I kidding? It is a classy Edward and Bella sort of way...kind of. Not really. Anyhoo so far so good. Check it out. BLOOD & LUST.

P.S. Just imagine Midnight Sun....but way f-ing's what Edward was really thinking. LOL.

ALSO...Sarah will be posting the story of our second trip to LA to see those lovely Monkeys...It's a bit late, however she's been super busy w/ non twilight related things...sigh...Now that finals are over, she's ready to blog. PS We are seeing 100 Monkeys a week from tomorrow for the 3rd SAN DIEGO!!! We have to drive all of 5 min to see them...none of this 2 hour crap. Holly Christmas, it's gonna be grand! -J

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twired definition...of sorts.

Not that anyone has asked, nor even cares...however I'm going to tell you where "Twired" comes from....My Sister posted something on facebook one night about being twired. I assumed that she meant she was tired and going to watch twilight...use it as a lullaby of sorts. I am NOT saying Twilight is boring enough to put you to sleep, rather that Twilight is soothing when you're tired and not ready for bed yet. It's like a blankey. Anyhoo, what she meant was that she was up late and wired...looking at tons and tons of twi-related stuff online.
So with that said, Twired can be one or the other. You're tired and need the comfort of Twilight playing on your TV...or you're Twired because your on a internet search for all things and everything twilight related. Get it? Got it? Good. -J

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where in the world is Robsten?

Robsten...where art thou?
Ok maybe I'm in denial....but I really don't think it was just Summit PR as some other blogs have suggested. Robert and Kristen seem to be too headstrong to be treated like marionettes...

"Oh hey Rob, Kristen, do us a favor and drop subtle hints to the public...act like you might be a couple."

Maybe I'm naive, but wouldn't the public pick up on that and then cause some sort of backlash? At first the twi-sites were saying that Summit did not want them to admit to being a couple until after New Moon, for fear that it might sway us into hating KStew. Now they are saying that it was Summits idea? Hmmm...

Once again, unlike other sites claiming to not care...I do. I don't have a cavalier attitude about it. For some ridiculous reason, I want them together. It doesn't affect my life whatsoever, but I clearly care. Maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me...How could two people like that, playing such passionate & intense characters, not fall in love? Easy...Robert Pattinson is not Edward Cullen, and Kristen Stewart is not Bella Swan. Someone should make me write that on a chalk board 50 times... -J

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Withdrawls and such...

Hey all, it's Jen. Just thought I'd share that I'm having Twilight with-drawls. You'd think I would be feeling that way about New Moon...and I am, sort of. Sarah is ready to see it again...I on the other hand am a bit reticent. I really want to relish in watching it when it comes out on DVD...would it be possible to ruin it by seeing it too many times beforehand? Hmmm...probably not, but I don't want to take my chances. Back to Twilight...the opening music, Bella's pale skin in the Arizona sun, her Step-Dad yelling from the car "I love you both, come on!"....the bridge scene, the gloomy Forks weather, the uncomfortable ride with Charlie in the cruiser...I need it.
(Twilight is like a drug to me, it's my own person brand of Heroin.)

My boyfriend has said he'd absolutely watch it with me. He hasn't said "I want to watch it with you." Big difference. I'm waiting patiently for the day when he says "Hey Babe, how bout' we curl up under the blanket and watch Twilight." The unfortunate thing is, unless you have read the book(s), it's really hard to thoroughly "get" the movie. Even then, after reading Twilight about 4 times, you realize the movie could have been sooo much better. So with that said, I have mixed feelings about him watching it... day this week I will pop it in...turn the lights down...and get my fix. -J

How it all began for me-Sarah

For me, it all began at my local watering hole, in August 2008, albeit VERY subtly. I received the first book for my 24th birthday. VAMPIRES?! I scoffed... Surely you must be dilusional, friend who bought this for me! Do I look like the type to read something so fantastical? I think not.

Months passed and I didn't give Twilight much more thought. Oh sure I saw pictures of Rob here and there, in fact, when I first saw a piece of the Twilight trailer on TV I thought the beautiful man was Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass)... and at the time Westwick gave me the heebie jeebies.

