Saturday, December 5, 2009

Twilight Slumber Party (in anticipation of New Moon Sunday)

We did not see New Moon on opening night, nor did we see it the next day...shock of all shocks. We decided to see it on Sunday morning the 22nd. We figured, being the old farts that we are (25 & 29), that we'd go when it wasn't so crowded and we could actually hear the movie. With that plan came my brilliant idea to have a Twilight Slumber Party. I could feel the excitement brewing as I envisioned mushroom ravioli, debates about team Edward vs team Jacob, Twilight cupcakes, Twilight PJ's, Twilight movie viewing, Twilight games, and of course red wine...ok ok...I know their wasn't any wine mentioned in any of the Twi books...but it was Blood. So it counts.

Included in the Twilight Slumber Party shenanigans was of course myself, my partner in crime/sister Sarah, our Mom Joanne, my close friend Janine, and Sarah's close friend Melanie...aka Mel. Now Janine and Mel had both read the Twilight Saga, but they they were/are no where as obsessed as Sar and myself. But seeing as they decided to be Team Jacob, we decided a little healthy competition never hurt they were invited.

The night began around 5:30pm. Some of us made T-shirts, some of us talked smack about Vampires vs Werewolves, we drank wine, ate our mushroom ravioli, watched Twilight of course...even Dad aka Ed, aka Earl...joined in. Now we call him "Twirl." The night did not last very late, as we all knew we had to get our beauty sleep for New Moon. After a restful night, we were up and ready to go by 9:45am. The movie started at 10:30am, and surprisingly enough, not many people were there. We secured great seats right in the middle of the theatre and sat fidgety and giggly, ready for the movie to begin. Sarah and I squealed in delight during the "Remember Me" trailer, however I couldn't help but feel a bit of resentment that he was in a romantic role with someone other than KStew. It seemed...well...WRONG.

FINALLY the movie began. I had goosebumps. It was everything I wanted and more. I cried during the break up scene. The music was intense. The loss was intense. I felt a hole in my chest as had Bella in hers. After the movie, Bloody Mary's were in order. It's a family tradition and it fit the mood perfectly. Half way through the afternoon, Sar and I glanced at each other... it only took a look. We were going back that evening, it was solidified. We had to. Once was not enough. This was something we knew going into it. The first time was filled with too much anticipation and too many pee runs...we had to soak it up again. It was even better the second time around...and yes I cried....again. -J


  1. My Sistah' (real sister-Jordan or Jardache as my husband calls her) braved the throngs of Ugg wearing, PINK sweatpant wearing, Victoria Secret Shopping (why?) high schoolers to see the double feature of Twilight and New Moon on opening morning (12:01am). For old farts like us, same ages, the first showing of Twilight was magical (again) but became a chicken factory packed squeal-fest at the start of NM, plus it was after midnight...which is far past my bed time. We too saw it again, later that same day after we went home at 3am for some Z's.

    The second time around was better you are right, partly for us from getting sleep and not having to listen to commentary, and because it would continue to be super for the next two viewings. Don't get me wrong I have gripes....

    When is Eclipse? Wooohooo!

  2. So I have now seen it 4 o' man. No more though, I'm cutting myself off so I don't O.D....not sure that's possible... Anyways can't wait till June 30th (?)!!!


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