Sunday, December 6, 2009

Withdrawls and such...

Hey all, it's Jen. Just thought I'd share that I'm having Twilight with-drawls. You'd think I would be feeling that way about New Moon...and I am, sort of. Sarah is ready to see it again...I on the other hand am a bit reticent. I really want to relish in watching it when it comes out on DVD...would it be possible to ruin it by seeing it too many times beforehand? Hmmm...probably not, but I don't want to take my chances. Back to Twilight...the opening music, Bella's pale skin in the Arizona sun, her Step-Dad yelling from the car "I love you both, come on!"....the bridge scene, the gloomy Forks weather, the uncomfortable ride with Charlie in the cruiser...I need it.
(Twilight is like a drug to me, it's my own person brand of Heroin.)

My boyfriend has said he'd absolutely watch it with me. He hasn't said "I want to watch it with you." Big difference. I'm waiting patiently for the day when he says "Hey Babe, how bout' we curl up under the blanket and watch Twilight." The unfortunate thing is, unless you have read the book(s), it's really hard to thoroughly "get" the movie. Even then, after reading Twilight about 4 times, you realize the movie could have been sooo much better. So with that said, I have mixed feelings about him watching it... day this week I will pop it in...turn the lights down...and get my fix. -J

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