One day I caught my friend/co-worker's mom in the waiting room of the veterinary clinic I work in, reading IT. I found myself asking her about the books-she was an absolute twi-hard. I couldn't get my head around this. Someone in their late fifties was enjoying these books? What WAS it? A few weeks later, I was in Australia for one of my very best friend's engagement party. I remember the exact moment, in the car with another friend, Agatha, driving to the train station in Frankston, Victoria. "Don't think I'm totally lame but... have you read/watched any of the twilight saga?", she asked suddenly. I took a deep breath and stared at her for a second to ensure she wasn't joking-definitely wasn't joking, in fact, her face was so serious I almost had to laugh. We talked about it for a few moments and then changed the subject... man what is WITH everyone, I wondered.

After my two weeks were up, and I was on the plane, LA bound, I began flicking through all the on-demand movies-there were several I was excited to watch during my 15 hour flight home... and then there was Twilight. I'll admit, I wasn't excited to see it, but I was ridiculously curious at this stage. Agatha, just a year younger than me, almost a lawyer and very similar to me loved the series, Mel's mom, a fifty something year old, was obsessed... how bad could it be? I figured it would be less painful to see the movie than to read the book, less time out of my life spent on vampires. So, I watched... I was gripped by it the entire time, in love with Edward, obsessed with the story, curious how ridiculously pasty the film was, and... confused. What had I missed?

A few days after returning home, I watched it again, and then again, trying to disect it mentally, trying to figure out why Edward was looking at Bella this way and that way and why this and that were happening... and then I got my mom to watch it with me. THEN, firmly deciding my eyes were not deceiving me, that it was the movie, slacking off I realized it was time to read the damn books. If they weren't as good as the movie, I could always stop with the first one. So, I danced off to Target one day and scooped up Twilight... and then New Moon... I held Twilight in my left hand and New Moon in my right, toying between them, as Eclipse and Breaking Dawn stared back at me from the shelves-I hemmed and hawed-should I just read New Moon since I'd already seen Twilight? Maybe then I could get through it all faster (I'm often a reader-cheater). No, I decided-that would be stupid, I had to read Twilight as well. After staring at them for a good ten minutes I heard myself sigh outloud, 'ah well, might as well just get them all in one go...' I turned on my heel and darted back towards the registers, hiding the books under a box of tampons and a sports bra thinking, 'if the first one sucks you can just return the rest'.

I got home and shut myself away with new moon... ok what the hell is going on? THAT didn't happen in the Twilight so why...?! Why is Jasper controlling her emotions, WHAT!? Damnit!... So I closed New Moon after a couple of chapters and opened Twilight. Then that was it-you couldn't talk to me. I was lost in a world of vampires, rain and werewolves. I was up until 3 or 4 am reading some nights. I was reading on my lunch break. I was reading the second I got in the door from work. Sometimes I even got up a little early and read before work. I think it took a total of three weeks, during the month of June, to read all four books, and what was available of midnight sun on Stephenie Meyer's website. If I wasn't reading, I was researching.... researching what, Sarah? It's a freaking story! Researching plenty! Researching tidbits, deleted bits, ideas, backgrounds, actors... ACTORS. Upon researching I realized I had seen Nikki Reed, Cam Gigandet, JACKSON RATHBONE, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Kellen Lutz and Edi Gathegi in other things! Wow, if only I had known then, what I know now.

One day, as I was finishing up Breaking Dawn, my sister came over... she had been warned that I wouldn't talk to her because I'd be busy reading, and I couldn't be torn away (it was physically impossible). Her curiousity was peaked, as mine had been, over the hype... but like me, she was also very uniterested in the subject. She flipped through a chapter or two of twilight after I shoved it at her in an attempt to get her to shut up as well so I could read in peace (plus, i wanted someone to share in my obsession). She agreed it was good but that she wasn't that into it and couldn't get Peter Facinelli, RPattz and KStew out of her head while reading. I suggested she take it home, she forgot it but a few days later took it home and called me squealing later that night! Yippee! I'd created an evil spawn! She became even more obsessed than me, and I relished in that.

It was a twi-summer.

Next up, Meeting Jackson Rathbone :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Twi-cupcakes and our Twi-shirts

Twilight Slumber Party (in anticipation of New Moon Sunday)

We did not see New Moon on opening night, nor did we see it the next day...shock of all shocks. We decided to see it on Sunday morning the 22nd. We figured, being the old farts that we are (25 & 29), that we'd go when it wasn't so crowded and we could actually hear the movie. With that plan came my brilliant idea to have a Twilight Slumber Party. I could feel the excitement brewing as I envisioned mushroom ravioli, debates about team Edward vs team Jacob, Twilight cupcakes, Twilight PJ's, Twilight movie viewing, Twilight games, and of course red wine...ok ok...I know their wasn't any wine mentioned in any of the Twi books...but it was Blood. So it counts.

Included in the Twilight Slumber Party shenanigans was of course myself, my partner in crime/sister Sarah, our Mom Joanne, my close friend Janine, and Sarah's close friend Melanie...aka Mel. Now Janine and Mel had both read the Twilight Saga, but they they were/are no where as obsessed as Sar and myself. But seeing as they decided to be Team Jacob, we decided a little healthy competition never hurt they were invited.

The night began around 5:30pm. Some of us made T-shirts, some of us talked smack about Vampires vs Werewolves, we drank wine, ate our mushroom ravioli, watched Twilight of course...even Dad aka Ed, aka Earl...joined in. Now we call him "Twirl." The night did not last very late, as we all knew we had to get our beauty sleep for New Moon. After a restful night, we were up and ready to go by 9:45am. The movie started at 10:30am, and surprisingly enough, not many people were there. We secured great seats right in the middle of the theatre and sat fidgety and giggly, ready for the movie to begin. Sarah and I squealed in delight during the "Remember Me" trailer, however I couldn't help but feel a bit of resentment that he was in a romantic role with someone other than KStew. It seemed...well...WRONG.

FINALLY the movie began. I had goosebumps. It was everything I wanted and more. I cried during the break up scene. The music was intense. The loss was intense. I felt a hole in my chest as had Bella in hers. After the movie, Bloody Mary's were in order. It's a family tradition and it fit the mood perfectly. Half way through the afternoon, Sar and I glanced at each other... it only took a look. We were going back that evening, it was solidified. We had to. Once was not enough. This was something we knew going into it. The first time was filled with too much anticipation and too many pee runs...we had to soak it up again. It was even better the second time around...and yes I cried....again. -J

Friday, December 4, 2009

I have spent the past couple of days wondering where the heck Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are. I'm sure they're exhausted after all of the New Moon press stuff, and they deserve some rest. But I miss seeing them online..from afar...god I'm pathetic. By the way, I almost watched Twilight tonight. Almost. But this sore throat is killing me and I couldn't muster the energy to work the DVD player. I did however listen to a bit of the New Moon soundtrack for the first time since seeing the movie. The songs have a completely different connotation now. Some of the songs sent chills up my spine.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wristbands and Monkeys I did my research...searched fan sites, watched youtube vids, read blogs for info on how to get wristbands for a premiere. At this point the New Moon premiere date wasn't even set in least not to the public. I must admit something...before all this "research" began, I re-read the entire saga. Yup. All of it. My boyfriend looked at me funny one day as a copy of Twilight burned a hole through my fingertips...

"Are you reading that again?"
"'m just skimming through certain parts."

Nose back in the book.

I think that was my response every time I picked up one of the books. I must mention that at this point, my Mom was now reading THE BOOKS. Oh the excitement to be able to share it with her. My Mom doesn't have the same knack for obsession, but I knew she'd enjoy them if she'd just start reading...In the middle of her reading Twilight, w/ New Moon in her duffel bag...we were off to Palm Springs. While she worked through Twilight, I reread New Moon with Eclipse in tow... I read while the intense sun baked my fragile skin, I read while I lounged on a blow up raft, I read while we took respite from the sun, I read while she read...

Looking back now, I can't believe how much I missed the first time around. The greatest part of rereading Twilight after you have read the partial draft of Midnight Sun is that it opens up a whole 'nother can of worms. You feel as if you possess a secret that no one else knows about; the inner workings of Edwards mind. Oh the glory.

Back to my LA idea...time went on and I continued my daily habit of checking sites such as,, (because at that time they were actually filming Eclipse in Vancouver, and I had to have my daily dose of sightings and set news!), and more...
I wasn't sure if my lovely Sister Sarah could get the time off of work/school, and though it disappointed me, I kept it on the back burner of my mind and didn't rule it out completely. In the meantime through my intense "research", I learned that people lined up a day or two in advanced for the Twilight Premiere in 08', and that they only gave out so many wristbands, and you had to have a wristband to be allowed next to the barricade on the red carpet. Ok...I thought...we can TRY?!

A couple rereads later and many sites explored, I get a call from Sar two weeks before the Premiere in LA. She says she can swing it. I squeal in delight. At first we planned to get up at the butt-crack of dawn on the morning of Monday Nov. 16th and drive up there...That WAS the plan. A few nights prior I randomly decided to check out the website for a band called 100 Monkeys. Who? 100 Monkeys is Jackson Rathbone's band. Who? Jackson Rathbone is the beautiful man that plays "Jasper" in the Twilight movies. I could definitely appreciate his male beauty, but Sarah thought he was super hot. She'd mentioned previous to my LA idea, that if the band, hence Jackson Rathbone, ever came to San Diego, we must go. Apparently their music was good too...By random chance while exploring, I noticed they had just announced a last minute show at The Viper Room in LA...the night before the Premiere! Fate? Frantically I texted Sarah to call me ASAP, and said it had something to do with Jackson Rathbone. That sure got her attention!
"We're going. I got tickets." That's all she said. We had our plan... Hurry up to LA after I got off work on Sunday, change/makeup in the car, Viper Room by 4:30pm, bite to eat after, check into our hotel, then be up early to go wait in line for those pesky wristbands.

Before I knew it Sunday had arrived. I was a bit nervous from the knowledge that twihards had been camped out to get wristbands since Thursday evening. I would not allow that knowledge to befuddle my attempts. The morning flew by and we were in Sarah's Civic and LA bound. We made record time and parked ourselves on a hill perpendicular to Sunset Blvd., about a block from The Viper Room. We hustled around the confines of her car and managed to do our make up, slather on deodorant and change into LA acceptable attire.

Once in line with about 40 other "Twi-hards", it was impossible not to be ecstatic. The Banana guy was in full force that afternoon, dancing around like a goof for Bananavision. Later we find out that the "banana guy" is the "Bananager"...Marty. Knowing this would prove useful in the future. The 100 Monkeys show ended up being a blast. We even got a glimpse of JRath's beautifully sculpted face as we waited in line for the bathroom before the show started. The Monkeys were partying inside some sort of green room which had a door that lead to the hallway, which in turn lead to the bathroom. After the show, we waited outside with a bunch of other crazies hoping to catch a glimpse of JRath again. We waited for about an hour and witnessed some crazy lady we later nicknamed "Mom Jeans" have a drunken breakdown because they wouldn't let her back in the bar. This woman was at least in her late 30's...drunk...crying...begging. It was disgraceful. We joke that she scared him away. Though he probably just left early seeing as the New Moon Premiere was the following day.

Fast forward to the following day: We were up and out the door by about 7:30am. We easily found our way to the Mann Village and Bruin Theatre in Westwood. As we circled for parking, the stark realization of just how long the line was became apparent. Oh well we said... We're in it to win it....that was our motto from the get-go. We found parking and trudged to the end of the line. The day was long, hotter than expected, and full of feelings of the unknown...btw, Justin Chon drove by and waved at us all around 1pm...that was our first Twi-sighting, and an exciting one at that. Towards the afternoon, as we had slowly been herded 5-6 blocks forward ,it slowly became apparent that Premiere time was fast approaching, and none of the security guards would tell us what was going on. We heard rumors from the front that all the place holder tickets had been given out the night before...and that those people were guaranteed a wristband...Finally we started noticing random people arriving and walking up towards the premiere area all nonchalantly...What were they doing? We had been waiting with at least 800 other people for 8 hours. It only took an outburst from some lady to one of the security guards about how we had all been lied to for the crowd to start misbehaving... With one look at each other, we grabbed hands and ran like the wind. 2 blocks down the street, one massive trash can wheeled out of our way, and we were against the barricade facing the street, parallel to the theatre. It wasn't the red carpet, but it sure felt good.

At that point, though we didn't have wristbands, I could smell the excitement in the air. Sarah had heard from one of the security guards that the limos were going to be pulling up right next to us on their way to the red carpet. Low and behold, she was right. Limos, sedans and SUV's starting arriving. Before we knew it, we had seen Nikki Reed, Jamie Campbell Bower, Alex Meraz, JRath again (we even screamed to him over the noise that we loved his show, and he said thank you), Kiowa Gordon, and more. But we all know who we were really waiting for...KStew and RPattz! Finally he could tell by the crowd craning their neck to the right over the barricade. He emerged from the limo...again I could tell from the screams. He was escorted across the street, away from the red carpet...I gasped...could that mean he was coming to our side too? Was he really visiting all of us poor fans that hadn't camped out for 4 days, who hadn't won the golden ticket? Yes, yes he was! Like a flash of light I noticed one of the body guards make sure one of the limos was at a standstill, as he directed Rob accross the street, towards US! OMG OMG OMG...was all I could muster. At that point I think I lost all self control. Ridiculous really...How old am I? I screamed and practically flipped out like a 13 year old girl. I still to this day can't remember actually seeing him. I think I saw him as he crossed the street, but Sar assures me I did see him from about 15 ft away. I don't know. It was all an ecstasy-ridden blur. I must mention that as he got closer to us, the barricade started to slip and his body guards whisked him back towards the red carpet. (insert sigh here) We also saw KStew, Taylor and Dakota. They all looked fantastic. What a night...what a night. Even when it was over, we knew we only had a few more days until New Moon. It was the light at the end of the tunnel. -J


I wish I could remember the exact date I started to read Twilight, in fact I am a tad bit shameful that I cant. I know it was probably early August 2009. It must have been right after Comic Con here in San Diego, otherwise I would have been downtown faster than you can say twi-hard. (I can't believe RPattz and KStew were so close, yet so far away.)

My younger Sister Sarah had mentioned, albeit very briefly, that she was reading the series. She's not one to offer a lot of information, unless you ask..and even then, it's tough. I remember being surprised that she was reading it, because like me, she's not huge into fantasy/fiction/vampires etc...Someone had actually given her the book as a gift...she didn't end up reading it till much later, and only after she'd seen the movie in flight.

This part I can remember: I drove over to my parents house to lay out on their back deck with my Sister and Mom. I was warned ahead of time by Sar that she was super engrossed in one of the books (how many were their? i had no clue at the time). She certainly wasn't kidding, I could barely talk to her, except for a moment when she got this devious look in her eyes and convinced me to open the first book and read at least a chapter.

"Here read it, take it home, I have all of them." She said nonchalantly.

"Okaaaay.....What if I can't create the characters looks in my head? What if I can only picture the actors that are on the cover of the book?" I asked apprehensively.

Leave it to me to be worried about something as minuscule as that...Kristen Stewart had bugged me, and I had no clue why anyone found Robert Pattinson attractive. Wow, it almost hurts me now to type that. How could I not have loved KStew...not found RPattz delicious? (I know, I know, they really aren't Edward and Bella...I get it...kind of.)

With the same wild look , she said that it would be fine, it wouldn't mess with the enjoyment of the book. So I opened it. It was the copy that had Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz on the front. I couldn't help but think it would interfere with what my mind wanted to create. Little did I know....

I read a couple chapters, and though it was easy reading, I wasn't thoroughly impressed. I put it down and went home without it. Keep in mind that I am a forgetful person, so I don't blame my going home without it completely upon the fact that it didn't grab my attention. It just didn't grab it tight enough. Maybe Sar was disappointed somewhere inside, but I'd never have known it.

The next time I was face to face with the book was when (i think) Sarah came over and brought it with her. It was like a little book haunting me...screaming at me to read it. It sat on the coffee table staring me in the face like left over feel bad about wasting it, so you eat it...even when you're full. That night I curled up on the couch and opened it back up again. I re-read the first couple chapters and continued on. About 4-5 chapters in, I was a woman certifiably obsessed. I kept turning the pages like a glutton raids the fridge in the middle of the night. I had to have more, I craved more. It was not enough to just STOP. I hated to put it down, but it was around 2am and I worked early the next morning. You better believe the book came with me to work. I was finding any excuse to go on a break just so I could get a quick read in here and there. Even if I could just swallow 3 helped subdue the intense craving, at least for a tiny bit while I returned to what I was supposed to be doing...working.

Two days later, I was almost done with Twilight and so fearful of not having New Moon, that I had to go buy it ASAP. I not only purchased New Moon, but my own copy of Twilight as well. I needed the feeling of ownership. Mine, Mine Mine! Prior to my trip to Target, Sar texted me to see if I'd finished, when I said yes, she squealed that I must come over and watch the movie with her. So I did. We replayed the scene of the Cullen "kids" walking into the cafeteria about 6 times. Sarah had seen the movie before she read the books, and knew I'd love it. She was right. Though "love" did not seem to describe the emotions I felt. Robert Pattinson was without a doubt Edward Cullen, and Kristen Stewart was absolutely Bella Swan. Sure I couldn't help but visualize the young actors as I read...but hey, I didn't know any different and they seemed to fit perfectly.

I drove like a Cullen to get home so I could open New Moon. Sarah had warned me that Edward might disappear for a while, so I was mildly prepared. I was also assured he'd return. I suppose she was afraid I might give up reading right then and there when he vanished. I have a bit of ADD when it comes to books that don't go the way I want them to. I thank her now for the warning. Knowing he'd return, gave me the motivation to keep reading.

From New Moon, I moved onto Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and of course at the advice of Sar, Midnight Sun. That was a toughy...trying to read it on my lap top, while laying on the couch. I managed to finish them within about 2 weeks. During the course of reading, Edward and Bella became real, tangible. I thought about them at all times of the day, even waking up in the middle of the night to find myself wondering what they were doing...what was coming next in the book. How ridiculous! I had never had this type of passion/obsession before. My boyfriend thought it was kind of funny. He'd never seen me like this, and I'm sure I wasn't the most pleasant person to be nose stuck in a book almost 24/7. I proceeded to watch Twilight about 2-3 more times until I just broke down and bought the DVD...not like I needed persuading.

Curling up on the couch to watch Twilight became a guilty pleasure. I'd turn off all the lights and immerse myself in the watercolor-esque movie. At that point I had developed quite a Robsession. I was googling Robert Pattinson as well as the other actors...trying to soak up as much information about them as possible. As if they really were the characters they portrayed. Was I crazy? Quite possibly. I started finding all sorts of websites regarding the Twilight phenomenon. I also realized through talking with friends/coworkers/random strangers in line at the book store, that I wasn't the only one. It's like this guilty pleasure amongst women ages 25 and beyond. They don't really talk about it, but you know they're doing it. Teenagers are a bit more inclined to be guilt-free. My Sister and I started sharing in our obsession together. She came out of the closet a bit more with her obsession when I was around. It was fun to share a common bond with her.

Before I knew it, promotions were being made for New Moon. I couldn't believe I had to wait 3 mos. Not bad compared to people from all over the world that had to wait a year! To help ease the time I made a New Moon countdown calendar..and planned to mark the days off as they passed. Nov 20th seemed light years away in early Sept. I even half jokingly said to Sar that we should go up to LA for the Premiere. I knew nothing about how to get near the red carpet; how to witness such a monumental event. I did know that it was only a 2 hour drive, and that I have mad researching skills. So...I put them to work. -J